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  1. mtdirtbag

    Questions on xtrainer

    Xtrainer is a carbed bike; it does however come with oil injection. Sorry I read that wrong.
  2. mtdirtbag

    Billet pipe coupler?

    Capitalism at it's finest, $36 solution for a 15 cent fix.
  3. mtdirtbag

    where is good single track in western MT?

    So it seems the last two or three years, in the past we have found places to ride as early as February going until first part of October. But normally we try to be clearing in April, with all the fires and beetle kill there can be a need to clear trails most of the year, this is true especially in a couple of areas we prefer to ride.
  4. mtdirtbag

    where is good single track in western MT?

    In recent years fires have pretty much shut down riding - either from smoke or the fact that a lot of us don't want to be on the trails and being blamed for fires. I really like late spring early summer, we are really active from April to June clearing trails and there are a lot of trails that are open - these are the more popular ones but for the most part challenging in some aspect or another. The last couple of summers I have not ridden much after the second or third week of July due to the effect fires have on our region. It seems to change from year to year.
  5. mtdirtbag

    where is good single track in western MT?

    If you want to ride in NW Montana you will want to wait until late June. The reason I say that is as noted before, trails do not get cleared by any govt agency, just us locals. If you want to put in some work come earlier and hookup with the aforementioned riders. The groups I ride with spend almost every weekend from April thru June clearing, sometimes up to 4 chainsaws and 10 riders.
  6. mtdirtbag

    2017 300RR RE Bog off Idle

    What carb work have you done to it? I found the Beta jetting chart worked well for me. Have you lowered the float, they are noted as being high as delivered - I know once I lowered my float, mileage and low rpm running improved. Others have mentioned the one-way valve on the gas cap has caused problems, I have not experienced that on my 14 but it is a fairly easy and quick fix. It has to be something fairly simple, these things run pretty well with crappy jetting and great with decent jetting.
  7. mtdirtbag

    Sachs CC forks for my 2018 RR

    I would consider talking directly to some of the known Sachs tuners, I would think most would be willing to spend some time talking to you. If you're set on replacing there is Ohlins forks and shock for $1,600 in the Beta buy and sell on Facebook. It was posted in November so not sure if it's still available.
  8. mtdirtbag

    Airbox clip rivet

    Looks like the clip went away along with the pop rivet, a good dealer will have the new clip which will have the rivets There are other methods of cover mounting.
  9. mtdirtbag

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    Thank you, arm pump is also my reason to run thinner grips.
  10. mtdirtbag

    Lock on grips and full wrap hand guards?

    How are the Rogues in the wet? Are they thick or thin (i run the pillow top lite)
  11. mtdirtbag

    Beta starter motor

    I stand corrected, my charger is a float charger or maintainer. Thanks
  12. mtdirtbag

    Beta starter motor

    Do yourself a favor and get yourself a trickle charger, I just changed out my battery last fall and I credit having the trickle charger for helping it last for four plus years.
  13. mtdirtbag

    Bike reviews: The real story

    I went to Beta without even seeing one in person and I had a so-called dealer just 7 miles away with no stock on hand. I started looking in 2013 by reading what ever I could on the Beta 2 strokes as far as likes and dislikes. What drew me to Beta was low seat height, magic button, reported excellent spread of power and it looked damn good. Having ridden and converted motocross bikes for years I was not afraid of limited dealer access as I do my own work - two strokes are pretty basic machines. Well, I think it turned out pretty darned good, it's a solid bike and this winter I will be doing the top end for the first time (without looking I think I'm at around 200+ hours. All I've done with it so far is protection, large tank, tires w/tubliss, replaced the battery this past fall and added a Rekluse CX mid-summer. I have had to do the usual - first thing was to set the float height which improved mileage considerably and had the suspension revalved and resprung. Still not happy with the suspension but I'll get it worked out or I may sell it and upgrade and it will be another Beta.
  14. mtdirtbag

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    You could go with a 13 primary sprocket and get close to the same gear ratio.
  15. mtdirtbag

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    Do yourself a favor and look up GP's post giving torque values - the Beta provided ones are excessive for the most part. See if this works http://www.betarider.org/forum/download/file.php?id=331