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  1. Alain

    TTR 125LE --> mini motard conversion ??

    I don't really want to do that as I want to keep the dirt set up too.... I really need to buy the whole deal.
  2. Alain

    TTR 125LE --> mini motard conversion ??

    Yeah, the 12in are a bit small but thats what I have to use. I just checked e-bay and they do have 12in wheels that go for 45-50$. thanks
  3. Hi guys & gals, I have a few friends that have mini-motared their xr100 to race them on an indoor go-kart track (good winter passtime)... I want to do the same for my TTR but I don`t know where to get the wheels and keep my disc brake... The wheels have to be 12"... Is there anything out there that is easily interchangable between dirt and mini motard set-ups ? thanks Alain
  4. I've searched and read numerous posts, tried many different suggestions before posting but I still can't put my finger on the problem. Before I start I just want to let you know that the bike ran fine before my little incident..... I decided to go swimming with my wifes ttr... There was water in the exhaust, the carb, air box etc.... The inside of the carb was also covered in a thin layer of mud... I took everything apart to clean them up... air box, carb(twice), exhaust, changed the oil etc... Now I can't seem to be able to get rid of my problem... It idles great but as soon as I touch the throttle it dies... I was able to fiddle around with the pilot screw and by quickly jerking the throttle to try to get the revs up I could keep it running but it had to be at least over 1/8 throttle... I would get the revs up an then just turn the throttle a bit and it would die... If I keep the throttle open at 1/4 + it would keep running, the problem is really right off idle... Again, the bike ran fine before so I'm thinking that modifying the jetting won't resolve the problem... There are some very small holes in the carb, could it be that one of them has been blocked with the mud and compressed air won't unclog it? Another thing I was wondering about... What does the diaphragm on the side do? It doesn't seem to be an accel pump... What if that small hole was blocked ? I'm really lost for words now and I'm getting a bit desperate.... Pls help if you can... Alain
  5. Alain

    CRF-450X.... warranty ??

    No warranty.. that blows... I thought that since it was the off-road version it would have had a month or something... apriliarsvr I love your 60/60 plan... thanks guys ! Al
  6. Alain

    CRF-450X.... warranty ??

    What kind of warranty comes with those bikes ? When I bought mine(525exc) I got 30 days. I'm asking because someone over here busted the tranny during the first 5 miles he put on the bike... Thanks
  7. I'd try the Yuasa YTZ7S... It's more powerfull than the OEM and just a tad bigger (like 5/8th thicker)..It's a bit pricy though... around 80$US Go check at www.yuasabatteries.com for the specs.. hope this helps Alain
  8. Alain

    Any Quebec riders ?

    I`m on the south shore of Montreal.... get in touch !!
  9. Alain

    Garrett Berg Memorial 450 Auction

    Is this contest only opened to US citizens ??? I`m in Montreal, about 40 miles north of the NY boarder.... If so I`ll buy.... Let me know Alain.fournier@teleglobe.ca
  10. Alain

    question about exhaust pipe

    You`re probably seeing 03`s (dual head pipes) & 04`s (single head pipe)... Aside from an aftermarket exhaust that`s all I can see...
  11. Did you get my e-mail ?? if not, e-mail me at alainb.fournier@videotron.ca later Alain
  12. Alain

    Wanted: MXC tank

    Anybody else willing to sell their nearly new 03` MXC tank & seat for approx 175$ - 200$ ???? Let me know Alainb.fournier@videotron.ca or PM me. Thanks Alain