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  1. i need to change my email address but ican not remember my pass word

  2. to replace the bush i use a tap just wind it in slightly and then tap out or press
  3. podium werx

    Stiff forks after rebuild.

    sounds like the rebound needle is stuck try opening up the rebound clickers ,then ride it, if it is nice and soft then reset the clickers also try the compresion as well
  4. podium werx

    help with lowering a crf150r expert

    the best way to lower the rear is to fit a 4mm spacer in side of the shock hope this helps
  5. podium werx


    Has any body got the spec for a kxf250 2011 ssf thanks Brian
  6. podium werx

    gasgas sacks shock

    Hi just rebuilt a saches gas gas shocker i used 5wt it was a floating piston type so i had to drill above floating piston to fit a scrider valve hope that helps
  7. podium werx

    kxf250 cam timing

    Hi can any body help i have adjustable valve sprockets i need the ex and inlet valve opening degree i have 41btdc on inlets and 69bbdc for 04/05/06 is this correct thanks Brian
  8. podium werx

    Innovate lm-2 wideband

    Hi i use a lm1 to tune cars and mx bikes i rejet to get 0.92 on pulling for max power
  9. podium werx


    no it only lists 250f so it my be the same thanks for your help
  10. podium werx


    Hi can any body help i have a 290f is the head gasket the same as a 250f i have a gasket set but i need to know before i strip it thanks Brian
  11. podium werx

    Ktm250f 2011 stacks wanted

    Karl ask Mark at RSS or i have a revalve spec if needed
  12. podium werx

    Gears - Slipping out of gear :-(

    Hi in the past jumping out of gear it is the dog teeth worn on the edge you will need to strip the gearbox
  13. podium werx

    drilling out jets?

    Hi if you buy a wideband lambda reader off ebay fit it in the front pipe you can check your fueling and then drill or replace your jets to suit your needs i do it all the time for max performance:banana:
  14. podium werx

    Bleeding Ohlins single cartridge forks

    try closing the compresson clickers then bleed slowly works for me
  15. podium werx

    Need help with old Yamaha IT forks...

    The dust seal will lever out with a screwdriver then remove the circlip the oil seal will also lever out, on the dust seal you will need to take the outer rim off and fit it to the new dust seal just done a PE250 looks the same