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  1. mtdirtbag

    For you VE-33 fans out there

    That is the low pressure side which is also the rim lock.
  2. mtdirtbag

    Radiator pressure

    As posted in one of the other coolant threads - an Aussie dealer noted that most likely the coolant systems are not flushed well at the factory. Flushing and refill with new coolant may solve that problem.
  3. mtdirtbag

    Cheap, but good, radiator. Where- or what to buy?

    If you don't mind the down time; my choice would be Myler's. It's been a long time since I have had to have one repaired, but they are reasonable and HONEST, one of my friends who at that time did not use credit cards so he sent cash for what he was quoted the most it would cost - Mylers repaired the radiator and sent back about half of what was their high end estimate.
  4. mtdirtbag

    Boano H2O pump upgrade

    The only things I see are the description and who makes them, surprisingly the Boano kit is less money??
  5. mtdirtbag

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    Sorry Johnny, I don't understand your post. Of course it it may be my advancing age!!!
  6. mtdirtbag

    Beta vs KTM/Husq

    I think you answered your own question and if you don't want bias it doesn't follow why you would ask in a Beta section. My reasons for choosing Beta: 1. I did not want to follow the crowd. 2. I'm vertically challenged. 3. I kinda like Red. 4. I did not want to follow the crowd! 5. Went the opposite direction from what all my young friends told me to go that ride Orange. 6. I did not want to follow the crowd.
  7. mtdirtbag

    Beta OEM Parts

    Afterhourscycle.com, contact Steve via email or by phone - he'll take care of you. As far as identifying parts and parts numbers you can obtain illustrations and numbers on the support section of betausa.com.
  8. mtdirtbag

    Beta air filter choices

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has them, I purchased two Twin-Air when I purchased my bike in 2014.
  9. My 2014 300RR has Dot 4 right on the master cover for the clutch and the owners manual also specifies Dot 4.
  10. mtdirtbag

    New Beta 200 ride review

  11. mtdirtbag

    Shop told me my forks were crooked

    Sounds like you have had nothing but problems with this shop from the get-go, have you made any reports to Beta USA - it may help other owners out.
  12. mtdirtbag

    Beta Xtrainer - Elevated/Raised footpegs? Questions

    Toolman; I'm 5'6" with a 28" inseam riding a 300 RR, like you I struggle at times to swing my leg over the rear fender and seat. Can't say I can help you with that but I do seem to get along with the stock height, towards the end of the day I hit the rear fender quite a few times. My problem is age (76) and flexibility, I need to do more stretches for my spinal stenosis plus getting in better shape (okay I'll start that NEXT Monday). I find it hard to reconcile having my suspension lowered, I prefer to try and make it easier by changing my physical limitations - you are far ahead of me with your mountain bike background. My 2 cents.
  13. I had ridden with a Rekluse since 2005 in 2 different YZ250's and then when I purchased my Beta I wanted to ride it stock to get acquainted with the bike before putting one on. Well, four years later I finally purchased the Radius CX and I'm very happy with it. The install was simple except for the fact that I did not bench bleed the slave well enough and ended up with air (go thru the bleed procedure at least 8 to 10 times). Not sure if it's my imagination or not, but it seems to hook up more solid than stock.
  14. mtdirtbag

    Rear Spring Sacked Out

    Marty; Beta springs or aftermarket? Interesting about your slave, I'm actually in that position (slave that is!) as when I can convince my spouse of 53 years to help me check sag - not a fun exercise!
  15. mtdirtbag

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    While I do not ride at those elevations most of the time, I can do 70 miles with my 3.2 gallon tank on my 2014 300 RR during a spirited trail ride of 90% or more single track. While not climbing all the time these are rides consisting of numerous elevation changes. You may want to consider a Lectron as wwguy has reported good mileage and he seeks out rough rock crawling trails on an Xtrainer, I don't remember if he has a larger tank or not.