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    What is your local gas price??

    Here in the UK Petrol (gas)is priced in Litres, so we pay 72.9 pence per litre for Petrol (Premium) 74.9 pence per litre for diesel So at approximately 4.5 litres to the Imperial gallon , £3.28 per gallon = 5.25 USD or 9.35 AUD for petrol £3.37 per gallon = 5.40 USD or 9.60 AUD for diesel Based on an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.60 USD = 2.85 AUD :D "you,ve gotta laugh or you,ll cry "
  2. andy_howes

    Praga 610 supermoto

    hi" bully " lets see some pics of the beast and how about some history ? i belive the prague was born out of the old jawa cz factory ? andy
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    try Falicon at www.faliconcranks.com
  4. andy_howes

    WHOOO ! Calling all Brits

    Yate nr Bristol Bricklayer/builder AMCA motor-x some greenlaneing and looking foward to Farliegh Castle twinshock motor-x at the end of june !
  5. andy_howes

    Do you like my phone logo?

    smart !
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    twinshock cr250rz

    sorry im off forum but info on older bikes is hard to find.any body have any information on the oil leval and type for a set of FOX FACTORY FORKS fitted to a 1979 honda cr250rz elsinore ? any help much apreciated andy
  7. andy_howes

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    BRICKLAYER ! explains itself
  8. friend of mine has a chance to buy a new crf450 without vat ( value added tax )any body in the uk able to explain the fors and againsts for doing this.chances of geting stung later on etc. the purchase will be though a dealer he knows reasonably well. the deal will be for cash and he has to provide a copy of his passport.i sure i read in tmx a couple of years ago that customs and excise were checking engine and frame nos at meetings and demanding the tax can anybody confirm this?the same dealer offered me a new wr 400 in 99 which i decided against because of registering it.where i would have had to have shown a vat recipt. The deal my friend has been offered is only £150 cheaper than the cheapest deal ive seen with a vat recipt(£4450)so personly i think if hes going the none vat route the deal should be cheaper!any help or comments apprecated thanks andy
  9. andy_howes

    How do I adjust the Squirt?

    i found the taffy mod very easy and stright foward and 100% adjustable too ! andyhowes
  10. andy_howes

    Sea level jetting for a '99 with YZ timing?

    Taffy jetting works for me! Did the whole hog in one go, yz timing,deoctopussed,etc ,etc(thanks taffy!)third time out came off and broke my collar bone,so you can imagine how much i'm itching to get back on it!
  11. andy_howes

    elsinore gas tank stickers

    try www.red-racer.com/index.html or www.elsinore.au.com/ i think these may have what you are looking for andyhowes
  12. andy_howes

    Any UK riders here??

    Andy Howes Bristol ,Done Farliegh Twinshock for the past 2 years on my honda.Going to try for a few Thumper cross rounds on my WR400 !another customer of elderfields when he used to sell red rocket bits
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    " clone of Taffys" maybe more like it!
  14. andy_howes


    sorry struggling to type with brocken collar bone complete post here somewhere, can someone remove this half of one please
  15. It seemed a good ideal to remove the "e" clip on the brake lever adjuster, to get a bit more adjustment for my large hands!.Brake worked fine so i safty wired the locknut, and went for my first green lane rideout with the TRF !.20 odd miles and acouple of hours later while riding a road section, bike starts slowing then front wheel locks throwing me on to the road. The result ? One brocken collar bone and several weeks off work.The"e" clip has been reinstalled and lever readjusted.I can find no warning or referance to what this "e"clip is for.But NOW realise that its not meant to be removed and adjusted past .I guess the brake fluid got hot,and having no room to expand caused the brake to lock on? hope this saves anybody making the same mistake ! andyhowes