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  1. Dave_Carl

    pumper carb or jet kit.

    The throttle response on a pumper is much quicker than a CV carb. More like instant lift rather than twist and wait for something to happen. I have a TM 33-8012 that was bored to 35mm and it seems to work very well. On my son's old bike, I put a TM 33-8012 without boring it, and the primary difference is that the bored carb has more mid range power, but the stock pumper has better low end power. If I recall the one Bill Blue modifies is 34mm which may be the best of both worlds. Just make sure that if you do buy a used carb that the slide is not wore out...
  2. Dave_Carl

    klx 300 bars

    I'm running tall bars with the 1" spacer and never had a problem. I'm only 5'10" but have a long torso, so it always felt like I was leaning too far forward. These are a lot more comfortable.
  3. Dave_Carl

    09 Monster KLX140 help Please

    I'm afraid your going to have to remove the carb, disassemble and clean it. Carb cleaner and compressed air work the best. There's not much to these carbs so you shouldn't have any problem with the removal and reinstallation. I always turn the petcock off and run the bike until dies to make sure the carb doesn't get gummed up. Old gas turns into a gel like substance and what I've heard about the 10% Ethanol blends is that they will eat up seals and gaskets if there is no fuel stabilizer added. Good luck!
  4. Dave_Carl

    motorcycle jack or stand?

    I have one of these http://www.rhinostand.com/ and think it's worth every penny. It's amazing how easy it is to lift the bike up.
  5. Dave_Carl

    KLX300 Mikuni Pumper and Pipe Review

    A TM33 bored to 35mm works well too! I've that with a complete Big Gun EVO-X exhaust system and the bike pulls hard everywhere I need it (Bottom - Mid Range) for East Coast riding.
  6. Dave_Carl

    klx300 tm33-8012 carb install

    I ordered this from Bike Bandit: http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/ 555408 DUCT,AIR FILTER 1996 Kawasaki KLX250R(KLX250D4)US AIR CLEANER $19.77. Works pretty good.
  7. Joe, you can also have a custom cable made by Motion Pro as well. I typically like to buy as many things from one source as possible to cut down on the shipping costs. Do a search on this forum for cable part numbers. I believe there is a Motion Pro part number that you can request, and at the time of the order, tell them to add 2 inches to the length.
  8. I went with Terry Cable to order a custom cable and the Magura 314 throttle. Just make sure you specify the complete model number of the carb (TM33-8012) if you go with them. Also, specify what bars you're using and if you are using bar risers. I've got this set up on both, mine and my son's klx's.
  9. Dave_Carl

    Radiator scoops on a KLX300R

    Check ebay too. I bought an extra set there, and see them listed from time to time.
  10. Dave_Carl

    Starting a HOT KLX (during a race)

    Well the alternative is keep the bike running by not stalling or crashing:prof: Good luck with your race:ride: As mentioned earlier, the Hot Start is money very well spent. In the meantime, try turning the idle up a few hundred RPM. That seemed to help on my son's KLX before I installed the Hot Start on his bike.
  11. Dave_Carl

    Starting a HOT KLX (during a race)

    Do a search on this forum for "Hot Start" and look for posts from Bill_P, myself, or Brewster. There is no substitute for the Terry Cable or Zip Ty Racing Hot Start system (They're one in the same), but you can try to turn your idle up, lean the bike over, etc... for the time being until you get your Hot Start installed. It's worth the money, trust me on that one:prof:
  12. Dave_Carl

    Premium or normal gas?

    I think one thing people need to keep in mind about octane ratings is that fuels are blended differently across the country for climate conditions and what works in one area may not work in another. I've always used the general rule of thumb that it's cheaper in the long run to pay a little more at the pump each time than to pay a lot latter for costly repairs. We have two KLX's and a TTR125L, and run premium in all of them. It's easier to fill two gas cans with the same type of gas and not have to worry about which one goes in what bike. I cringe every time I fill up the truck and gas cans for an outing, but that's life as we know it now.
  13. Dave_Carl

    KLX300 / Mikuni TM33 Question

    Baseline jetting for a TM33-8012 on a stock KLX300 with an aftermarket exhaust system is: Main jet - 142.5 Pilot jet - 45 Needle - 3rd clip Fuel screw - 1 turn out From: http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mcbeware/klx-mods.html These settings work pretty good. I have this set up on my son's KLX and on mine with TM33 that's been bored to 35mm. I'm going to go up a size on the jets to see how it does. Good luck!
  14. Dave_Carl

    which air filter to use

    I second the Uni. Mine has held up well to several cleaning and relube intervals.
  15. Dave_Carl

    newbie/ klx300

    If you're just going to putt around a MX track, you'll be ok on the KLX. It is not built for big jumps (suspension or frame). It's a great trail bike and very user friendly for beginners or recreational riders. It will chug at very low speed on trails easily (like a mountain goat) where as many other 250cc trail bikes like to be run at a higher RPM. There's a bunch of free mods that can be done to improve the performance and others that cost a little, but you'd spend the same money on another machine. I dream from time to time about getting a new 450x model, but when I get out to ride my KLX, I come to realize I don't need any more power than what it has for tight eastern trails. It's a great bike for the money. Put a little money into it (pumper carb, exhaust system, & suspension) and it's an even better bike for the money.