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    In Reply to BURNED, the lever doesnt move through it's arc at all only very slightly. Also the clutch seems to be dragging a bit ie not fully dis-engaging. There isnt anything obvious jammed under the lever stopping it so it guess the problem is internal. I've taken it round to the local bike workshop as I havent got time to sort it myself just hope its something relatively simple & cheap to fix! -i'll let you all know
  2. DRZ400FAN

    Help - stuck in 1st gear!

    Been riding today and had a slight "off" on a muddy trail & subsequently got stuck in 1st gear & unable to select neutral or anything else. I didnt hit any rocks etc as far as I know so it a bit of a mystery as to whats caused the problem. Any suggestions or thoughts anyone? Cheers Chris
  3. DRZ400FAN


    Been riding today and had a slight "off" on a muddy trail & subsequently got stuck in 1st gear & unable to select neutral or anything else. I didnt hit any rocks etc as far as I know so it a bit of a mystery as to whats caused the problem. Any suggestions or thoughts anyone? Cheers Chris
  4. DRZ400FAN

    Road Rage Victim

    I'm sure something similiar has happened to all of us at some time whether on a bike or in a car. In my teenage years I was going to college on my bike and was cut up badly by some idiot in a car, so I did the natural thing to me at the time I overtook him matched my speed to his & kicked the drivers door -not easy at 50mph ! Now I'm older & wiser I would try and use the other approach keep calm and talk politely etc. I even used this approach when it was my fault, I stuck my head out the window & said sorry to the other guy - you should have seen the look on the other guys face - he didnt know what to do -he just gasped smiled & drove off!! (a bit of me still wants to kick the door in though!) Her saying that driving over your foot was "unintentional" is to defence- she was driving without due care & attention (well here in the UK anyway) You could always claim that you were "stretching" your leg after she hit it! Just as a further precaution it might be worth going to the Dr/ nurse to get it checked over, if it's bruised take a photo you never know if it might come in handy!!
  5. DRZ400FAN

    Clutch Rod oil leak?

    Just had a thought on this I may have overfilled the bike with oil when I changed the output shaft seal so it had to find a way out somewhere!. Forgot that when you drain the sump, thats only half the story theres still some oil in the frame. This seal is a real pain to get at, the starter motor prevents you getting to the screw that holds the plate on top of the seal. So you need to take the starter off which means taking the exhaust off - bad design. Anyway cleaned it up shoved some silicone sealer round the shaft & prayed the the DRZ god that it all holds up.
  6. DRZ400FAN

    Clutch Rod oil leak?

    Just got back from a days riding and found another leak,( last one was the gearshifter rod seal) this time from the seal where the "Rod" that the clutch cable is attached to enters the engine casing, anyone else come across this and know what involved in changing it? Thanks Chris
  7. DRZ400FAN

    glue on case savers

    I used oridnary silicone sealant -been for over a year now & now problems, used masking tape to hold them while they dried. I used some RTV blue instant gasket stuff at he weekend on the jeep- good stuff goes "tacky" in a few minutes so it would hold your covers on easily & quickly
  8. DRZ400FAN

    Gearlever Oil seal replacement?

    Just spoke to the local dealer and surprise surprise they had got a new seal in stock so i'm off after work to pick one up. They also said it was pretty unusual for one to leak, but looking at some of the other posts there has been some talk of a apparent excessive play in the shifter shaft (or gearlever shaft to us brits!) so if the shaft is wobbling about, everytime I powerwash it the c*ap will get forced in eventually causing the seal to fail. I could also have been caused by overfilling the bike with oil but as i havent changed the oil recently (will have to now!)this is unlikely. Glad it doesnt seem to be a big job. (famous last words
  9. DRZ400FAN

    Gearlever Oil seal replacement?

    Just come to change the famous Output shaft oil seal & noticed that it is fine no sign of oil at all. the leak is actually coming from the gearlever. I moved the lever and sure enough a few drops of oil came out. Anyone had any experience in changing this or know whats involved, any help much appreciated
  10. DRZ400FAN

    Changing rear tire

    C'mon guys dont wimp out -its dead easy- the secret is to get the biggest tyre levers you can find. 1st get the wheel off the bike & lay it on a clean cloth etc or better still and old tyre (to stop any [@#$%&*!] getting into the bearings) take the valve out & loosen the rim lock 2) Jump up and down on the tyre to "break the bead" (- the seal) 3) spray the rim with WD-40 4) slip the levers under the rim (careful u dont catch the tube) 5)I use 16" levers for car tyres- use one to get the bead over the rim and then slip a smaller 6-8" one in and slip the other end under the Sprocket/brake disc, this will hold the tyre over the rim. Work your way round with a pair of big levers and the tyre will come off. 6) repeat process the other side and the tyre will come off. When you put the tyre back on check 4 any foreign objects in the tyre. If you've got some Talc Powder handy dust the inside of the tyre. 7) spray more wd40 on to the tyre rim to help the tyre slip over 8)BE CAREFULL not to pinch the tube- easily done!! 9)Tighten the rimlock up 10) check tube not Pinched! 11) inflate the tyre & tighten the valve stem retaining screw 12) check for any leaks & put it back on the bike. Points to watch for- when using the levers be careful not to damage the ally rims, you can get some plastic "rim savers" which act as a shield. You can soap instead of WD40 but try not to use kitchen detergent as some of it contains salt and that will corrode your nice shiny ally rims. Or some hand cream is a good alternative
  11. DRZ400FAN

    DRZ400S do I drill rims for rimlocks

    I've got the "E" model with rimlocks as standard- never bothered with weights as it doesnt seem to cause a problem -not sure if you would notice the difference off road anyway. Like the idea of using an old tube as rim tape and the WD40 trick - like the other post said you can always learn something ne on TT.
  12. DRZ400FAN

    front end buzz

    I had exactly the same problem on mine after I damaged the speedo cable - got it caught on a slow slung branch and it hasnt been the same since. Can only be a matter on time before B4 if stops completely. Just bought a cycle speedo to fix as backup and has the benefit of clock, and loads of other functions
  13. DRZ400FAN

    My DRZ hates water!!!!!

    Had exactly the same probs with my DRZ-E, then followed the instructions about re-routing the breather pipes and no more probs. Take the uppermost pipe from the "T" piece and re route under the seat and zip tie to the frame.
  14. DRZ400FAN

    Free Rear wheel Bearing Saver

    Yes its true! if like me you power wash your bike after a ride some of the crud will end up inside the rear wheel bearing, whilst I had the wheel off to change the tyre I had a the top of an aerosol can nearby and thought that would make an excellent shield for the bearing. I simply drilled a hole in the middle & cut it down width ways to about 20mm for the chain side and did the same for the brake side but cut it down to about 10 mm wide. The ribs on the wheel hub just clear the cap and should help to stop water & mud getting power washed into the bearing. Very cheap to make !! If someone wants to host some photos i'll send them on
  15. Decided a the weekend that I must do the "CARB MOD" as the last time I went through some deepish water the DRZ coughed and spluttered and didnt want to re-start after I got to the other side I've read the file which says to re-route the top 2 carb breather pipes (which come out of the T pieces) on the "e" model and fix them to the frame under the seat- Presumably it is OK to leave the other pipes where they are or should all 5 be moved ? Appreciate any help Chris