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  1. mtdirtbag

    oh look another suspension question

    If you are running stock spring rates; you are under sprung. As others have posted use the Beta rates based on being geared up, this is what I was directed to do by two different suspension shops and I went up accordingly and it helped.
  2. mtdirtbag

    Show me your...BETA !

    A tool roll is just a piece that you place tools in and roll up to place in a pocket or a butt bag, it just gives you a way to secure tools which may be loose in your backpack of bag.
  3. mtdirtbag

    Gas cap noise/pressure

    If it's not venting I would think it would contribute to boiling, there have been a lot of 4 stroke owners that have insulated the underside of the tank to reflect heat away from it. Not sure where they purchase the material but most likely from a automotive speed shop supply.
  4. mtdirtbag

    Show me your...BETA !

    Does Zac Speed still include the tool roll with the Recon? I think they used to include it but I don't find mention of it when looking to order it. I'm used to taking my Leatt off with my chest protectors so I probably would not be affected by that, Zac does make a smaller tool/accessory bag that attaches to the lower front - I'm not sure I could get used to that.
  5. mtdirtbag

    Show me your...BETA !

    I see you have a Zac Speed, I'm considering the Recon model hoping that it will have enough room so I can get my butt bag off my lower back. Which model do you have and how much do you carry? Thanks in advance for any insight. Tom
  6. mtdirtbag

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    IF you ride a four stroke, just sayin!!
  7. mtdirtbag

    Perfect womans bike? You decide...

    As mentioned before, contact AMP in Glasgow, MT - sounds like he has had more success than most with it. I have not dealt with Aaron but have asked questions of him and he has always given me a reasonable answer. It's worth a try - you can find him on facebook.
  8. mtdirtbag

    Perfect womans bike? You decide...

    It would be good if you could hit one of the Demo rides, that way she could try the 125, 200, 250 RR and 300 XT
  9. mtdirtbag

    Perfect womans bike? You decide...

    Ladies bike? First, does she want to ride and not just to satisfy the male partner? Second, is she timid or aggressive? Third, is she athletic? My wife took up riding to experience what her male partner and 3 male offspring did when we camped, so I picked up a AT-1 Yamaha - electric start, 125 cc heavy pig for her first bike. This was in the early seventies, she could climb most anything that we would take her on but had to talk her down most inclines. Most of the time ended with her upset! Case in point, have someone other than the husband teach them!! After two or three years I picked up a Honda TL125 for her, big improvement and a real confidence builder. She quit riding in the late 70's when we moved to the West side of Montana; mainly because the boys where in so many sports we did not have time to camp and ride as a family. We got back into camping after the boys were off to college, this was with a group younger than us just starting their families. The same thing happened to these families as when we started and the wives (and kids) started to ride. Remembering what we went through I made myself available to help the ladies on our family rides to keep tears at a minimum. The first two ladies to take up the sport became good riders and progressed through various bikes, sadly neither of them ride any longer. Then even younger couples joined the group. Two of the gals without kids now ride with the guys at the guys pace for the most part, one started out on a Honda 230 and progressed to a KTM 200 and is now on a KTM 300 - the other young lady started on a KTM 250 4 stroke, moved to a KTM 350 and is now on a Husky 300; both ladies can keep up with the guys. The point is that there is no one bike that is a ladies bike and the more we guys realize that exposing them to different rides will help in their enjoying this great sport. I would really like to see Beta USA bring in the 250 XT, but any bike that is easy to ride will help them build their confidence and allow them to progress. Whew, what a rambling post - but I hope I made my point.
  10. mtdirtbag

    2019 RR Race Edition Models - First Look

    As far as confused ---- I'm confused as to why you continue to frequent the Beta forum, from what I can ascertain you do no own one and your only purpose is to stir up crap. Is that your purpose? I really don't care one way or another but you are annoying, but then again that may be your purpose.
  11. mtdirtbag

    Steering stabilizer .

    Reach out to Scotts Performance, they are very helpful and may have mounts at a better price.
  12. mtdirtbag

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Tax? What's that?
  13. mtdirtbag

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Dirtbird; I can tell you have a sick mind!! That shop is just too clean - LOL. Great post by the way!
  14. mtdirtbag

    300 Race.

    Ud, any of my suspension that I really enjoyed has been CC - your experience may have been different but even after re-valve I am not happy with my OC . I think I am spoiled by my previous KYB SSS forks.
  15. mtdirtbag

    Whitefish/kalispell MT area singletrack

    Just sent a message, then noticed it is next week so my comment about rifle season does not enter into the picture. I won't be available from Thursday on as we will be leaving town. If I can't line up someone during the week I can possible take you on some of the single track close to Whitefish. Call me and we'll try to work something out.