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  1. My dad has a 07 wr450 that is well taken care of. For some reason when it gets warm it randomly shuts down but restarts. He is a non aggressive ride in the desert. What do u guys think?
  2. I'm 5'10" and 195 pounds and i mainly ride track and the most i'll cut to is 185. Notice/ Intermediate rider. Yamaha and Honda make the best bikes. Now with the honda i am wondering if the 09 is worth is because they seem hard to work on over the 08 and the first year for new forks and being EFI. I adjust with my own values and i have heard u need a special tools for the 09 CRF450? Now with the Yamaha it seems like a great bike too. What changes did they make from 08 to 09? Also i have heard that the Yamaha has less power but its more use able Vs the Honda with more power? So tell me guys what do u think? Don't say pick a color.
  3. I don't know what shops are around you but shops like MDK, Factory Connection, RG3 and Pro circuit.
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