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  1. juliend

    Too powerful?

    Hey, at least he's not on there talking smack about users on other forums. J.
  2. Not a difficult to find part. http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/products/433367-kawasaki-92081-122-hard-parts-spring-ratchet Less than $7.
  3. juliend

    Soda Blasting

    I found an old hand-held handi-blaster sand blaster thing in our shed. Filled it up with soda and it works AWESOME. Looks like a miracle grow sprayer or something. Has a jug on the bottom with a sprayer that looks like a garden hose sprayer. I went nuts cleaning things with it, lol. *edit Looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Gilmour-70HDG-Handi-Sand-Blaster/dp/B0006U66CA/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t
  4. juliend

    Help CaveMike id kdx year

    93/94 are exactly the same. No need to worry about the vin. Great bikes. The forks are very soft, but actually do pretty well if you spring them for the correct weight. The shock will be fine for most riders as is. KIPS valves can be problematic on those bikes, so keep an eye on them. The 89-94 kdx200 engine arguably has the best power delivery of all the KDX models.
  5. juliend

    2001 KX 250 SHORTY Silencer

    Horrible idea. You're welcome.
  6. juliend

    Help CaveMike id kdx year

    USD forks were standard only on the 93 and 94 KDX200, and all the watercooled KDX250's (91 - 94). Those 250's all looked pretty much the same. Perimeter frame and all that....
  7. juliend

    KX250 Steel Frame!?

    The primary reason for the japs moving to alluminum frames was a shortage of steel, not any real performance benefit. They sure did put a nice marketing spin on it though! I would take the steel framed Kawi over an aluminum framed CR any day. That's of course just my personal preference.
  8. No, there is a clearance spec. Hopefully you have a service manual, the specifications are listed therein. Some movement of the piston will be evident because of the necessary clearance.
  9. juliend

    kdx tail pipe info

    Yes, no problem at all.
  10. juliend

    1994 kdx 200 fork options

    Well, i got mine for free. That was a very good price! depending on whether the forks need new seals and/or bushings, the price could very. If you can't get the whole front end for about $150 or so I'd just wait for something else to come along. If it's all there with a good tire and such, maybe 200? I just used a piece of sheet metal bent so that it slid between the upper triple and the stem. Thinking back on it, I think the shop that pressed the KDX stem into the yz lower triple may have had to turn the hole in the YZ lower triple out a few thousandths.
  11. juliend

    'nother smoker

    Hey, does that carb bowl have an externally accessible main jet? If so, there's an o-ring where the jet needle seats. If that o-ring is gone, it will flood every time.
  12. juliend

    1994 kdx 200 fork options

    That's the setup I have on my KDX. Well, close. 93 yz250 forks and 95 yz250 upper triple. The kdx stem pressed right into the lower, and the 95 upper triple just needed a thin shim to mate up with the KDX stem. It was an easy conversion, and I have found the 43mm KYB's to be very versatile.
  13. juliend

    1994 kdx 200 fork options

    A fork swap is a very viable option and very common on the KDX, but as noted, you can replace springs and re-valve more cheaply in most cases. A front end swap is one of those things you should do when you find a really good deal on a nice set of 43mm or larger mx forks. That said, you will never get externally adjustable rebound on the stock KDX forks without doing a swap, and they will always have a considerable amount of flex. If you go the route of working on your stockers, the first step would be getting correct springs. At 270, you are going to need springs front and rear. As mentioned above, you won't quite get to what you really need on those forks, but you can make a vast improvement.
  14. juliend

    white 1990 kdx

    I believe the E series in white was only available in limited numbers in 90 and 91. Or was it 91 and 92? One or the other. I had a ragged out white 91. Traded it off about a year ago, and sure wish I hadn't!
  15. juliend

    Stator Diagnosis

    Did you check the voltage regulator? Perhaps the problem is not with the stator at all.
  16. juliend

    how to remove cylinder head studs!?!?!?!?

    You use 2 nuts. The non-threaded part at the bottom is not involved. You thread the first nut on just far enough to get the second on top of it. Tighten the two together, and then loosen the stud using the bottom of the two nuts.
  17. juliend

    Help please kdx200

  18. juliend

    Do not buy from torc1 racing.

    Now my head hurts...
  19. juliend


    FYI, I have seen a case get cracked from pushing on the kickstart without the clutch cover installed. Just something to be very careful about. You can see where the ratchet gear is hitting the case when you move the lever without the outside of the shaft being supported. That section of the case gets broken out, and you have a bigger problem to deal with. Also, it does not look like your ratchet gear is aligned corrctly with the shaft, as I and someone else have mentioned before. Notice how there is no pre-load on the spring? Won't work like that. align the hole in the shaft with the arm on the ratchet. Then you should have to put tension on the spring in order to seat the other end in the hole in the case. If you do not have a service manual, get one! It covers all this in detail.
  20. juliend


    If there's no tension on it at all, then something is not assembled correctly. Without looking at it, it's going to be very difficult to tell you what exactly is wrong. I would take it all apart, assemble as per that parts fiche above, and then put it back in. The very last thing you will do before putting the cover back on, is secure the spring into the hole in the case. You should have to wind the spring clockwise a bit to get it to reach the hole. If not, something isn't in the correct place and you'll have to start over again. The punch marks on the ratchet gear and the shaft DO need to line up. This should help get you the correct initial tension.
  21. juliend


    That's not quite correct. The spring goes into the hole in the shaft. The whole thing is assembled and slides into place as one piece, and THEN you wind the spring and secure it into the the hole in the case. Clear as mud? If you're putting the spring in first, and then trying to slide all the bits in, you are not going to have correct tension on the entire assembly.
  22. juliend

    Dirt bike shoe

    My neighbor has a trailer with 3 of those on it. Makes loading and unloading a breeze. We still tie down the back of the bikes. I don't see how this can be any worse on the bearings than riding?!
  23. juliend

    Flywheel weight on KX250

    A flywheel weight does not take away any power. It makes the bike harder to stall, easier to maintain speed through the corners, and helps put the power you use down to the ground. It has nothing to do with wanting to turn your 2 stroke into a 4. If you've never tried one, your uneducated opinion is irrelevant. You can read all kinds of nonsense on the interwebs from millions of other people who "read this" or "heard that".
  24. juliend

    2001 kdx 220

  25. juliend

    Clutch problem? Please help

    This is a non-issue. Wet clutches do not work without the clutch spinning. There is no force to spin the oil from between the plates and "un-stick" them. As long as it works properly with the bike running, you have nothing to worry about.