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    exploring mountains, deserts, riding in a group or alone, excess in moderation, fast but not too fast, singletrack in mtns, big open spaces, ride to live...or something like that

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  1. Landcrab

    so how bad is my riding

    Judging ones riding is a tricky subject. What are your criteria? -speed, -ability to avoid trail obstacles, -braking, -flow, -wildcat factor Looks like you could go faster, which takes on an increase of risk, which makes the reaction time for above criteria decrease to some extent. I think you are doing fine. Unless you just used the plea to get more of us to view your vid. If so then mission accomplished either way LOL
  2. Landcrab

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    6x12 Enclosed Trailer Camper Conversion. I'm very happy with how it came out and have taken it out to great places in the last 2 years. Please see the ad under "CLASSIFIEDS" if you're interested in buying. FOR SALE
  3. Landcrab

    Does anyone ever ride?

    Dang it, forgot I have to wax/polish/cover boatie, riding.....maybe......tomorrow
  4. Landcrab

    Does anyone ever ride?

    Bought the final xmas gifts, have some time off before the crazy rush, time to go ride. Maybe Sunday late afternoon Cougar Buttes and again Monday morning til I gotta go back to the mtns to work. I'll probably be the only one out there since no one frickin rides anymore.
  5. That was impressive, fun race for sure!! Great combination and use of available terrain. Nice job out there!
  6. Landcrab

    I found your GPS!

    Johnson Valley, 2 years ago, near Cougar Buttes! Garmin 60cs I believe. It was a POS anyway you can have it lol
  7. Landcrab

    DonkeyBalls: a new trail

    That's what I'm talkin about
  8. Landcrab

    barbwire across the trails?

    Horrible. If you're scared, which I would be too, preride that sh*t first, slow. It would be rather dumb to just ride regular when you know there are hazards you couldn't see until it was too late. Take other action by documenting as much as possible, then report the hell out of it. Call the news, media, papers, call attention to the issue, get people on your side from your area. Good luck man, that is a rough thing to have to deal with. It is still hard to believe someone would do something so barbaric
  9. Lolly got it right in a nutshell. You'll most likely only be able to plate the bike if you go to AZ. I'm from SJ, great place but I won't want to try to afford a nice place there now a days. Holister Hills to the south, and a little County mini track/mini trails near the 101/85 interchange (can't remember the name). Lots of trails in Tahoe area. Good luck, have fun out there man!
  10. Landcrab

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    The 6x12 Trailer Camper project is fun and never ending! I seem to make a list of new ideas each time I go out. I like the platform, tows great and has plenty of headroom *as long as you get a 6'6"*. My themes/goals were lightness & low budget. I repurposed, recycled, obtained for free, already had, needed to use/had way to long almost all MATERIALS used in this build. Just had to buy paint/deck coating, sink, faucet, ceiling wood, insulation, weather stripping, shower curtain, and heater. Not sure on the final weight, but the trailer itself is only 1000 lbs when I started. The heater is nice in the winter and I have a fan/window/vents for the summer. Not pictured is outdoor battery shower. Could have bought a big pre built toyhauler, but I'm glad I went with this, it's been a blast putting together and using! Here is a quick look at my moto carrier man cave (well sometimes wife cave when we go to JTMF) First added ceiling, door skin/thin plywood after adding 1.5 inch rigid foam insulation between ribs. Cuts really easy with a steak knife. Used 1 inch in for the rest (sides, around door, back wall). Then that cool foil tape to clean everything up for a better seal. Then altered this dresser and used some scrap to build a frame for a countertop/storage boxes And eventually ended up with this! 3 usable drawers for storage galore (the left side flips up & fits a coleman stove, bottles) and a bigger insulated spot to fit a Cooler). Then onto paint Add some style, and let the wife have some fun too Pics of the family and past trips, starting to feel like home away from home! BTW maps make great wall coverings. I'm stoked on 'em! Added a shower curtain that's attached with velcro, hides the ugly ass door when it's up. And you feel like you're still outside! I'm pretty happy with my custom window treatment too.... Free linoleum, free carpet, free rug....that's the idea, keep it cheap without getting out of control Only picture I have with bike, had to throw everything in quick to get out of the rain, it started pouring hard And when my wife comes camping, I just add another spare massage table and you have a 12 wide bed! Super plush with foam and comforter layers, with sheets and blanket. She loves it (me too!) If I put the leveling jacks on, the outside noise is minimal, the camper is stable, and we sleep like babies!
  11. Landcrab


    Hei siellä nice riding! I would love to visit Finland again. I have family in Helsinki and up north too. Next time I go I will try to bring my dirtbike, a puoli suomalainen guy like me has to ride in Suomi some day! Thanks for posting your video, I'll check out the youtube channel soon
  12. Landcrab

    Bishop & Mammoth Area riding area tips?

    I can't vouch for the open-ness of these trails, but in general when I've ridden them in the past 8 years it was fun and full of variety. Yeah not a ton of singletrack, more likely to encounter double/quad track between June lake and Mammy, but the fun stuff was mostly up at a higher elevation. Google "Woodcutters Trail", that one was scary but a good time, one way only (down). White Mtns in general will be good hopefully the fall colors have started up around 8-9k
  13. Landcrab

    "dirt bikes" terrorize times square.

    I'd rather terrorize chipmunks and lizards on the dirt trails, city life ain't for me
  14. Makings of a great documentary right here!
  15. Slip on One Piece rider wear? Just add helmet! You need one of those Jetsons auto dressers maybe. Joking aside I ate sh*t recently and the gear really helps. Invest in the best stuff you can find or just be reallllly good and never crash. Which accounts for .00001% of riders, roughly