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  1. mx4god

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Considering this is the almighty, girly 230F population, you should probably realize that we aren't in that 99%, lol...
  2. mx4god

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    Y'all must really be abusing the clutch. My 223cc build is still going strong after a couple seasons with a few off-road races earlier this year. Still on the original clutch (2005) with no mods as far as I know and haven't felt any slipping. I always have a finger on the lever and use it often in the woods to lug in a higher gear, but I'm not spooling up like I'm riding a 125 2-smoker.
  3. mx4god

    facts on the new CRF250f

    I'd be fine with the EFI, especially if it works well and they come out with an easy to use fuel controller for it that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. More weight definitely sucks, 2" longer wheelbase is less preferable in the woods, the smaller gas tank is dumb for an off-road bike, going to an over-square bore will probably kill some of the off-idle torque that we love about the 230, but having the 5-speed, like y'all have been saying, is just...... Why? I see no point in taking 1 gear away unless the engineers couldn't figure out how to efficiently have 6 in this newer engine platform. I know it can't be to save weight.....
  4. mx4god

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    How much does your son weigh (if you don't mind me asking), and what are 'usual suspension mods'?
  5. mx4god

    I have to modify my bike

    Haha, are you from the 'Pro Racing' sub-forum? Sounds like you are bored and made a new account. On a side note, the stock suspension on a 230F is a lot more dangerous than your XR250 suspension if you are at all aggressive.
  6. mx4god

    Think I am screwed!

    I sent a 230 head, crank, and cam, as well as 400 back in March to get things going because I had gotten work done from him the previous year... Good thing it was a spare engine. Haven't heard from him since May 1st this year. If he's actually out doing natural disaster work, then he probably won't be at his shop...
  7. mx4god

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    I think you might be surprised how many would buy a better 230F from Honda if they did it right. With that said, I would probably agree with you that it's probably not enough to make it worthwhile for Honda if we're strictly talking profit. As far as modding these little girly bikes, I think I have around 3300 into mine (including the bike), and a little over 1k was just in suspension mods to get a different shock and forks that are set-up properly for me. I'm far from a pro rider, but I am much more confident and able to ride tougher terrain faster/longer on this bike than any other trail/race bike I've owned or ridden. I'm not trying to make you change your mind. That's just how I feel about it.
  8. mx4god

    Athena MONSTER Big Bore Kit 14.75:1

    I believe @chadzu is running 91 premium with this kit and a stock cam... Maybe he can confirm that or not.
  9. mx4god

    Good Mod PWK carb

    Looks right. I sent you a PM. Will send info when I get time.
  10. mx4god

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    It's not for top speed, it's being able to have a low first gear for technical trails, and then having a relatively low RPM while cruising in 6th gear for those of us that have to ride some longer miles on the highway/fire-roads to connect trails or get back to camp. I don't want to be buzzing at 9k RPM going 55mph, nor do I want to be cruising at 30-40mph for miles at a time.
  11. mx4god

    Good Mod PWK carb

    I've been looking for a better way to adjust mine because I've had to do it several times this year (I'm rather picky, and it makes a big difference with starting and throttle response off idle depending on how much weather/elevation change you have)...
  12. mx4god

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    5-speed gearbox for greater engine elasticity...
  13. mx4god

    Engine sream past half throttle

    Under what conditions does this happen? Revving in neutral? In gear under load?
  14. mx4god

    Engine sream past half throttle

    Plug the stock CDI back in if you have it to rule that out. Otherwise check for air leaks. Make sure the carb and intake boot and manifold are seated properly with no cracks.
  15. mx4god

    CRF230F Build

    We had white stuff falling here this morning...