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  1. qwert321

    new Yz 125 2015 owner questions PREMIX

    I’m pretty sure motul 800 has too high of a flash point for trail riding spooge city
  2. qwert321

    Rmz250 dyno

    Just check your profile and realized you are from motolab. I contacted your shop last winter to have a ecu remapped but you were no longer doing without the bike. There are a lot of good reviews of your work.
  3. qwert321

    Rmz250 dyno

    I’ve got a Bazzaz box on my rmz with a fmf system and felt an increase in top end always wonder if more can be had with some tweaking on the ignition map.
  4. qwert321

    Rmz250 dyno

    Air fuel ratio before and after? did you use better fuel?
  5. qwert321

    Rmz250 dyno

    Nice gain on top fuel mapping ? or fuel and ignition mapping?
  6. qwert321

    Tusk Clutch kits?

    Competition kit is armid( Kevlar) fiber and I believe made ebc I have used both kits in a YZ125 the regular ones I could not get a couple laps in before it fade real bad. tried the completion a couple years later and they out last oem for me. I’m real hard on clutches and get between 6-10hrs on a set of oem plates. I would guess I’m getting 15-20 now but then it’s time for plates, inner hub and pressure plate.
  7. qwert321

    2016 Thoughts

    I heard that pod cast also. i was not sure what year he was talking about( not sure if he mentioned) but he did praise the rmz. I think the rmz not being as high strung as the lasted bikes from the other manufacturers helps it reliability also.
  8. qwert321

    2016 Thoughts

    Checking valves can be tricky to get feeler gauge in but not impossible. the compactness is needed they could make easier to check but then bike would have to be wider between the frame spars which makes the bike wider ...
  9. qwert321

    New rmz big bore 270 or 290?

    https://www.google.ca/amp/s/lifehacker.com/5909055/how-to-productively-call-people-out-on-their-bs-without-being-an-&%$#@!/amp I did not read it though!
  10. qwert321

    2005 YZ125 Suspension Advice

    yes I ride with stock springs but I hardly ever over jump or under jump anything Forks Rebound- 14 out Compression- 12 out Shock Rebound- 12 out Low Speed Comp- 13 out Hi Speed Comp- 1 2/3 out
  11. qwert321

    2005 YZ125 Suspension Advice

    I have two clean 2005 YZ125 in my garage and have owned 2006,2008,2010 I like the suspension on them, the 2006 up SSS forks are nice but I would not spend a dime on my 2005 to up grade them to SSS as the 2005 YZ125 is still awesome. I would suggest you crank the compression on the forks in to 8 clicks and run everything else front and back stock. I am a 190-200lb Vet rider expert level (probably in real world a fast junior) I need to run shock at 105mm to get static sag numbers close but does not seem to hurt cornering a bit. Then decide if you need better I never feel like I need anything more.
  12. qwert321

    2013 RM-Z250 crankcase breather smoke

    Why the oil pump and why the cylinder is it due to crank pin or just wear you found ?
  13. qwert321

    yz125 silencer

    When your riding you may find that you think it’s louder with the stock silencer but that’s only because it is sticking out past the number plate. it will be quieter to everyone around you.
  14. qwert321

    2017 YZ125 port and polish question

    You could just get a GoPro and play it at double or triple speed just like the video you posted.
  15. qwert321

    08... third set of fork seals in 6 months. Thoughts?

    New bushings?