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  1. ernest t

    SL100 Wiring Harness

    I'm working on an SL100 that had the wiring harness butchered, can anyone post a few pics of the routing of the wiring harness, clutch and throttle cable? Thanks
  2. ernest t

    A few questions about my little 71 Honda SL 125

    The cam journals should be smooth. I've had to replace the head where they were worn real bad. This one along with the cam wwere bad.
  3. ernest t

    Xl 125 ticking noise

    Hmmm, no pushrods--its an SOHC design. The cam chain runs in a case on the left side of the cylinder and has a rubber chain guide running along side it there. Is the sound high like in the head or down in the cylinder? You may have a loose cam chain. You adjust it by turning the screw under the rubber cover behind the cylinder. Loose the set nut and turn the screw clockwise to see if it gets quieter.
  4. ernest t

    things people do to old bikes

    Scroll through this nightmare. SL100 It gets good on the second page.
  5. ernest t

    xl 125 valve clearance

    I think the .002 is in inches.
  6. ernest t

    Honda TL 125 fork tube challenge!

    Where are you finding NOS OEM fork tubes for SLs on line? I've been looking and can't find any. Don't be fooled by all the Honda dealers who list them in the parts fiche, they are no longer available from Honda for SL100 and SL125, nearly everything in the XL fork has a different part number than the SLs. The forks are the same part number for SL and XL 100s and 125s. The TL has a different part number.
  7. ernest t

    Need Help Identifying Old Bike

  8. ernest t

    What is a XL125 worth

    I see, I have the old carb, but its really worn out looking. Maybe I can clean it up.
  9. ernest t

    What is a XL125 worth

    Why do you recommend against buying the chinese carb? I'm trying to get an sl100 going and bought one of those carbs. Haven't tried to run it yet though.
  10. ernest t

    1976 Honda Xl 125

    Check your valve clearances too.
  11. ernest t

    cl100 loses power

    Why did you use sand paper on the bore? Were there gouges or wear marks? You need to take the head and cylinder and piston to a machine shop and have them evaluated. The valve guides are pretty tough so the clearances are probably okay, but there is a valve stem seal on the outlet valve which goes bad. You need to have the bore checked for round and taper and have the piston to cylinder clearance checked. The tolerances are in thousands of an inch so its likely your bore is worn, ergo the smoking and possible ring damage. Nice looking bike BTW.
  12. ernest t

    cl100 loses power

    You can also just loosen up the nut while its running and oil should run out.
  13. ernest t

    Need 1970's Honda Single Clutch Help

    I can't figure this out. From looking at the picture and the actual clutch, the bolts (11) lock the clutch plates between pieces (2) and (5) which won't allow number 7 to take the pressure off the plates when you pull in the clutch lever.
  14. ernest t

    Hey all you XL riders

    No, it'd just run crappy, especially on and off throttle. That looks like a Honda XL350 carb, CMSL has air cutoff valves for it.
  15. I've had a nightmare of mismatched parts trying to rebuild an SL100 engine, the original cylinder and left case were cracked, so I sourced new ones on ebay. However, apparently the motor had been bored and the 100 crank replaced with a 125 so my 100 piston didn't fit the crank. I got a 100 crank and put things together and found the cam tensioner I had didn't fit the new case so I had to source new tensioner parts. There were a lot of changes to those engines over the years that weren't evident from the outside.