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  1. lora84

    Muddy Creek in Blountville, TN

    I have heard rumors that they are redesigining Muddy Creek. Can anyone verify that this true or false? Better yet, if any of you live nearby, swing by there and check it out and let us know.
  2. lora84

    REED fastest at colorado

    I thought RC was fastest. Check out amamotocross.com they report RC set the fastest practice times. Really, it doesn't mean crap, it's just practice. Enjoy the race on the web today!!
  3. Here's a point of interest that I bet alot of you don't know. Lawrence, at this time last year was a B rider, yes a B rider. He had the second fastest lap times at Lorettas last year on a RMZ250 (Alessi was faster on a 450). Hard to imagine that he could run down the 2nd fastest rider in the world on a borrowed 2-smoke. Furthermore, I just saw the entry list for this year's Lorettas National and he (Lawrence) is in the 125 A/Pro Sport class. Anybody betting against him? I'm sure not.
  4. You win, your wit has far outclassed me and I am offended that you are wittier than I am.
  5. I'm afarid I will have to counter with Rev. Sharpton extending to you a phone call, or perhaps a visit.
  6. I apologize for being so humble. I can fully understand it's offensive nature. I will try to be more sensitive to your needs.
  7. Oh, sorry junky, you have my most humble apology.
  8. I believe it's bastard rather than "basterd". Ebonics maybe?
  9. OMG this is the funniest thread I have read in a long time!!! Keep 'em coming!!
  10. It simply amazes me that the black community can take a small, insignificant matter such as this and hype it into a racial debate. Get over it, if I, or others choose to use the name Buckwheat to describe Bubba then we will actually be exercising our constitutional right. You know, the freedom of speech one.
  11. This gear looks pretty good, do any of you have any experience with it? Do the pants run large or small? I wear a size 32 in Thor but I heard the pants might run a little on the small side. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. 4x4r, what gear do you think they were in when Buckwheat landed on the GOAT? Was it at pretty high speed? Looks like a section where they would be going pretty damn fast.
  13. It doesn't have anything to do with being rough, his actions are plain wreckless, stupid, irresponsible and dangerous. RC is the tough guy and not that PUNK Buckwheat Stewart.
  14. Yea, that seems to be what he is best at right now, EXCUSES.....PUNK