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  1. tookatumble

    where will chad be?

    http://http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=483907305347&set=a.421208780347.211223.238163220347&ref=nf Reeds new ride....
  2. tookatumble

    Clutch cover for CRF450 2009

    give me a couple of days and I will get a pic up of the stock cover
  3. tookatumble

    2010 450 clutch problem

    Pro Goona good tip I have found heavy duty clutch springs and regular adjusting of the clutch and I cant complain and I abuse my clutch, Deep Sand (Bunbury) were are you riding Bunbury, AJS, Coastal??
  4. tookatumble

    Clutch cover for CRF450 2009

    buy a stock honda cover there only like $50, Buff all the paint off to make it a nice silver and then paint the Honda on the side in red looks great doesnt wear and cleans up with a scotch brite pad, I have about 100 hours on mine and still looks great
  5. tookatumble

    Trip to the USA 2011, help an Ozzie

    www.mxvacations.com Google motocross vacations in the USA there a few companies offering riding and viewing packages me and a few mates are goin over next year check it out
  6. tookatumble

    clutch springs torque setting?

    T Bar one handed = Done Torgue spec isn't super important on the springs as the bolts bottom out so you cant stuff it up really.. (dont try to tighten it like pop eye its only a 6mm bolt) I have done about 8 clutches on my honda's and there good to go
  7. tookatumble

    Reeds Bike!

    Your just a flat out C*ck, Go preach your Chad Reed hate somewhere else where they give a sh*t.
  8. tookatumble

    09 450R clutch issues?!

    mine did that as well it wears a groove in it, but got no idea what its from. Honda really f**ked up with there 4 spring clutch........ They said the clutch came from the factory bikes but I remember Andrew Shorts bike also running a full hydrolic clutch as well which can justify the heavy clutch springs to make it work.. I love my honda's but i'm hating my 09 crf 450
  9. tookatumble

    2010 450 clutch problem

    Everyone with an 09 - 10 crf 450 will have this problem, there are many ways you can go about trying to fix this. Check out http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/4151.aspx There are a few good ways to help, You can also go the way of a Rekluse EXP clutch which gives you the joy of and auto clutch with the full feel and over ride of the 6 spring clutch that comes with this kit check it out http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/5185.aspx Also you can try packing your stock springs with washers to increase the clamping pressure but at the risk of having a heavier pull on the clutch. You could also go with a Magura Hydrolic clutch which will not fix the clutch from burning out but will stop you having to adjust the free play during your moto. Or you could just learn to ride your bike and adjust your clutch over a jump or down a straight its an easy and inexpensive but still will not fix the problem. I get 15 hours out of a clutch ( deep sand mx and clutch abuser lol ) and then throw it in the bin for a new 1 ( I went for the pack the clutch with 1.6mm washer on each spring and learnt to adjust my clutch mid flight works for me All in all I really hope Honda rectifies there mistake on the crf 450 09 - 10 and goes the way of a 5 or 6 spring clutch to make it easier on all of us. Hope this helps and you can get back out and enjoy your ride
  10. tookatumble

    Does this look like acceptable wear on this gear

    The gears need replacing, I would have a good look through all your gears if any have rounded edges on the dog gears I would replace them as a set while you have the cases split, I just did mine and we couldn't get 5th gear because it was on back order so we chucked it back together for the state round and I got 8 hours out of it and now I need to do it all again. Save yourself any issues by doing it right the first time they dont cost that much for the gears so just get it done. Just my opinion but it's up to you.. Enjoy
  11. tookatumble

    TUF crf 450

    Hi Ron just wondering what is involved in getting 60 hp on the 450?? I have an 09 crf 450 we dyno'd at 56.2hp with a power commander, DRD full system, Air Box screen removed, Hi Flo air filter.. Do you offer a complete package for the 09?? Cheers
  12. tookatumble

    cr250 07 programmable ignition??

    Yeah kind of I think, I was under the impression that by changing the timming advanced or retard you where changing the power curve or where the meat of the power would be so for a hard pack track you could soften the power hit and for loam or sand you could make it a bit more aggressive I know it works on 2 and 4 strokes but why is there no or very limited products for the 2002-2007 cr250??
  13. tookatumble

    05 to 07 cr250R porting

    I know this will sound stupid but I am trying to learn about port matching and mods so please dont kick me But can you really stuff up with the porting I mean removing all the imperfections from the ports and polishing them, I have and old barrel I replaced I'm going to practice on that first but can it all go really wrong?? Cheers
  14. tookatumble

    cr250 07 programmable ignition??

    I know it can be done its just a matter of how much you want to spend I think, I first thought of it when I was watching an Episode of The Reality Of Speed on foxtel it has the Samsung mobile team from a few years back when DV12 was on the cr250 04 I think and they were playing with there laptop on the bike and changing the Power Curve so I started looking cause it would be sweet if you could manipulate the Power Curve to be a bit more useful on the slick tracks.. I know of JD Electronic Ignition that Pro Curcuit are the distrubitors of and I know they have used them on at least a cr125 02 model http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2002-Honda-CR-125R-JD-Electronic-Ignition-Box-CR125-125_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem4a9dfde7a9QQitemZ320478242729QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_2996wt_960 http://www.jdracingignition.com/ Also found SRS Racing Ignition http://www.srsracing.it/powerparts/index.html Really all I am asking is has anyone ever done this because it can be done and I think it would be a fantastic mod to a very strong motor and giving you more room to play with for differant power curves?? Any help is greatly appreciated
  15. tookatumble

    cr250 07 programmable ignition??

    Hey I have been looking for a Programmable Ignition for my cr250 but have only found Ignitions for up to the 01 model?? Is there anything available for the 07 as I want to he able to change Ignition mapping for more bottom end and more use able power I did find this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MSD-Enhancer-Ignition-Honda-CR-125-250-4201_W0QQitemZ330366536365QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item4ceb614aad#ht_2833wt_960 And some instructions http://www.msdpowersports.com/pdf/frm26113_pn4201.pdf I really like the idea of being able to work with the power curves and change the mapping as required but I don't know a great deal about it so Please help Cheers Tim