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  1. Hey everyone, we had a great weekend up here in the northwest with racing weather being prime. Check out these shots from the newly redesigned facility, with more great work coming for an awesome year. Great races are coming this year, with regional races running on both tracks. OMC Winter MX Rd 3 - Feb 10th
  2. Just out enjoying summer at the track, testing out how riding looks from a new angle. https://vimeo.com/44587062
  3. RCH_VisualMedia

    Video from this summer of racing

    Yeah, it was a great summer! Can;t wait for more!
  4. Threw this video together for some of my friends, thought I would share it. The ending is kinda off, but it still works. Enjoy.
  5. RCH_VisualMedia

    What did Jason Lawrence and Josh Hill do in Freestone?

    well after losing friends to drunk drivers, anyone that does that has zero respect from me, no matter how good they are in a sport it doesnt matter where they are at when they do it, they are still risking other peoples lives if you want to act like an animal, your gonna get treated like one
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    MX Race - March 9 - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

    www.omcracing.com www.pleasantvalleyraceway.com www.whiteknuckleracing.org
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    MX Race - March 9 - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

    Dont have to join anyone. Its open.
  8. RCH_VisualMedia

    MX Race - March 9 - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

    First race of the season out there, its gonna be sick. Anyone that loves to ride outdoors and hasnt been able to all winter, this is it. I just talked to him today, March 8, and it is all good. See all you guys out there. Give a shout out if you are goin. Gates open 9am Practice at 10am Racing at 11am White Knuckle Racing
  9. RCH_VisualMedia

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    I do wear knee braces yes. Due to my knees having prior injuries, I have been told by the orthopedic that I pretty much have to. The least bit of over twist on my knee could cause major damage so thats why I wear them. Going fast around corners, your feet are gonna slide and catch, and you are constantly moving your legs all over while riding. I know what your saying about the leg bones possibly fracturing, I have seen it. Only thing is, I use my knee braces everytime I ride. If the random lightning bolt chance that a femur break happens, then I can have that fixed way more effeciently than my knee. After seeing my friends leg get healed, and going to medical training, I know what can be done these days. One bone is way easier than the many soft tissues inside your knee. With that said, it goes back to my point before. I wear the protective gear that I need for things that happen everytime I ride. I understand the risks involved in my sport, and will make sure that I protect myself from everything that I reasonably know I can.
  10. RCH_VisualMedia

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    The proof in my statements are from the people who have had these problems. As I did say above, this brace can protect you against certain types of impacts, but not all types like it gets talked about. I always think about safety more than anything in our sport, protecting people against the injuries that happen every race. Dont get me wrong, a neck safety device is not a bad idea. I think that there will be design changes with these first models of braces that will elliminate the un-wanted injuries during non-severe crashes. Look at helmets, knee braces, even 4-stroke dirt bikes, the first ones were nothing compared what they are now. So I personally will wait. Also, like above, I put this information out there so that people dont go in blind. Do your own research and afterwards make your own decision on this brace.
  11. RCH_VisualMedia

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    Read the interviews from the pros and others. Villopoto, Dungey, Metcalfe all said that it saved them. Even the interview with the rider who fell on his hind quarters said it was a good thing he was wearing a leatt. Eh? Well like I said, wear one if you feel comfortable, just make sure you know the inherent risks.
  12. RCH_VisualMedia

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    This is a true fact. Like I said in my post above, this brace can protect your neck from some certain types of extreme crashes. But, it has broken collarbones in incidents that were not a possible neck injury. The way the bones break is also part of it, the majority of the time they require surgery to fix. ie Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villapoto, Chris Holnar.... After breaking my collarbone once, in a pretty crazy wreck, I learned that a plate has to be installed if the bones are more than 2cm apart. Mine luckily didnt seperate that far, the doctor said due to my shoulder brace holding it in place. The shoulder mounts on the Leatt, push directly down on the collarbone making a perfect stress break point. If the brace went out farther it would be mor solid against this. I heard they looked into making the brace plate farther out but the testers didnt like the way it felt. Safety may not have been a concern in that respect. Not sure of the reasons. Again like I said above, safety is one of my biggest pushes to parents and other riders. I also understand and accept the possible unjuries that can and will occur even with the best equipment or cirumstances. Every one that races or rides has crashed. Go on youtube and look at the hundereds of videos of people crashing in some insane crashes that they walked away from. So please, I wish people would stop sounding like a tv commercial about these braces. Yes, they can possibly help you if you crash a certain way, but dont get up and say every single time you crash, that you would have died if you didnt have a leatt on. You have no way of proving to anyone the truth of that satement. If it was true, then the thousands and thousands of crashes in the past would have killed or maimed those involved, no chance for survival. Necks havent gotten different in the last 50 years, even though the majority of bone strength has gone up due to people having better calcium and vitamin intakes. I do research all the time for safety and medical issues. I was in charge of a military safety program, so I had to make sure I kept up with all the new research being done. I am not trying to just speak without looking into this information. If you feel safer while wearing a leatt brace, and you have the rest of your gear high-quality first, and then have the money to purchase one, and understand the known additional risks involved with the brace, then wear one. But dont feel that if for some reason you dont have the ability to purchase one, or just dont know about them, that you are unsafe while riding. Riding my whole life and playing every sport I can, I have had worse injuries playing other sports. In all, the point I am trying to make here is that people NEED to stop saying that every single crash their were involved in while wearing the leatt brace, it saved their lives. No way of ever proving that without setting up the exact situation with a highly sophisticated test dummy. It realistically sounds like you are totally reciting a commercial. I dont buy a car based on the comercials on tv. I buy one after I have done my research with professionals. So go out there with the family and have fun, like our sport is all about.
  13. RCH_VisualMedia

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    After being in the military for some time and doing paramedic work, I totally understand and promote safety at all costs. The only thing about this brace is that its not perfect. People keep reacting as if this thing can save everything. Even when people fall on their butts, they say "good thing he was wearing a leatt". Truth is that you can NEVER really know if the leatt was what saved you. Breaking a neck is something that is very hard to do and is very rare. I know the concept of no taking chances, the military is all about making sure nothing can happen, but in any event, things will still happen. This is an accepted risk I have takien my whole life. Not going to stop all of a sudden because I dont have a leatt. After wearing one, I know that the brace has to be fitted perfect or it wont do anything but hurt you more. There have been several reports made by surgeons in regards to these braces which have been quieted by the company. Several kids have broken vertabrae even with this thing on. It just snapped the collar bone and kept going. The angle that caused the bones to crack was caused by the brace. The surgeon said had he not had the brace on, his neck would have never been able to bend at that angle. So in the end, like I said, safety in our sport is my utmost belief. A really good helmet, roost guard, knee braces, boots, and goggles are the most important parts. Those will be used and save you every time you ride. The same people that say your kids MUST wear a leatt brace, have their kids riding around wearing the cheapest helmets and safety gear I have ever seen. So please before you buy a 400 dollar brace for soemthing that is so rare of an accident, pay the good money for things that protect you from accidents that always happen every race. After racing my whole life, and crashing hard hundreds of times, my helmet and knee braces have saved me more that anything. Again, stay safe as you possibly and realistically can, but make sure you understand the risks of our sport and most of all, always have fun!!
  14. RCH_VisualMedia

    Turkey Race - Nov 18th - Boise, ID

  15. RCH_VisualMedia

    06 YZ450 carb issue....

    yeah, that was exactly it, it runs perfect now like i said, that never crossed my mind, i took that thing about 3 times to make sure it was clean, didnt think it could be upside down once i thought about it, it all made sense, so thank you very much for the help and i will make sure that wont happen again