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  1. vlad7890

    Dirty riding or clean?

    As you progress through the classes there will always be someone there who will try to push you around. Here you have a great opportunity to learn how to deal with these nuts. Make the best of it, it will serve you well.
  2. vlad7890

    Dirty riding or clean?

    Whether intentional or not crossing over on another rider over jumps or in rhythm sections is never ever ok. The other rider may be already committed and wouldn't have a way out. I'd look this rider up before the next race, talk to him and see if these issues can be resolved in a civil way. If he is less than receptive then in the race get behind him and stay on the outside of him. Square off one of the turns where you know he is going to drift wide, come up underneath him and aim for his front wheel. He will stop messing with you if you fight back.
  3. vlad7890

    Arms doing all the work

    As Sofiedog said when accelerating lean forward until the acceleration forces are countered by your legs, not by your arms. Also, make sure you're not standing too tall (enough bend in the waist, legs not fully extended). A too tall position takes more effort to counter acceleration forces than a good attack position.
  4. vlad7890

    Jumping a 2 stroke ??? HELP!!!

    2-strokes are harder to jump than 4-strokes because of their short, abrupt power delivery. You will have to work on your riding technique (judging the approach speed correctly, being in the right gear and RPMs, good throttle control and body position) but it will come with more seat time. Once you get a hang of it riding a 2-stroke well is very rewarding.
  5. vlad7890

    Beginner level scrubbing

    I see what you're saying now that I have watched that Herlings video. I would say in both of the two referenced time spots Jeffrey is more on the side of absorbing the jumps than scrubbing them. Both of those jumps are right out of corner and he doesn't have enough speed (leading to enough air time) that would be needed to lay the bike full flat while sliding it off the jump and straighten it again before landing. Although at 1:03 he does slide the front off the jump he has to start straightening the bike right away. I guess it's a matter of semantics: at what point do you start calling a jump a scrub? Is it when you lean the bike in a bit and turn in a bit? Or a lot? Or only when leaning full flat and sliding off the jump it becomes a proper scrub? That's why I found your post confusing. While you can certainly work on the first step the second step will be hard and the third step will be very very risky.
  6. vlad7890

    Beginner level scrubbing

    It looks to me the OP doesn't realize there is scrubbing and whipping, with big difference between the two. He could really be asking for tips on whipping. With scrubbing, there is no "beginner level" since you have to be comfortable with sliding your front wheel off the jump takeoff with pretty good speed. Try googling "Bubba scrubba" for a demonstration of how it's done.
  7. vlad7890

    need some shifting tips

    Why not change your gearing (rear sprocket) to get the RPMs to where you want them on this part of the track?
  8. Take off your seat and go practice some jumps. Seriously.
  9. vlad7890

    2017 crf450 yes dual cam!

    We don't really know in what conditions Transworld ran their tests so it's hard to discuss it meaningfully. Tractable could be just a nice word for "underpowered". Back to my original question which you can answer: Have you ridden any of the other brands' recent 450s? Did you find their power not useful?
  10. vlad7890

    2017 crf450 yes dual cam!

    And if you asked those riders which engine they prefer none of them would pick the CRF's. Nobody I know has ever complained that the other brands have too much horsepower and they should loose some.
  11. vlad7890

    2017 crf450 yes dual cam!

    Have you ridden any of the other brands' recent 450s? Did you find their power not useful? They all have more horsepower than the CRF - some of them ridiculously more so - and they are not any harder to ride than the CRF. The low horsepower is not the consumers' choice, it's Honda's for whatever reason.
  12. If in doubt go to the Dr. and let them find out if your knee requires any treatment. You will not get a proper diagnosis here, we're not qualified (except for Dr. Mark who will still ask to see your X-rays and MRIs).
  13. It's common to find your bike is "in between gears" for a particular section of a track. Your options are either to work around it with changes to your riding or change your gearing. It would be very useful to get 2-3 different sprocket sizes (they're pretty cheap) and try different gearing when you struggle like this. Just keep in mind that when you gear it perfectly for this jump it may make other sections of the track worse. You should just try to find the best gearing compromise for the whole track.
  14. vlad7890

    What would you guys do?

    Really? And you're willing to bet your life on it? I will never jump over a guy I haven't watched riding first - too risky.
  15. vlad7890

    Rear shock very springy.. What's the issue?

    If your clickers have little to no effect the shock is shot and needs to be rebuilt. For best performance, MX suspension should typically be rebuilt every 20-40 hours. For trail riding the time can probably be doubled. Yours is definitely overdue.