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  1. It says they're Keihin brand and by looking at the pictures they look genuine. You get 4 jets and just tell them what sizes you want. They have a separate eBay ad that allows you to by individual jets, but it's a couple bucks more per jet compared to the 4-pack.
  2. Yep, I just figured a pilot jet swap would be the easiest if they are available and accurate. I ordered a set of 4 pilots (30, 33, 35, 38) that are supposedly genuine Keihin from ebay because I wanted to add some to my collection anyway. It's a U.S. seller, and the price was good...
  3. Sounds good. I'm still waiting on a crank, head and cam from earlier this year.
  4. Yeah, last year was pretty bad from how much work he said he had, along with all of the fires. This year is probably worse. He'll get the work done, but there is unfortunately no timetable, which is why I started collecting spare parts/engines after my first build so there's no downtime. It sucks, but that's often how it goes with a one-man shop. It would help if he had a secretary because he's said that if he took the time to respond to every email, text, etc he'd never get all the work done. Not trying to be a negative-nancy, but that's just how it is in this niche market and I eventually just accepted it because no one else offers all these services/parts currently for our 230F's. Not fun waiting, but better than the blue 230 oops did I just say that out loud... Edit: oops, just realized this was the XR80/200 section. Most still applies though.
  5. No, it was 2nd or 3rd. I wish I would've gone up, but it ran pretty clean with no bogging and I got too lazy to change it again while out in the mountains.
  6. My ST2.0 is .004" both intake and exhaust. I'd guess that Terry's 4 ST cams all require the same clearances, but I've been wrong before.
  7. I used an NEDW in my 08 xcw at 9-13k a couple years ago and it worked well. I'll be bringing it again in a few weeks for a backup bike.
  8. Thank you, I will probably order them today. However, it says "Country/Region of Manufacture: China" in the description. I thought genuine Keihin parts are made in Japan...
  9. Looks like @Baja Rambler has a full inbox because it says he can't receive messages. It also shows he hasn't logged in since February. Maybe tagging him in this post will get his attention... I'll look around for sources.
  10. Do you have a source for the 30 and 32 pilot? My 35 is perfect at lower elevation, but I'll be going up to 10-13k elevation in a few weeks and wouldn't mind having a smaller pilot selection just in case. Maybe even a leaner needle as well...
  11. Just want to bump this because I'm about to shorten mine. Guy, can you confirm that you used an M16x1.5 die to re-cut your new threads? I believe you had said you ordered an M17 die because you thought it was larger. Thanks.
  12. You check it with the carb on the bike. It is a bit sensitive, but you just slightly bend the 'tang' on the float that goes against the needle by hand to adjust the level. It may take a few tries of removing the float bowl, but it is not very difficult once you do it yourself.
  13. I was just referring to the last time that he posted pics of his bike. Ahh, it's funny how similar you two have them set-up...
  14. This your main steed, baja? Looks like a different tank, shrouds, hand guards, and no wrap-around fork guards...
  15. Made an update... Been wanting to do this for a while but the bike was working so well and I just did not have much free time. Big thanks to Rick Ramsey, BTR, and RedMesa for all of the notes and set-up information... Made it virtually headache-free. I'm so thankful for this forum!