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  1. The 250f is up for sale now. I bought an Alta Redshift MX a few weeks ago, phenomenal bike, it's actually a much easier bike to deal with for a short guy, the seat is little lower and narrower. The lack of engine maintenance won me over. I was at the local track Saturday before last and got 2 hours of ride time out of a charge with probably 15% left. By the time the battery was getting low, I was pretty worn out anyways.
  2. I just now got the sag adjusted, helped only a little bit. It may drop a little more once I start really riding it and it loosens up. This weekend I’ll take it out on the field paths I used to ride on to get used to the power. I don’t even have enough room on my .8 acre yard to really crack it open lol. I do live 5 miles from a good moto track/proving grounds. Morgan’s Corner proving grounds in NE NC.
  3. I’ll probably just have the suspension revalved for a little bit lighter weight rider from where I’m at currently 160lbs and planning to lose weight this year. I haven’t touch any of the rebound or preload settings yet. Will shave a little off the seat too.
  4. New helmet and boots are on order, I’m a short 5’4” dude so the dealers around me didn’t have anything I liked in the right size. The bike is bigger taller, but lighter weight compared to what I used to ride (had a ttr225 last bike a decade ago). Hell I gotta almost scoot half my butt over the side of the seat to stand the bike up but once I’m rolling, all is good. Just putting around the yard, it feels great and not too crazy powerful.
  5. Yeah I kinda feel like I have to learn how to ride again.
  6. Till yesterday, since I have the money, treated myself to a brand new '17 kx250f as a 31st Bday present to myself. Past bikes I've had in high school and barely out were boring (but still had fun riding) 200cc-225cc trail bikes. Finally got the sweet mc bike I've always wanted Anyways I kept looking around in recent weeks for a good used bike in the under 4g range, always told myself for the longest time "I will never buy brand new, I WILL NEVER BUY A DIRT BIKE BRAND NEW!!" The depreciation these machines take once off the showroom floor is huge, always has been, always will be. I think I was still a fool to do it but 2k off the retail price, I just couldn't pass.
  7. It's like the horsepower wars of the muscle cars are back as of lately, only it's in just about every class of car and truck.
  8. Their are several video's on youtube of the ecoboost v6 being just as fast as even the 5.0 v8, heck I just looked at one doing 0-60 while pulling 3 tons of boat and trailer weight almost like it's nothing. See for yourself... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TstxIWiqjs0
  9. v6's these days are getting pretty powerful, most are now just over 300hp within the last couple years. Saw an acceleration video of an '11 F150 with the 302hp 3.7 v6, I can honestly say it was a quite a bit faster than my Dakota with the 4.7 v8 which BTW is much smaller and lighter being that it's a midsize truck.
  10. Sometimes you'll have to use a screw driver to pry the caliper off the rotor cause the brake pads will catch onto the unworn edge of the rotor, it won't take much prying though. Also if the rotor won't come off (a lot of times they'll get stuck on after many many miles) hit the inside of the rotor disk with a rubber hammer till it's loose, there's nothing else that holds them in except a little rust build up. Just throwing that out their for the small stuff you may get hung up on.
  11. A truck that big, go v8, or go home. Unless it has an ecoboost v6 (the new F150's)
  12. Man don't listen to these douche bags talking about how bad the Dodge trannies are. The newer ones from about the last decade are very reliable. My Dakota's 5 speed auto, the same one that the previous generation hemi powered Rams used, is at 116,000 miles (bought it when it had 45k on the clock) and runs just fine, same deal for the 4.7 as the motor has been rock solid reliable. Someone earlier said that the 4.7 has sludge problems... I pulled a cylinder head cover off last fall and it is CAALEEAAN! I use Amsoil 100% synthetic oil every 6 or 7k miles. The trannies in the older Dodges and Chryslers from the 80's and 90's were real junk, the 88 Grand Caravan my parents used to have went through three of them.
  13. Have you looked at the Dakotas? They're a little bigger than the Tacoma's, but the new ones are ugly as hell. I have an 04 and I think it's the best looking Dakota out their.
  14. CRFboy

    Flowmaster 40

    That's the exhaust drone you hear, my Dakota's 4.7 with a magnaflow does the same thing but right between 1500 and 2000rpm.
  15. I had a set of Silverstar Ultras on my Dakota. But ever since I hit a deer 8 months ago, I'm running one bulb that's the SSU I bought and another in a new headlight housing the body shop installed. I don't even know what it is, but it's a little dimmer and yellow'r. When I first replaced the originals with the SSU, they were a good improvement. The one I have left is still going after a year and a half of use, and I drive a lot at night. I can't complain, when I had my 94 Camaro I would have gone through 3 new headlights by now