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    Motocross Stewart racing outdoors!!!

    see for urslef http://www.vurbmoto.com/dmxs/shows/dmxs-radio/39/dmxs-archive-stewartweigandtdurham/
  2. Twitch yz125

    Stewart and outdoors???

    i agree on this but its something we can only hope...but i believe more than likely he will...no info out yet 4 sure tho he wudnt decide that so early cuz hes probably workin contracts with FuelTv for his new show and has to work a contract with san manuel
  3. Twitch yz125

    Jlaw...again dude?

    it actually wasnt jlaw...he was jus riding...or mayb he did do a little but in my opinion dungey overreacted http://www.vurbmoto.com/theatre/492/dungey-vs-j-law/
  4. Twitch yz125

    Twitch Report: Phoenix (spoiler)

    i agree i still think villo is faster and i wanna c these 2 stack up at nationals
  5. Wow what a race!!! So dungey did it. Finally took his first AMA SX win. Villopoto seems to be finding back his rhythm with a second. Josh Hill finally showing us that he has been working this off-season. Stewart took a hard crash but toughed it out putting on a valiant performance in the main event and lcq. Chad Reed collided into him trying to pass him and for some reason later in the race he pulled off the track. Now my questions for you: Is Dungey straight up faster than Villopoto or has Villopoto not fully regained his speed? How long before Stewart is on top? (if that happens) Can Dungey remain consistent throught the season and has he shaken off the butterflies he used 2 get as a lites rider? thats all for this weeks Twitch Report. see you next week ride safe
  6. Twitch yz125


    now i understand why they would take short over tedesco because Short has come 3rd in the past 2 seasons due to his consistency and you could never expect him to beat Stewart or Reed. But Millsaps has been highly inconsistent and has never actually come up with a brilliant race (except 2009 motocross)
  7. Twitch yz125

    Justin Barcia

    yea i noticed tht 2 barcia's my guy for east!!
  8. Welcome to the Twitch Report, after every race i will post a report based on my opinions, and race facts. So once again a new season begins. Much speculation was made about 2010, wondering about the battle between Stewart and Reed. Both of them now switched sides, Stewart to San manuel (reeds old team) and Reed to Monster energy kawasaki (Stewarts old team). But that battle wasnt expected to show much different results than last year, bubba being lightning fast and crashing and Reed being consistent. However, Stewart seems to have greatly matured over the offseason and we cant say much about Reed yet because bad luck got the worst of him. Like it always does all this speculation seemed to have boiled down to a two man race. With Grant being injured from a viscious crash, Reed suffering from bad luck, Short not getting any faster, Hill not quite finding his rhythm and Villopoto...well who know what was up with that (i hear his wrist is hurting). We were left with Stewart and the over-achieving Dungey. Now a little opinion, I personally dont like Dungey for no reason what-so-ever... he jus seems a little soft to me. But props to the guy because he kept me from falling asleep between 10pm to 1:30am. There were also other guys, Langston, Tedesco so on and so forth. lets just hope that these other guys find their rhythm and give us an interesting series. now my questions to you: Can Reed do what Stewart did last year? Will J-Law get faster? How long before Hill and Villopoto find there rhythm? thats all for this weeks Twitch Report. see you next week ride safe
  9. Twitch yz125

    Anaheim 1 2010 supercross predictions

    a also agree with tht
  10. Twitch yz125

    My Crash Video :)

    im sorry but that made me laff till i cried
  11. Twitch yz125

    Turning into Jumps

    anytime bro
  12. Twitch yz125

    Turning into Jumps

    sry for taking so long to reply... yes u want ur foot forward because this weights the front wheel, preventing u from sliding out if u dnt put ur foot bak on the peg u may lose ur balance an u can fly off the bike because u shud always grip tight with ur knees when going off a jump or u may drift from the bike SEAT BOUNCE: 1. approach the jump with ur bottom more towards the back of the seat. 2. when u have reached the lip and feel the shock compress pull up on the handlebars. NOTE: if this is not done effectively then u may nose dive. This is y seat bouncing is so dangerous. 3.you can also get on the gas hard which will cause the bike to raise more and prevent nose diving 4. in the air re-gain the neutral/attack position 5. land on the gas hard CAUTION: this may cause u 2 endo. try it on a small jump first and work ur way up
  13. Twitch yz125

    Turning into Jumps

    since its a flat turn u want to weight the outside footpeg...this means if ur turning right... ur butt is gonna b squating on the left side of the seat this will allow u to get enought speed to leave the jump lip at a steady throttle (2 much causes looping out/not enough causes a nose dive) right as u r reaching the jump lip rise ur butt off the seat unless u want to seat bounce which is an advanced technique and u shudnt try it as yet
  14. sick vid wozwick....big fan on youtube
  15. Twitch yz125

    Let's see some vids of pinned 125s!

    quality isnt super but this guy is fast as hell