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  1. Anything that is particularly prone to breaking? Things I should replace? I was thinking piston, cam chain, valve stem seals. Anything else?
  2. A friend of mine is trying to sell me his 2008 ktm 530 exc with 320 hours and almost 10k miles. I'm normally an MX guy so my jaw dropped when I heard the bike had 320 hours. The bike has been ridden by an old guy on fire roads and has a completely stock engine with no rebuilds. Should I stay away from this one? What kind of life can you expect out of these bikes? I would definitely rebuild the engine as soon as a I got it. Any issues I should be looking out for? Do these things chew through valves like some of the other 4 strokes?
  3. Thats true. Some people got screwed and dont even realized it. But the after i confronted the seller about the 2001 motor in a 2006 frame, he posted it on craigslist as an 2006 again. So some people are trying to pull a fast one. Thats when I realized you cant trust what a stranger says about their bike. The last yz i got was from a buddy who purchased it brand new. I always try to buy things from people i know.
  4. I called the local yamaha distributor with my engine vin numbers. They looked through the books and found that the motor was a 2001 when the guy selling it claimed it was a 2006. Guess you cant trust some sellers.
  5. If you rebuild things like I do, you'll end up spending way more than you expected. A bearing here and a chain slider there all adds up.
  6. Good to know. Thank you. Do I need to lean it out a bit when running a spark arrestor?
  7. I realize that. I said changing the mix ratio could make it run richer (less oil = more gas) i was asking if the spark arrestor could be causing the spooge
  8. I have the stock hubs laced with heavy duty spokes to DID dirtstars, Love the set up. Aftermarket hubs just add to the bling factor in my opinion (for most riders). Save the money for parts the actualy wear out (chains, sprockets, bearings...)
  9. After riding track for the summer with a Pro circuit 304 on my 2011 YZ250, I had the jetting pretty dialed, no spooge. I then put a Nature Friendly sparky on, and the bike seemed to run fat with a bunch of spooge. I went from running 32:1 on the track to about 38:1 on the trail (H1R), which could explain the bike running a tad richer, but the spooge? If that from the spark arrestor? Thank You
  10. +1 on the DID. Supposedly as strong as the A60's but lighter.
  11. I have the works connection meter too. I just used some vhb tape and put in above the gas tank on the head tube.
  12. Sounds like a great set up, would you be able to post pictures of it?
  13. I put double back foam tape between the frame and the mounts, so the mounts stay to the frame when i take the skid plate off. This makes it much easier to put the plate back on.
  14. I believe the dealerships get a quota of how many they get each year, once they sell them, they sell them.
  15. There is lots of info on this forum about this. Start but checking the sticky of FAQs
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