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  1. Dirkarider

    Federal shut down BLM?

    Walls don't work....ok let's take the wall down in San Diego
  2. Dirkarider

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    you misspelled,Carnage E.......Tahoe peeps ride NV,gotta have tracks there
  3. Dirkarider

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    fingers crossed...the fake news makes it out as a big storm into the weekend....the drive over the top is the possible prob
  4. Dirkarider

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    You might want to edit..7's are off limits in winter because of the deer shortage...watch that icy bridge....o wait you just want to see 7 then that's ok
  5. Dirkarider

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    next weekend supposed to camp wilson cyn,but weather not looking good ???
  6. Dirkarider

    Rock Creek this weekend

    pics or it didn't happen...but I'm sure Bob taught him to get stuck real good
  7. Dirkarider

    Rock Creek this weekend

    Learn how to log jump 6ft,high nah,,,,learn how to ride the desert
  8. Dirkarider

    Rock Creek this weekend

    maybe you can get the world famous to ride with you he taught riddler everything he knows
  9. Dirkarider

    Rock Creek this weekend

    it's closed,,, bring your biggest chainsaw
  10. Dirkarider

    Georgetown Saturday 1/12

    probably lots of downfall, was windy,pinenuts sound good
  11. Dirkarider

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    um,because he's a moron ?
  12. Dirkarider

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    I've done Tillamook & found my way, but if you decide moon rocks it's best in winter but can get snow like now ...further south are carson city pine nuts & further south better
  13. Dirkarider

    Jetting Fundamentals

    what's an app
  14. Dirkarider

    Did anyone here really vote these idiots in.

    the money is going to illegals covered free medical, the new gov is working fast to improve things, what a wonderful person ps....our future president, stamp it
  15. Dirkarider

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    Big Buttfart, sounds almost the same