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  1. workerbee; there is some discussion ongoing in the Aussie site dirtbikeworld.net that may give you some insight.
  2. Newk, sprain or worse? Hoping for the best for you.
  3. Which? 505 or 525.
  4. Have you taken a measurement of both fork tubes fully extended?
  5. Well, what brand of spark plug do you want to use?
  6. montana

    kodiak; is there much riding left in the Big Sky area? I raced the national hare scrambles about six years ago and tried to find places to ride, about all I found on the West side of the hwy was Cinnamon Creek. 55 years ago before I was into motorcycles I worked at the Almart Lodge which is where the Cinnamon Creek Lodge is now located, I ran the service station that was there. I lived in Three Forks from 1969 to 1979 and rode extensively in the area before the Wilderness was declared, we lost a lot of good riding once that came into being.
  7. I'm not as fast as I once thought I was, but I just do not have confidence in my Sachs OC forks even after I had them worked with Race Tech by a young fellow locally. For the most part they are just okay on normal singletrack until you get in a square rock area and most specifically in a rocky uphill. I know they can be better and will get better or will get KYB's, I'm spoiled suspension wise from my years on my Yamaha's.
  8. I am not sure which ones are used, just a heads up as it was mentioned somewhere. You might want to ask the seller as they may know, ie: Rocky Mountain MC. To answer your question the clips from Beta list the early ones as being up to 2015 with a change in 2016. You can get the KTM clips from Rocky Mtn and they are inexpensive so no big loss if they did not work. Your Beta dealer should have both styles of clips if you go that way. To remove the old clips you need to hang on to the back side of the pop rivet that holds them in and drill out the face of the rivet - you need to hold the back side so you don't enlarge the hole in the plastic by spinning.
  9. You might need the newer airbox cover clips with the Polisport, no experience myself but recall a mention of that. Not a biggy either way.
  10. Also check the vent lines on the carb, they will collect moisture and freeze sealing them off then the bowl will not fill.
  11. When we built our home I installed a drywell drain or some call it a French drain in our garage, it's simply an 18" X 36" hole approx 2' deep with the discharge about 4" off the floor of the box. It then drains out into the yard into drain rock. Not sure if California would allow this kind of drain plus I'm fortunate to live on top of what is called Glacial till or gravel from when the ice age melted. It's really handy in the winter to wash vehicles and also to let snow melt drain away.
  12. montana

    Where do you live? Close to Pipestone?
  13. Sierra & Dances; thanks for the replies - no need for pics, I think if I get serious about carrying it I'll just have to spend the time putting something together. The saw I use is a Husqvarna which is fairly light and 18" bar, don't have to worry about fuel as I fill from the bike and extra bar oil is minimal.
  14. wwguy; I've seen your set-up in other posts and that would be ideal - except for a short fella trying to get on and off. I like the idea of the backpack set-up as sometimes when we camp I get out early to secure a spot for the group and have a few extra hours to get downfall started (if I convince my wife to let me out by myself) then the next day I'll let the others carry. We have a good bunch and sometimes will have up to four saws carried, in recent years we seem to cut for a month or two on weekends. There is so much down anymore due to fires and beetle kill and we try to discourage riders from creating alternate lines to keep the FS & State off our backs. You probably see the same in Idaho.
  15. Sierra; I would be interested in seeing your backpack set-up, I had a similar set-up on my YZ's made out of discarded nylon cutting boards. Never got comfortable at speed with the front mounted saw - I finally gave up carrying one when I purchased my Beta and let the young guys carry them (young is a relative term, they are in their mid-fiftys). I'm thinking a backpack set-up may be a better way to go.