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  1. Because I am not a fan of the Kawi, I used to be the parts manager at a Kawi/Zook/Ktm dealer so i have had my time to play with the bikes. I am not a fan of the rider compartment, I do not like the showa air fork, (I actually loved when they came out with the SFF fork on the 250), and Im not a fan of how large they feel. Kawi is just not for me. I tend to lend towards the Yami,Honda and KTM/Husky bikes over the other two. Each has there ups and downs. I have local shops that support the Yamaha where i do not have one for a kawi and will have to drive over an hour away to get a replacement oem part if needed.
  2. Just speaking from my experience, most spring the bike for the weight of the rider. I am one of thos riders. I need a bit of a heaver spring until i can get back down to my goal weight, which will take a few months. I am not saying that the stock stuff wont accommodate the bigger riders, but I am sure they will not be as good as correct springs/valving will be. I will ride the stock stuff until I need to get it serviced. I am just spreading out the cost of that service over a few months instead of a huge hit up front. I will never send something out before riding it. Otherwise you have no baseline for comparison and you have no idea what you love/hate about that setup, just going on recommendations is the worst way to spend money IMO.
  3. Just to update this. After spending 2 hours trying to kick my 07 over after it has been sitting ( i need to go back through the carb/replace the plug as i think that fouled out, and get the timing chain replaced). I called the dealer and got the them to drop the price to where I wanted it on the 18. I almost went with the Ktm 250sx however The 450 won out in the long term. Now to get it setup for me and to prepare my bank account.. lol Going to get the suspenders setup first. Waiting on the Part number for the PC spring tubes to come in so i can get a pair on order then its down to PC for a revalve. ( my 07 had the best suspension setup with PC doing the valving) Cant wait for the maden Voyage saturday. I rode it around the block and it def has that low end hit everyone keeps talking about.
  4. Eh, Fuel injection/ Carb tuning is not that big of a deal to me. When it was parked, it was spot on for the majority of my tracks. Life got in the way, and it was just parked right after i got it dialed. I just hit the dealer up to see what kind of deal they can do on a Yz250. Kinda miss the smell of premix and weigh my options.
  5. I have a deal worked out on a new 18, However I am having a hard time bitting the bullet. Are the 18's that much better? My 07 is fully modded with only 15 hours on the new motor. Just need a suspension refresh. Got the clear from the accountant (wife), not really sure what is stopping me other than thinking I'm about to wash 9300 bucks down the drain if it doesn't out perform my 07.. Getting back into the game after taking a few years off. what say the hive.
  6. Slinkyman16

    Yamaha YZ450F (2007)


    Built by Pro Circuit and its simply awesome
  7. Slinkyman16

    Yamaha YZ450F 2007

    Built by Pro Circuit and its simply awesome
  8. Slinkyman16


    heres a lil inside tip.. if you want to deal on any ktm. Get them at the end of the month. Ktm charges a rediculous 18% flooring charge per unit that is assembled and on the floor. If the bikes dont sell, the dealers pay this fee. most dealers will sit on a bike for a month however the small dealers want these gone as soon as their built.
  9. Slinkyman16

    Best tire 4 riding in Calif. Sierras

    mitchelins mh3s have always been a good tire for that type of terrain. I like the brigestone m403.404 combos.
  10. Slinkyman16

    Low Maintenance ?

    a 2 stroke. a 125 or 250.
  11. Slinkyman16

    What kind of pipe?

    for the 06-07 years a slip on really wont do anything in terms of power. the stock system does a decent job. in the 08-09 years you can get away with the slip on as the new pucture core design limits the bike dramasticly. In short for the 06-07 go with a full system. Dr.d are great pipes ive ran a few. I personaly like the pro-circuit pipes but that is personal choice. another good choice is MRD dave has great customer service and offers a lifetime warrenty if u jack it up he will fix or replace.
  12. Ya it's been a damn good truck. I have beaten on this thing and this is my first problem.. I havnt had time to check out the problem But I have a strong feeling I broke something in the door. I remember the wind catching it and slamming it that night.
  13. last week at the track i found out that my rear driverside sucide door on my 05 is not opeaning. It worked just fine untill i opened it up and then went back to use it.. possible broken latch maybe? just seeing if anyone has had this happan to them before.. first problem with this truck since i bought it. the upper part of the door will open but not the bottom.. any suggestions?
  14. Slinkyman16

    Help **Yz450f** Buying TMR!

    completely normal.. yz's are some of the most reliable motors but are pretty loud.. my built 07 sounds like a ticking time bomb when i go around the track.
  15. Slinkyman16

    Strongest aftermarket hubs. 07' 450

    What sprocket bolts are u using? Are u using any loctite on the threads? Ive done alot of research on hubs and wheels myself and have found the stock hubs are not only lighter but stronger then almost anything on the market.. Just not as cool looking as billet. I have over 280 hours and 5 years of riding mx on my stock hubs.. But I loctite my bolts to my hub and use proper torque procedure when installing new sprockets..