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  1. notinthedirtagain

    Inexpensive Toy Hauler

    My front yard in May...
  2. notinthedirtagain

    GPS suggestions for Moab

    I've been to Moab once before with a group of bike and ATV riders. My write-up can be found here: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/877232-first-450-and-first-trip-to-moab/ That was under my old username. I hadn't logged in for quite some time and I guess the site underwent a pretty good redo, so the admin's created a new username for me that was similar to my last. Many of those trails we went on connected with others, and being one of the more advanced riders of the group, we went ALL OVER trying to find something for everyone. My memory is a little fuzzy, so I don't want to rely on memory when it comes to my 15yo going along. He's good, but not quite at my level, so I'm just trying to play it safe. I'll look into the old phone idea and see what I still have lying around. Really appreciate the help on this, fellas!
  3. notinthedirtagain

    GPS suggestions for Moab

    Just what I needed to hear, thanks everyone!
  4. notinthedirtagain

    GPS suggestions for Moab

    I know there are a crap-ton of GPS options out there and a billion people have recorded their tracks, but I'm looking for a little more specific information. I'm planning a trip with my 15yo for his 2018 Spring Break/birthday. Neither of us have GPS and the units that I used 20yrs ago no longer exist. I'm looking into unit or android options, but also need to know which tracks are compatible. With so many options these days, I'm a little overwhelmed. Please advise.
  5. notinthedirtagain

    Air Striker or Lectron?

    Still futzin' around with jetting on my 96 300. Have no idea if the carb is original or not, so I bought a new PWK 38AS from Jets-R-us instead of a cheapo knock-off from Ebay. This bike came with the non-AS PWK, so I'm hoping that my issues can be solved here. If not, then we're looking at an ignition problem. If that's the case, I'll sell the bike and get a newer model. My problem has been the same for 3yrs now, despite all my jetting/slides/needle changes, PV springs, and exhaust de-carboning. The bike rarely wants to hit the powerband. I've checked all the usual items and cannot not find the source of the problem. Either the carb is just too worn out, or I've got trouble with the SEM ignition. For those who have an opinion on the two carbs, please share. I went with the AS simply because I can bolt it onto another used 2-stroke easier than a Lectron. They seem built for specific applications.
  6. notinthedirtagain

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    A rock between the case and the skid plate?
  7. notinthedirtagain

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    I'll check it later tonight. The crack on my cover was likely caused by the lever making contact.
  8. notinthedirtagain

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    I have a hair-line on mine, too. Been that way since I bought it a few years ago. Thin film of silicon and it lasts all season. I use the clear stuff. Ever since I bought the 300, its never played in the powerband. Once it climbs in revs, it just falls on its face. After 3 years worth of carb cleans, adjustments, jetting swaps, and exhaust wraps......I finally found the problem. I removed the left PV cover and a screw fell out. Another screw was almost completely backed out. I will locktite (blue) them in place tonight, burn out the pipe with my torch, and re-wrap the stinger. Should be good to go after that!
  9. notinthedirtagain

    cooling fan

    I have built several fan systems over the years for my bikes. Not hard to do and are fairly cheap, depending on needs. My 300 runs 4-12v light-med duty 3.5in computer fans rated for about 45cfm/min each. I have them connected to a small 8-cell AA battery pack holder from Radio Shack and a rocker switch on my handlebars. Only use them for gnarly stuff or if I'm slow pokin' around with my youngest who is just learning a clutch. This setup ran me around $20 and the AA costco batteries were installed 2yrs ago. On my 450R, I used stronger 130cfm 4in fans (1 per radiator). These were 5v fans and I bought a small 5v usb battery pack with remote off ebay. That setup was a little bit more, but still around $50 IIRC. Points to remember: bigger/stronger fans make more noise and drain batteries faster, the 12v AA battery packs are cheap to build and can be replaced at any gas station, you don't have to order the expensive KTM stuff to get the job done. They've held up well over the years in all types of weather or riding conditions, not to mention my boy and the his liberal use of our pressure washer. If you use the AA batteries, there are differences between alkaline and rechargeables, first being actual cell voltage. Most alkaline batteries that I've come across in AAA, AA, C, or D-rating are 1.5v each. The only difference in these cells besides their size is capacity. Being bigger, the C or D cells will last longer while producing their rated 1.5VDC. There is a carryover effect when these batteries are placed in series (increasing voltage, amperage remains the same). 1.5 x 8 should equal 12v, but with the carryover (I know, not the technical term), the combined voltage of 8 alkaline cells is actually just over 13.6VDC. Keep this in mind because some fans are not designed for the extra voltage and may prematurely burn out. NiCad or NiMH batteries are between 1.2-1.3v fully charged. NiCad discharge at a linear rate, while NiMH batteries maintain voltage until the very last minute before completely discharged. You'll also need more cells if you go with a 12VDC fan and a NiCad or NiMH battery pack. In the future, I'll probably go with a small LiPo battery pack if I can find a fan that can handle the odd voltages and can maintain the cfm rating I need. If you go this route, be sure to educate yourself of the uniqueness of LiPo......they aren't for everyone and need to be handled appropriately. Summary: Homemade is more affordable and performs just as well. Not all batteries perform the same. My bike is better than yours because its owner knows how to keep it cool and save a buck while doing so!
  10. notinthedirtagain

    Pilot jet

    If the intake valves are too tight, then the bike will have a hard time starting and idling. If the exhaust valves are too tight, it likely won't do anything but idle. Think of it like breathing through a snorkel tube. Hard to breath in or out when the tube is restrictive.
  11. notinthedirtagain


    Just ordered an 8in LED light bar and switch for my boy's 250x. You can run them AC or DC, but they last longer with less flicker on DC. If the flicker is too much, I'll just wire it straight to the battery
  12. notinthedirtagain

    Pilot jet

    I don't think your valves are adjusted correctly. What's the gap on both intake and exhaust?
  13. notinthedirtagain

    PWK 38

    Tried to heat up and melt down any goo inside the pipe and it didn't do much. Started melting the end of the gun. My torch is buried deep in a room I can't get to just yet. Muffler packing was pretty black, but not as bad as I predicted. However, I think I discovered the problem. Took the left PV cover cover off and a screw immediately dropped out. Another was loose. Cleaned and reinstalled and it definitely has more hit. Still not like the 2015 I rode, but much better. For a 21yo bike, it'll do. Hoping it cleans out with more use. New screws, locktite, high temp rtv and packing material ordered.
  14. notinthedirtagain

    PWK 38

    As I understand it, when a woodruff key breaks, there is no electrical signal generated at all and won't fire. That is not my situation. I can believe the SEM getting weak under high rpm, tho. When I have time this week, my intent is to pull the PV cover and look for condition and movement. If that looks good, then I'm going to burn the pipe. If that doesn't help, I might look into a replacement carb before I get into replacing or upgrading the ignition. I've followed others doing this upgrade on KTMtalk.com and it doesn't look fun, nor cheap.