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  1. esjsb

    KLX300/KDX200 hybrid?

    T-Notch, A guy up here is selling an older KX 250, first $800.00 (or so) buys it. I don't know the year. I stopped and looked at the bike for a friend, looks ridden but not beat up. All factory parts, no mods to exhaust. I got the VIN for a my friend, he said he thought it was a late 80's bike. It is liquid cooled if that's a clue (I don't know when they started using cooled engines). If interested I could get it to Mountain Top, PA. soon. PM me if interested. Ed
  2. I had the KLX 300 out today and hit a small jump, as soon as I landed the bike bogged down. The only way I could keep it running was by chopping at the throttle. I couldn't even sit on it to ride it out of the trail to get it home without stalling out. Low and intermediate RPM's were fine but at higher RPM's the bike would bogg down. While I was looking for the problem, the bike was missing, back firing, and generally running like crap. I thought I had some water in the gas/carb from yesterday, then I thought I threw a valve, alot of things were going through my mind...none good. While I was poking around the carb I "touched" the choke and the bike came back to life instantly. No problems and it ran perfectly. I did notice that the choke was out approximately 1/16". I could not recall a time since I owned the bike (bought it new in 05) that I ever had the choke out when the bike was warm. My question....Is this normal for a warm bike when the choke is out? Or, did my choke malfunction in some way and cause something else to malfunction. Last question...does anyone have a lead on a used FCR pumper carb? I think it's time to make the change. Thanks.
  3. esjsb

    KLX 300 Manuals

    I need to get a repair manual for a 05' 300 & 110. It was suggested I get a Clymer manual but i didn't see a KLX 300 specific manual on there web site. I called the dealership and they weren't much help either. Which one do you guys use and more importantly where did you get it? Thanks, Ed
  4. There seems to be alot of Harley bashing out there. In my opinion, if Buell/Harley got into the MX business I wish them luck and look foward to seeing it. As far as the HD road bike go, they are cruisers not sportbikes. I have a Softail custom and love to ride it. I didn't buy it to race, just ride. It's a smooth road bike with plenty of American power. I also have plenty of Jap. MX/Trail bikes to go off road with the kids, and we do that alot.
  5. esjsb

    KLX 110 for my 10yr old son??

    I bought a 110 new in 2005 for my kids when my they were 8 and 10. They previously rode a LEM 50 two stroke and picked up the 110 very easily. The 110 is a great bike with plently power for the kids to get over hills and other things. The power delivery is smooth, predictable, and unintimating for smaller guys. A good friend bought his son a CRF70 about the same time, but after seeing the 110 said he would have gone with it instead of the 70. I have had no issues with the bike other than a hard start once and a while when the bike has not been ridden for a long time. Good Luck
  6. esjsb

    Hi everyone from Italy

    Welcome. I spent two years in La Maddelana, Sardinia when I was in the Navy. Two of the best years of my life. Italy is beautiful country. Visited the mainland a couple times: Rome, Milan, and Naples. I even got to go riding a couple times. If I had the $$ I would have brought back a Paris-Dakar bike...cool looking rides. I hope someday to visit again with the wife. Again, welcome to Thumpertalk. Ed
  7. esjsb

    darn machine continues to impress

    In the future, I hope all my posts are grammatically correct. I could not bear the critisism if my sentance structure lacked subject verb agreement or my predication was wrong. That being said, I loves mines KLX!
  8. esjsb

    Front sprocket question

    I know that there has been allot of threads on this so excuse me if I'm covering a beating a dead horse. My question(s)...is it worth while changing the front sprocket? What have been your results? Which one seems to work best. Thanks, Ed
  9. esjsb

    Need Starting Tips

    I bought my KLX new and was my first four stoke. It took a little time to learn the four stroke start. New the KLX was very hard to start hot or after a stall. Now I do an quick 1/3 to 1/2 kick first to get it to TDC then a power kick all the way through and I'm surprised if it doesn't start the first time.
  10. esjsb

    Camo Tires

    I use Dunlop....no experiance with the Innova but they look cool.
  11. esjsb

    KLX250S or DRZ

    I've ridden the KLX/DRZ 400 and the 250 and have a 300R. If you couldn't go with the 400, what about a 300 with a street kit? I like the 300 hands down over the 250 for trails and you can get street mods on the cheap if you look around.
  12. esjsb

    I swamped my KLX

    Hey guys, I was out riding yesterday and swamped the bike while crossing a beaver pond. Actually, the bike fell over while being pulled out by a friends wench on his ATV. The the majority of the engine was underwater for no more the five minutes. When the bike fell it went completely under for about fifteen seconds. After we got the bike out and could finally stop laughing it fired back up after about 50 kicks and ran great....man I love this bike! I've swamped plenty of machines, however this is the first time with the KLX. Other than changing the oil two or three time, is there anything KLX specific I should be concerned with? Thanks, Ed
  13. esjsb

    KLX125 problems

    Just to clarify things... Bill, was that yes or no?
  14. esjsb

    New user here/2006 KLX 300R and KLX 110

    Welcome. I did the same thing. In late 04' I bought an 05' 110 for the kids and an 05' 300R for myself. I have ridden a bunch as a kid but nothing consistent. It didn't take long to get comfortable on the KLX. As a matter of fact, last week I went riding with a friend who is a very talented rider and rides a Husky two stroke. When we're in the open his two stroke opens up and pulls away fast. In the tight woods I got him beat all day long. I've had nothing but positive experiences with mine. Same with the 110, the kids love it. As far as the clutch springs, I've never heard of any issues. I left mine alone. Again, welcome to the post and have a great time with your bike.
  15. I'm looking for a place where I can take my kids camping and riding. Ideally I'd like a location where I we can camp close enough to a trail that we can leave the campsite on our bikes. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ed