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  1. woodly1069

    WR250X (R)


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    Nice bike with way too many options to list. 13,500 miles and counting, runs great, no issues at all. Street and dirt wheels with tires. Oh yeah, it is an 08 model with fuel pump and stator already upgraded. Any other questions please feel free to ask!


    Louisville, Kentucky - US

  2. I am looking to head for Colorado late June after the passes open up. I want to pick up the TAT where I left off some time back. I am headed west for a few weeks and we will just see how far we can get. I will try to camp as much as possible and I will be riding my WR250. Should be a spectacular Let me know via email...woodly1069@gmail.com Thanks! Tim
  3. woodly1069

    DRZ just drops dead

    Hey guys I had a problem this weekend while heading out for a ride with some friends. My bike is a 2002 E model that I have outfitted for the street as well. The bike has always performed flawlessly and she only does minimal street duty. I think it only shows 10K miles on the clock. Anyway, I got her fired up and rode a back road about 4 miles from the house when all the sudden, nothing. I have to think this is related to ignition because when I run out of gas or need to switch over to reserve the bike will cough and buck reminding me that I'm a dumbass and need to feed her fuel...you know the drill. Anyway this time just boom and nothing. No strange noises or anything it's like I just hit the kill switch but did not. Any thoughts here? The bike was up to operating temperature and all was well, the temperature outside was maybe 55 degrees so nice and cool morning for riding. I did manage to get it going after some cranking it just fired right up and no problems...this leaves me worried about taking it any distance from the house. I have ridden it since and it seems fine. The only thing I have noticed is this, a buddy asked me if the tank was venting well and since I didn't know, I checked the vent tube. I had a check in the tube where you could blow air into the tank but not from the tank out. I guess this is to keep fuel from flowing out on the ground if you fall over. Anyway I removed this after finding out that after running the bike some I could park it and even hours later pull the vent from between the tank and check and get the tank to breathe. Basically you hear a big sigh and the tank sucks in some air. This leads me to believe the thing may have been "vapor locking"??? and causing the bike to stall. If this is in fact what was happening why would I get no symptoms like I was running out of fuel? Any thoughts on the subject would be welcome and helpful. I am still not ruling out an electrical issue.
  4. woodly1069

    TAT anyone?

    Hey Rick, I assume it's Rick right? I am pretty sure that may work out. Let's talk off line if you want to try and make a few tentative plans. Contact me @woodly1069@gmail if you would like. This would be really cool and if anyone else is thinking about it that would be fine with me!
  5. woodly1069

    TAT anyone?

    What are you riding? I may be down for joining you for a week or so! I rode the Tennessee portion this summer and it was great. Can't wait to at least get out to Colorado!
  6. woodly1069

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    You will still love the bike after this! I replaced the assembly after mine was giving me fits and it's perfect again! I just LOVE this old bike! I ride it everywhere!
  7. woodly1069

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    Well guys got the thing running a few weeks back but the repair didn't fix my bike, I had to order parts. The new ceramic seal for the water pump impeller has now been "rubberized" on the back. Now I wonder if I mount it to the impeller dry or try to use RTV to seal it. Any thoughts? Also. the spring assembly has a new metal jacket that the old one doesn't have, how come? Thanks for any input, I wanna get her going again before any snow comes along!
  8. woodly1069

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    You guys are awesome! I just ordered the wrong part; DUH! I just did not know that the ceramic part was a part of the mechanical seal assembly! I ordered part number "4" instead of "3". Hopefully I will get the right part after I reorder! Just so everyone knows...the exploded view drawings are not very good. Thanks a bunch guys! Do I really need to reorder the whole part? Is the inside diameter supposed to be large enough that it doesn't touch the impeller shaft?
  9. woodly1069

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the impeller shaft looks OK, showing some use but can't feel any grooves, I assume that's OK...
  10. woodly1069

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    How about this mess? Problem is that mine looked like the inner diameter was WAY too big. Almost like the seal was missing so when I ordered a new clutch cover gasket I ordered what I thought was the ceramic disk as well; it's evidently not. Wondering where the heck this thing goes and why the microfische doesn't reference the ceramic part. Any thoughts? I'll include some photos... Thanks guys for any input!
  11. It's time to spend some money on a new chain and sprockets. I have a 2002 "E" model and I have it licensed for the street as well. As I recall the chain is a 520 but I don't remember the sprocket sizes. Actually, what are the factory specs. for the "S" model and the "E", and are they different? What should I look for when shopping? Very rarely do I use the bike above 55MPH but I do regularly tour on it back roads only. Don't want the thing to scream out on the road but still would like it to do good on the single track. Should I be looking for a kit as opposed to buying things a la carte? Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. woodly1069

    Cleaning this mess up

    Tried to post a few photos but for some reason ThumperTalk doesn't like my pics located at Shutterfly??? Oh well, I was talking about the oil separator and all the stupid vent lines. Just thought there may be a way to eliminate some of the "venting". Thanks guys!
  13. woodly1069

    Cleaning this mess up

    Wondering if anyone other than myself has cussed this disaster behind the engine too many times in the past. I LOVE the dang carb. cause it makes the bike really move but all the hoses hooked to it really make for a mess. Also, the breather assembly is kinda in the way. All I really wanted to do this evening was to change a main jet and I have to go thru all this mess! Any thoughts about removing some tubing and the black plastic "can" that the things breaths through...any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  14. woodly1069

    Best seat DRZ400

    I use my "E" machine for EVERYTHING! Love the bike but the seat leaves something to be desired after about 100 miles. Any thoughts?
  15. woodly1069

    Anybody run Rotella T 15w40?

    ALWAYS! And NEVER any issues!