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  1. Hey everyone, I am going to be freshening up the old girl. I have not replaced the top end yet, it has 62 hours on it. I have heard to use a 15 kit (Im assuming this is OEM ) as it has better durability, but wouldnt any high end piston with stock compression also be durable? I was planning on using a Vertex top end kit with Athena gaskets and replacing the timing chain as well. Which top end kit do I select from Athena? Im assuming A, as this is not overbore. http://www.na.vertexpistons.com/ProductSearch.aspx Thanks for the advice in advance from anyone who can help me out.
  2. Here's the story, I ride for a Honda/Husqvarna/Kawasaki dealership and im currently on a crf250. I want to build a Husky 125 up for next year. An engine kit, suspension, and an XC tank Ive been looking at either a 150 conversion kit ( as my last 150 is my favorite bike of all time ) OR I was toying with the idea of using the SXS parts. ( cylinder, piston kit, combustion chamber ) Just curious if anyone here has used those parts and what sort of difference they make? Reason I'm considering the hopped up 125 route is after reading several magazine reviews about how a 125 vs the 150 runs. Thanks!
  3. I use a Garmin edge 500. I use the same mount I do on my road and mountain bike on my CRF. Tracks HR, speed, elevation climbed and descended, temperature and more.
  4. kyli3

    Fat bikers?

    Aw sounds like a nice girl. Berne is an ISSR Shiloh shepherd. He turned 7 August 2nd. Berne is just over 120 lbs. He's been the most amazing companion. Berne on the left
  5. kyli3

    Fat bikers?

    Pretty girl! How old? I didn't think I'd see anyone as it was -12 and windy by the lake where we were and I was right. Berne is mostly interested in the snow anyway. I've taken berne mountain biking, fat biking, off road, and to the track and he's good to just watch dirtbikes from his truck haha, but loves to putter along with the bicycles. He's meant for power not speed so it's slow going with berne but I love it.
  6. kyli3

    Fat bikers?

    Had a nice roll for an hour. Berne enjoyed himself immensely [emoji4]
  7. We had a shitty riding season here in bc ( rain ) so I hit 1100 last year vs almost 4000 the year before. Here's hoping for a better 2017 for riding
  8. kyli3

    Fat bikers?

    I can't wait to get out with Berne on the FATBIKE. I ended up going with a 2017 Norco Bigfoot 6.2
  9. kyli3

    Night rides

    Oh poor puppy [emoji20] less cats around the better Just get two decent lights and you'll have a blast!
  10. kyli3

    Night rides

    Cougars are no joke. We were discussing that at work the other day. You're not a sissy you're smart!
  11. kyli3

    Night rides

    Yeah I plan on doing a lot of night riding. I really enjoyed it. Cool view of the city at night, and yes very quiet and peaceful.
  12. kyli3

    Fat bikers?

    Nice! I also ride an Anthem. I have an Anthem advanced 1, and we only get 27.5 in Canada. I see myself doing a lot of summer riding on the fat bike as well, but we do have a lot of dedicated fat bike trails around my city as well as nearby ski hills with fat bike routes
  13. Picking myself up a RSD Mayor 2 in a week or so. Curious if anyone else participated in winter riding on these things. Can't help but smile like an idiot on it
  14. kyli3

    Night rides

    I went on my first night ride last night in Myra canyon ( Kelowna, BC) I was lent a 500 and a 650 both on the bars. I had so much fun! I ordered two 650s for myself today. I'll be going again soon! On a cliff bluff, enjoying post climb beer. [emoji4]
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