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  1. TrophyHunter

    Old Fart survey

    Agree but my limited experience and memory loss couldn't account for when I got back into bikes and bought a WR450, I couldn't believe the improvements. The 490 had some vibes to it.
  2. TrophyHunter

    Old Fart survey

    Grew up on 2T from Hodaka to Suzuki to Husky. The last one before a multi year break was an '83 IT 490 which I affectionately called "the paint shaker"...... Yeah, 4 strokes were not what they are today.
  3. TrophyHunter

    Officer Essman at Jones Creek, WA

    Yup, generally speaking. Appreciate the comment.
  4. TrophyHunter

    Police investigate me =(

    K - just watched the video. You're an idiot. Cops usually mirror who they deal with and try to diffuse the situation. You admittedly had a problem with your bike but confrontational right outta the gate, I'm handicapped, do I need to call a supervisor, you may have seen my videos on youtube, I normally wouldn't show my ID, etc. One day you'll run into the cop who will inspect your bike front to back, deem it unsafe and impound it. You are the bad example of motorcycling everybody talks about. Your actions will cause people to take more enforcement on bikes. Just like some judge all cops by one bad one, some will judge all motorcyclists by one bad one. You. Why don't you do all of us a favor and mature a little, Stop thinkin' it's cool to be confrontational and just ride with a safe and legal bike. Or, as mentioned, post up when you get thrown on the ground. Then the cops will search Youtube for all of your videos to establish your ridiculous pattern and use 'em against you.
  5. TrophyHunter

    Police investigate me =(

    CA DMV handbook: Driver License In Your PossessionYou must always have your driver license with you when you drive. Show it to any police officer who asks to see it. The ACLU site: Upon request, show police your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. I don't know about CO, but you have to hand over the license in CA. There is a separate violation for not having it in your possession while driving. If you are not driving, then you don't have to. Notices - yeah, okay, but when the bill for the ticket comes in the mail, it's a bill. Go to court and fight it, try to get it reduced or pay it.
  6. TrophyHunter

    Officer Essman at Jones Creek, WA

    1. Sorry to hear this. If LE is siding with eviron groups, it may be their personal beliefs bleeding into their work lives. Hard to keep separate but they should. Also, guess who has a lot of money and supports politicians, who dictate through pressure some of what LE does..? Sierra Club. 2. I understand the reality of this statement but try to separate folks out. It's human nature to lump everyone into one group and the media doesn't help. They don't report the good news, much. We've all dealt with unlikable people in all professions but I make a conscious effort to make them an individual, not a group of plumbers, doctors, mechanics, engineers, etc. It helps keep things in perspective. If you have a problem with strict enforcement from a particular group, schedule a meeting with them. We did that with the Rangers before our annual event for our group - the Desert Dash - since some of them were being a little overzealous. We volunteered to repair any trail bypass damage if it happened along with any other trail repairs. We maintain a trail in one area we ride in a lot and it lead to the Ranger mapping out another very technical trail, getting it approved and us cutting/maintaining it. It's aptly named "Ranger." The greenies get involved for their cause. It works. Put the good face of motorcycling out there and get involved.
  7. TrophyHunter

    Officer Essman at Jones Creek, WA

    I'll start off by saying I have 26 years of LEO experience in the San Diego area. 6 years military prior to that & some non-government time mixed in. Needless to say, I've worked in a rule following environment. What I see in this thread is "there are rules, I don't want to follow them and I want to blame LE for enforcing them".....along with some "they should have some common sense." The scariest trend here is "I don't want to complain to their boss in writing" "i don't know if I have enough for a formal complaint" COMPLAIN...!!!! A problem can't be fixed if nobody ever says anything about it. I'm the first one to jump in a cops a$$ if they're being an idiot and making the rest of the profession look bad. We don't want to work around them, either, but complaints from citizens go farther than complaints from peers. DO SOMETHING about it. I'm not saying trump up a bunch of overstated BS, but a guy without the common sense to make a good impression on a kid and kindly ask Dad to put a helmet on as a good example is too rule heavy. I've found the Rangers - especially BLM - here to be that way. Then I dissected their job and evaluation process. They're not metro cops or deputies, they're Rangers. Their sole job revolves around a very few rules without the gang, shooting, wife beating, robbing, car crashes to occupy their day. ALL they have is nitpicking (in my opinion) to do. They also get evaluated, promoted, etc based on their level of activity. Imagine their supervisors, who grew up in the same corporate culture - "&%$#@! did you do today/" They better say something. On the change in LE over the years. Yeah, we used to talk to folks more, exercise more common sense and give more breaks. Then the public started seeing us as a deep pocket and the reason for all of their problems - so they started suing us. "you should've given my son a ticket when you had the chance. You just talked to him and that didn't work. Now he's dead cuz he was speeding and it's your fault." "you brought a kid home to his parents when he was throwing oranges at cars? He should've gone to Juvi, that would've taught him a lesson. Now my husband is in a wheelchair because he was reacting to getting hit by an orange while driving and rolled his car and it's your fault." Two that I can think of. So guess what? The fear of being sued (I've been sued 6 times) kicks in and cops want to reduce their personal liability. Bingo - no breaks for anyone. Thank your fellow citizens for that one. One poster was close with the "protect dad from a head injury" comment. Anyway - I support YOUR rights - exercise them. Follow the rules or do what it takes to change them. They got there somehow, get 'em off the books. And please - write the departments of overzealous officers. If you get a half baked or no response, Send a letter to a higher authority - District Attorney - State Dept of Justice - or start in with the citizen's rights groups. Ride safe and I'll still give breaks unless people display they're not gonna learn from it. I don't want to live in a police state and you shouldn't either.
  8. You're on the right track. (pun intended) Read, watch vids, take some classes at the local Jr College if that's possible. Robey14 - don't envy you. Every bike I get used has all the fluids dumped and a front to back check. You've seen way more than me but yeah, completely cracked and etched tires on road bikes, random leaks and foamy oil, not to mention missing bolts, etc. All you can do is try. Sometimes I run into time crunches and I just drop a bike at my trusted shop and give 'em $300 to check it out, If they advise more work, just do it. Never had a problem and never been ripped off.
  9. http://www.bikeboneyard.com/ Their online stock list isn't always up to date. Call em and check & ask them to keep an eye out for one. Very nice to deal with.
  10. Point taken. Know your limits and try recognize when those limits kick in. Riding can be dangerous enough, no sense adding more variables. I grew up wrenching and was an aircraft mech in the USAF but still buy the factory shop manual for every machine I own and follow it. S rider7 - no reason to back off, just check on what you're doing and do it right. If you don't know, ask. Bikes are a puzzle and all the pieces need to fit correctly, with the correct torque, clearances, etc to work. If trailside fixes happen, redo them when you get home in a more controlled environment. Sad outcome in the OP's post so just be careful.
  11. TrophyHunter

    Vet tracks in So Cal

    http://www.baronamxtrack.com/index.html Haven't been up in a while but CalVMX runs there so it might be considered a vet track?
  12. TrophyHunter

    Gearne Boot Fit

    If I left a footprint, you'd think someone set down a brick. Go 1/2 size bigger if possible. Sidi's are too narrow for my feet. G-ADV and SG-10's fit me perfectly. Don't know who you're ordering thru but Atomicmoto is great to deal with and Brian doesn't mind at all if you return - unridden - you pay the shipping - boots. It took me a few times to get the one's I wanted.
  13. TrophyHunter

    Numb Hands.. anyone?

    Ditto on the Vibranators. My DR650 is pretty smooth for a thumper but still got enough buzz into the bars where my hands went numb. No problems at all with the Vibronators. Don't know if they have a vendor discount here but have a 10 or 20% on ADV vendors section. The instructions say to trim your bars down but I just threaded 'em, installed the units and moved my hand guards out. 15 min install.
  14. TrophyHunter

    12xcw with a slipping rekluse exp what do i need to know?

    Get on this ASAP. I cooked some plates on my WR and should have addressed it sooner. Felt a little slipping but didn't get the adjustment right. Paid for it in the end when I pulled the case off.
  15. TrophyHunter

    Why all the hate on ktm's

    KTM's are popular in Southern CA because a lot of our riding areas require a street legal bike. KTM builds dirt ready bikes with a license plate. Most ot the folks I ride with have KTM's or DRZ's because of the need for a plate and CA is tough on getting a non-factory bike plated. It can be done, but it's walking a thin line and there's a chance of getting the plate revoked by DMV. A well maintained KTM seems fine but even a few of those have ended a ride or caused delays due to breakdowns. A brand new 350 recently left a group in a bike towing situation due to a Throttle Position Sensor and another new 350 has been in the shop since it's 3rd ride - 4 months ago. Nobody can figure out where the gremlin is. A guy I ride with a lot has dumped a ton into his and it's still unreliable. He had it apart twice on a 5 day ride, rode one Sunday with no issues and the next weekend it just quit 5 minutes from the truck. He finally sold it as a mechanics special with full disclosure. We're talkin' 3 engine rebuilds, stator this, carb that..... A guy that had the mechanical knowledge to get through most and the money to send it out for the big stuff. I am just citing a few examples but to be fair, on a percentage basis, a well maintained KTM seems reliable enough. I don't find much snobbery and certainly not the negativity mentioned here. Most I ride with are of the "run what ya brung" crowd. Just be prepared and bring a smile. The maintenance schedule is a little more intensive and the price is higher here. If the riders are primarily in OHV (non-plated) areas, the orange influence goes way down. I think if the other companies would put out something like an RMZ/CRF/WRF 450's with a plate, KTM would lose most of their client base. I like simple so my DRZ-250 & DR650 get me where I need to go. My screen name is the opposite of what I'm interested in doing. I snuck a plate onto a WR450 and never should've sold it but I'm enjoying my low tech, low maintenance machines. Somebody mentioned suspension. Do one of your bikes correctly and you'll do every one after that. Tuning a suspension to you and your riding style is one of the best things you can do IMO.