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  1. For those that use gasoline, diesel, or kerosene, what do you do with the dirty gas? I live in the suburbs so I can't through it on a trash pile. The auto parts stores are now looking for gasoline in the oil I drop off for recycling.
  2. 06Honda450

    Just got new 2018 FE 501

    How much did you pay? My local shop is advertising one for $8295. Plus, plus, plus, I am sure.
  3. 06Honda450

    BYOB experience

    I never seen a skid plate that protected the expansion chamber like that.
  4. 06Honda450

    Shop setups?

    One more thing. You can raise and lower the lift to the right height. When I take off one bolt, I raise or lower the lift to the right height. Then when I take off the next bolt, I raise or lower the lift again to the right height again. And on and on.
  5. 06Honda450

    Shop setups?

    I second the lift proposal. They are great. You can leave your common sockets and end wrenches on the lift and other common tools. You can drain fluids into a catch pan right on the lift. You can lift the rear wheel with a pop up bike stand for rear wheel maintenance. Don't get one from Harbor Freight. I did 8 years ago. I ended up throwing it away. And that was after an expense hydraulic cylinder repair bill.
  6. I alway though a van and a camping trailer was a good way to go.
  7. 06Honda450

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    Only 1 muffler. Not 2 as in the CRF450R and CRF450X.
  8. 06Honda450

    Epic ride

    I like it. Thanks for posting. You have buddies that are as fast as you. That makes rides better.
  9. 06Honda450

    It's alive

    Let us know if you like the power. I read it was a hard bike to handle because when it comes on the pipe, it is hard to handle. It tight slow stuff.
  10. 06Honda450

    What's up with step ups?

    Just go around it. There is no shame in going around a jump. There usually is a path from other people going around. Then you can keep your flow going. Just look back before merging back on the track. Merging onto a track after a steep jump takes extra care.
  11. 06Honda450

    VDR Hare Scrambles - Round #6 This Sunday, Feb 26, 2012

    What do you think the odds are that it will be called off, resheduled, pushed back one week? Should I get my bike ready for 2/5/2012?
  12. Flyin-A, did that van come with the windows in the sides of the cube? Or did you add those latter?
  13. 06Honda450

    Motovan finished and in use.

    Luke 928, who makes the camper top? This is a DIY job right? Do you have the new pictures?
  14. Slackinhard, where did you get that box on the back of the pickup? Did you buy the pickup, and then the box? Who makes that box?