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  1. MotoChris521

    Chain skipping, Sprocket is Chooched

    No . You could damage the Stator cover or engine cases . You can either temporarily install the new or old chain with just the master link side plate installed to hold the front sprocket . I just use a padlock around the rear sprocket / chain to hold it when loosening/ tightening. You will also probably have to use heat to soften the loctite on the countershaft . You did read the loctite fixes, yes ?
  2. Yes , there is no "gasket" for the case halves . Special sealant is used . I used Hondabond HT and it seems to be holding up a year later.
  3. MotoChris521

    Drinkwater a Wildnernees Area?

    440 acres for the "monument" and 69,000 acres for land that has nothing to do with the man made disaster . Locked up forever to protect it for future generations of a select few (hikers).
  4. MotoChris521

    Sacrificing a 400E?

    I did this . bought a '03 KLX-R with a claimed 75 miles on it. Swapped everything over that was lighter / better . And kept the rest of the parts as spares. No problems with exhaust as I used the lighter E subframe . Carb was fine after I found the PO drilled out the pilot jet,and replaced it. You can use the E CDI for 500 more rpm , but you have to back out one of the wires on the S harness . Other lighter E parts ; Front brake rotor Frame oil return line Front brake master cylinder Headlight / shroud
  5. MotoChris521

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Hey Sarge , At the end of the video I noticed the quad guards (hehe) . I haven't been to HV in years. Have they installed those on any other trails ? That's pretty much why I stopped going up there (quads).
  6. MotoChris521

    DRZ400E Head Pipe

    2003 E pipe (u.s.a.) 1.6 inch O.D. 1.5 inch I.D.
  7. MotoChris521

    Dreaded second gear bushing failure

    Thanks Eric . I did read your special tools thread and it helped . Case splitter tool worked like a charm . Flywheel puller , I thought it was jacking something up .Had to apply lotsa torque , then it popped off and fell on the floor .
  8. MotoChris521

    Dreaded second gear bushing failure

    Arrggghh. Well , It happened . Read up on all the causes . Thought I was being good with the thread locker . Anyway , have the cases split . The crank is still in the left center case. My question is , which case half is easier to reassemble the "works" into . Or does it matter . Seems the right case would be , being that it has a flat surface to lay it on. Also, just got the Tusk brand crank installer and it doesn't look like it will work on the right side. Or am I missing something ?
  9. MotoChris521

    DRZ400E frame fit on an S?

    Well , the E frame is missing a couple of mounting taps . Rear brake switch / kick stand switch/gas tank mounts. And the steering lock. But other than that .....
  10. MotoChris521

    DRZ400s vs WR250f review

    OP bought a WRF , not a WRR
  11. MotoChris521

    Race around the lake is coming back....

    Any online links for info ?
  12. MotoChris521


    Ok. Got the noise part . I like quiet. But , how much less do these exhaust cans weigh than the stock unit ? Not seeing spec's listed .
  13. MotoChris521

    The riding game.

    Pretty sure you passed me up going down Bouquet canyon. I was on the blue DR-Z that pulled back up next to you.
  14. MotoChris521

    CR500 Question.

    Yup . Do miss the two smokes though. Have a AF WR450 and a plated DR-434E. Never stop riding !
  15. MotoChris521

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Ha , ha . Yeah the old yard is looking pretty rough lately. : ) How's the leg doing ?