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  1. Dezrat

    KTM 300 XC-W (2013)


    Awesome Woods Bike
  2. Dezrat

    KTM 300 XC-W 2013

    Awesome Woods Bike
  3. Dezrat

    Suspension Advice 2013 250SX

    Send the suspension to Factory Connection
  4. Dezrat

    bridgestone tires

    Try americanmototire.com
  5. Dezrat

    SX Bikes Stolen at ATL SX AGAIN!

    So what exactly are these girls modeling?
  6. Dezrat

    SX Bikes Stolen at ATL SX AGAIN!

    So exactly what are these girls modeling?
  7. Dezrat

    Idaho: no more plates!

    You are such a good boy!
  8. Dezrat

    CT. suspension rebuilders

    Try Factory Connection in New Hampshire. I recently used them and they are very professional.
  9. Dezrat

    Your bikes are now banned!

    So naive:bonk:
  10. Dezrat

    CRF250X PLEASED or REGRET your purchase

    I love my '06, no issues!
  11. Dezrat

    Where to get 125cc Lifan engine parts

    Try this link. http://www.dratv.com/newreen.html
  12. Dezrat

    Pissed with Giovanni Quality

    Don't buy Chinese crap.
  13. Dezrat

    how to get a kid interested

    Try watching "ON ANY SUNDAY" with him.
  14. Dezrat

    Help - bike dies under engine deceleration

    Did you install a aftermarket fuel screw? If you did, check to make sure it is still in place. The aluminum fuel screws have been know to back out and cause the same problem you describe.
  15. Dezrat

    What front tire should i run?

    Dunlop D756