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  1. ohioktm250

    do we really need hand guards?

    I just got my Tusk barkbusters in from RMATV. Pretty solid. Only cost like $30. Went riding on Sunday without any guards and it seemed like I was bouncing off of every tree out there. I still can't feel my pinkie. Definitely get the wrap around style if you are doing any woods riding.
  2. ohioktm250

    Looking for a stock fuel tank - 07 250 XC-W

    Dont know if the 300 parts or 250 parts were interchangeable. Probably. I will research it a little more. I have a 250. Appreciate it, thanks Edit: Same Part #
  3. Anyone have a spare or take off laying around. I have an oversize IMS tank, but don't really like it. No areas around where I ride that call for such an Exxon Valdez sized petroleum containment vessel. Makes the bike too fat IMO, plus its a bit*h to use the choke.
  4. KTM 300 XC-W KTM 500 EXC Trials Bike - probably GasGas or Beta
  5. ohioktm250

    First harescramble vids...

    Beautiful trails. Great dirt. Way better than the clay covered limestone outcroppings they call trails around my neck of the woods. Looked like a blast.
  6. ohioktm250

    Returning from Broken Scaphoid-15 weeks

    My doc is writing me a script for the Allsport OH2 brace. Check it out. Same one Barcia and Bobbit use. They also make off the shelf braces. Im still in the cast. Going on week 9 here. Probably will end up taping my wrists like I did back in the football days. Played for 12 years and never broke a wrist. Quite a few other bones though.
  7. ohioktm250

    Broken scaphoid (bone in the hand by the wrist)

    Good to know. Mine was snapped all the way in half through the fat part. Pretty painful like you said. Didnt get union till about the 6th week in. Healed back together now. How long till you could ride again?
  8. ohioktm250

    Broken scaphoid (bone in the hand by the wrist)

    Kg, were you casted? I've been in a cast for 8 weeks now for my scaphoid. It's healed, but the doc wants another 3 weeks to make sure its stabilized. On the plus side he will write me a script for a nice moto wrist brace (Allsport OH2).
  9. ohioktm250

    All sport OH2 wrist braces.

    Thanks! I will probably end up getting one. The lacer did sound like it was a better option.
  10. ohioktm250

    All sport OH2 wrist braces.

    Been looking into getting one of these, and was wondering if anyone has used one. Quality, protection, etc? Broke my scaphoid on June 16th. Possibly out of the cast on August 17th. I hope my doctor can write a script for one, that would be great! Another option would be the CTI OTS wrist brace. Anyone with experience with this would be great.
  11. ohioktm250

    Bike wont idle

    WFO everywhere!
  12. ohioktm250

    I've never crashed! How did you first crash?

    How long has the bike been broken? This was posted June 23 of this year. Been doing much 5th gear cruising?
  13. Barrels will rust and get very weak. There is a huge difference in construction between a culvert and a 55 gal drum. Culverts are designed to bear a load. 55 gal drums are designed to contain a liquid. This jump WILL fail at some point. Do you want to be on it when it does?
  14. ohioktm250

    I've never crashed! How did you first crash?

    I do have a 250 smoker. If you get a 250, get the purple powerband. Awesome top end for 6th gear singletrack.
  15. ohioktm250

    I've never crashed! How did you first crash?

    Wow......just wow. But I can do singletrack in 6th. The metallic purple powerband helps me reach inhuman speeds. Trees literally explode when I go past them. Helps keep the track clear.