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  1. mx4god

    Beta 125 RR-S Vs CRF230

    I'm sorry, I missed that you had already lowered the pegs (thought you had only done the bar risers). That is odd that you have done those mods and she still doesn't quite like it. I would think that it should feel similar to a 230F after those mods, but I've only had the small-wheel version KLX140 before... I guess your best bet would be for her to try and find someone with a 125RR-S that will let her try it and see if she likes it. If she doesn't happen to like it, then you would've been better off going with a 230 than wasting your money on a new Beta. Everyone is different in what they like, how they ride, and what they're comfortable on, so obviously it would be best to test ride all potential options. Just looking at the specs of the 125RR-S, it looks like a good middle-ground trail bike with the 35" seat height and still over 10" of travel. It's just too bad it's not a 200cc+...
  2. mx4god

    Beta 125 RR-S Vs CRF230

    Well if the 140G has enough power for now and ergonomics are the only issue, maybe you should just keep that and see if you can make it more comfortable. A lot of the 230F guys here have the problem of being cramped due to the footpeg-to-handlebar distance being short. Moving the bars forward helped just as much as raising them up. The footpeg relocation bracket was just as important, if not more so. I'm guessing there's no aftermarket option to move the KLX140G footpegs back/down, but it might be worth looking into doing if you know someone that has access to some simple machine shop equipment...
  3. mx4god

    Beta 125 RR-S Vs CRF230

    Good to know about the 140G, thanks. If she already likes the size of the 230 and you think she has room for improvement, I would probably lean towards the 230. I think I've see the Beta 125 in person and it looks like a good entry level adult bike, but like Steve said, a 125 is still just a 125 and will be lacking power eventually if she gets enough experience. The only time the 230 feels heavy to me is when I have to pick it up, and even then it isn't too bad (even though I'm a guy, I'm not a whole lot bigger than your wife). Plus, as you may have been paying attention already, the CRF230F has almost anything available for aftermarket if you want to mod it as time goes on...
  4. mx4god

    Beta 125 RR-S Vs CRF230

    The KLX140G is too small? I thought it was supposed to be about the same as the 230 with the full size wheels but less weight.
  5. mx4god

    Videos from Theilman/Zumbro River Bottoms trail ride?

    I didn't make it this last weekend, but I have some footage from last Fall (2017) if you're just wanting to re-watch some riding footage there. I posted it in 2 parts on youtube. Not sure where Paddy's Trail is, but I think we went down Ant Hill that time...
  6. My CR80 forks are very plush after BTR's valving mods. Actually, maybe a little too plush when I pick up the pace in 3rd gear and up. Haven't tried the XR400 forks though, so no comparison.
  7. mx4god

    Missing a great opportunity 😕

    https://memphis.craigslist.org/mcy/d/05-honda-crf150f/6691063181.html Looks like the newer style '06 with e-start... 225 big bore, cam, porting, carb, 21/18 wheel swap with cr80 front-end and a shock swap and that would be a fun bike in the tight woods.
  8. yes, please send me your info..

    carb spec's, t-cable, adaptor dims, etc....any thing that you feel you can share.

    And Thank You

  9. mx4god

    Terry Miller ?

    I should have all the info for doing the PWK swap. I think I have the dimensions for both adapters written somewhere, so PM if you are interested. I bought my PWK new and pre-jetted from Sudco. That and a new throttle assembly/cable/plastic insert cost me around 280 I believe. The XL250/Chinese pumper carb would definitely be cheaper if you don't mind spending a little more time getting it set-up and tuned properly. I don't have experience with it, but I do know that my genuine Keihin PWK carb was a missing piece to my mild build. Bottom-end torque was about the same after Wiseco piston, 2.0 cam, and exhaust (mid-top was much better than stock). The PWK gave it the off-idle torque and snap that I was hoping for (still very smooth and predictable; stock was just really lazy), as well as increasing mid-top slightly. Jetting changes are super easy and every little change responds as it should (I've ridden from 800ft. to about 13k above sea level with it). For just under 300 (since I made my own adapters), it was worth it to me. Only thing I don't like is that it doesn't look stock now....
  10. mx4god

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    I go strictly for the single track. If racing was on Saturday's then I'd be able to make a lot more of them. Oh well, dirt bike racing isn't everything in my life.
  11. mx4god

    Modified Crf230f Jetting help

    My setup is very similar, but I have a genuine PWK that I ordered from Sudco. Jetting on a knockoff can and probably will be different. With that said, at 1k elevation in 80F temperature I have 35 pilot, 2.0 slide, JLL needle top clip (need to source a leaner needle for when I ride higher elevation), 130 main, air screw out about 1.5 turns.
  12. I'd like to know what the xr400 forks/clamps weigh in comparison as well.
  13. mx4god

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Physically, I'd say yes because you get breaks. Might help if they advertise more.
  14. mx4god

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    I was out of town for Mora and got back Friday with a broken bike and didn't have time/energy to fix it and head down south for gnarly hills. Might make it this weekend, but still haven't had a chance to fix the bike, and it also depends on how worn out I will be from a softball tournament this Saturday. I asked someone that posts his hare scramble videos on YouTube why he doesn't race enduros and he said that his family goes with and it would be boring for them since they won't see any riders going by throughout the race. I'd also guess that some racere prefer the simplicity of HS races because there's no time keeping, even though current enduro formats are rather easy once you've done one...
  15. My weights of the forks were with the triple clamps. Stock was 27lbs, CR80 were 23lbs. Additional info: I just used a bathroom scale for the forks since my smaller scale doesn't go very high, and it was just over 4lbs difference between the two fork assemblies. I did not have the plastic fork guards on the CR80 forks, otherwise they were complete with the triple tree right before I bolted them on the bike, and the 230 forks were weighed immediately after removing, complete with the triple tree as well. Axles were not included, so that is probably a couple ounces different as well.