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  1. I would think it would work on the tubeless rims also.
  2. Pittbull; where can I get one of those 130lb enduro bikes?
  3. Shouldn't jump into a Dave Johnson thread because it will turn into a pi$$ing match; but I used Dave's services on my 09 YZ 250 2T because I was tired of being charged an amount generally over the estimate and then not get any help after the fact. The other thing to factor in is the shipping and insurance charges to get it done. Dave's instructions where very explicit and when I had a question he was a phone call away. By the way the cost to me of going all nine yards with what he sold for the KYB's plus tools purchased elsewhere was under $300 and it worked extremely well.
  4. I still have the stock battery in my 14 300RR, last year on one of the early rides it did not want to start on a cold morning and I ran down the battery - it was fine after I kick started it and rode for awhile. Then this year I put it on the battery tender for about a week before the first ride - same thing but it revitalized itself during the ride. I put it on the tender once again for a week and rode Tuesday, no problems. It really surprised me as I would think being 4 yrs old it would crap out, also I have not serviced the starter like I should (a must do soon!).
  5. I assume you are running Tubliss; if that is the case it could be the tire itself. Have you tried different tires? Another thought is you could contact Tubliss for ideas to fix your problem, they have been very helpful with others.
  6. I have the FMF Stealth Q shorty, seems as quiet as the stock silencer (which is good), one of the guys I rode with yesterday had a Turbine Core 2 on his XTrainer. Beta USA has pretty much tied up marketing the FMF stuff except for the longer length Stealth Q.
  7. edonkeyboy; what's with the apparent carnage in your picture? Looks like a KTM was bombed by a tree hugger extreme!
  8. Have not seen that locally, but we have an explosion of micro-brew breweries in the Flathead Valley - my favorites are Porter, Scotch Ale, Amber (especially Yardsale from Tamarack Brewery). Not a stout drinker (pansy a$$), but your comment peaked my interest since I have a couple beers each evening and am having arthritis problems in my knees and considered not drinking beer, I know - drastic measure. I rode two weeks ago and can hardly walk, 76 yo knees just cannot take it anymore.
  9. Tom, you're saying beer is better for gout???
  10. Lots of good suggestions regarding jetting and float height, I have not tried the Suzuki needles at this point but may experiment with them. When I first got my 300 I was getting horrible mileage even though the bike was not running bad but I did notice every time I parked it on the kickstand on the trail I would be losing fuel. Long story short; I pulled the carb, re-set the float level a very exact smidgen and jetted according to the Beta chart. Since I live at only 2800 feet I set it for the 2500 to 7500 ft range (clip position is the only difference) and had a dramatic increase in mileage. Bike works good for trail riding and the occasional MX (old guy, you don't see me wringing it out anymore!).
  11. I think you are headed in the right direction as far as taming the hit. My other suggestion is to find a wide open space to practice some of the boring routines like figure 8's, slow practice ie: try to go as slow as you can and still moving forward and others. The other thing is learning to trust the bike, in most cases you do not need a lot of throttle to go over obstacles - I'm still amazed at how tractable this thing is and how easy it is to loft the front wheel.
  12. I hesitate to comment on this as you have most likely made up your mind as I see your bike in the classifieds. You made a mistake when you injured yourself, your fault not the bike although it may have contributed to it. I have ridden for 50 years on two strokes, started when I was 26 and had my share of get offs and some injuries as most who participate in this sport. If you really like the bike there are ways to tame it some until you get more proficient and on top of that there are a number of skill practices to use (best in a nice open space). Just google it and you will find many, or go to YouTube and you will find more than you need. Of course it helps having the mindset that I'm not letting someone or thing get the best of me.
  13. Norm, I haven't experienced this on mine. Don't remember having a problem with the stock tire coming off, but have been running the M59 since replacing it. I do run the Tubliss system and that may have something to do with it. Usually change tires once or twice a season, as mentioned soapy water helps - I mix up a spray bottle of water and Dawn dishwashing soap and force the sidewall down and spray towards the bead, then just work my way around. Hope that is a help.
  14. On my 300 I change on the fly all the time and there is an obvious change, would not make sense otherwise. In fact when I race MX I use the soft map for starts and generally in the top three off the line, then into the hot map before the first corner.
  15. Justin; you indicated you still had the stock forks and triple clamps what triple clamps are you running with the KYB'S ?