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  1. akarob

    need help

    When I question if the problem is fuel or spark, I like to use a blast of starting fluid. If it runs for a few seconds on the spray, you know its a fuel problem.
  2. akarob

    1987 Honda XR600R Starting

    Push on the kick lever until you feel it statrt the compression stroke. Then, push lighly until the lever moves just a little more. Now let the kickstart lever return and kick it for real. The decimp lever makes this process easier, but its not necessary. Just go slow and the piston will move against the compression just fine.
  3. akarob

    New Piggy Owner!

    Well, I had my broke my Pig's cherry in Pachaug. I did a lot of trail riding on mine, until I drank the cool aid. I'd be happy to show you around anytime, seriously. I'm in no rush. Hell, I'll even swap bikes with you, it would be nice to get my leg over a Honda again.
  4. akarob


    A few 8" spoons is all you need, in my opinion.
  5. akarob

    dreaded xr650l countershaft spocket

    I'm not saying the design is great, I think the XR600 shaft was better, but there are factors that cause it to wear faster. The biggest thing that makes them wear is lack of lube. If they dry out and corrode, they wear faster.
  6. akarob

    New Piggy Owner!

    That's a nice looking bike, and one mean rear tire. Congratulations.
  7. akarob

    1986 top end rebuild costs...

    If your valves, guides and seats are in usuable condition, and the top end just needs a good cleaning, about $500. You'll want to get a new piston kit and get your bore machined to match. I would suggest a new cam chain and tensioner spring as well. If you need new valves, valve guides, and valve seats, costs add up a lot more.
  8. akarob

    New, have questions about an XR650l

    Well, you have to be honest about your abilities to rebuild a carb and diagnose any other issues that may come up. If you aren't so experienced in bikes, or general mechanics, you should probably make things easy on yourself and get one taht runs well. As far as the bike's capabilities, yes, it will handle both commuting and trail riding well. It'll do highway speeds but gets old after about 20 minutes. You can ride trails and back roads all day. Hope that helps.
  9. akarob

    The best 1 cylider engine ever! XRR

    Enduro bikes don't have subferames. They make good dirtbikes, but the XRL is a better dualsport option.
  10. akarob

    I have no idea about all this carb stuff.

  11. akarob

    650R headlight upgrade options...

    I'd call Baja Designs and ask them for the LED package. They have good phone support.
  12. akarob

    Engine problems, advise please.

    I can confirm that if the decompression doesn't work correctly, the bike runs poorly. Don't go ripping it out on a whim, but it is removable. Just saying. It could be anyting else too, electrical or otherwise, diagnose carefully.
  13. akarob

    Raising handlebars xr650l

    Those were 2" risers. Rock solid, unlike the Rox risers.
  14. akarob

    New help changing a tire

    You can go get tire irons at a local motorcycle shop. I suggest getting three, as well as a patch kit in case you pinch the tube. Since you're new to changing tires, it's a high probability. Before you tackle it yourself, watch a couple videos on YouTube. Personal instruction is better, but that'll be good enough to give you the basics. Then just lube it up and start spooning. My only advice is to expect to pinch the tube and have to re-do the job. That way, you won't be too mad when (not if) it happens.