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  1. jjast

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Over the years I've learned that it is usually the Pulse generator that dies out when it gets hot, it will ohm out fine cold but read bad when hot, people have successfully tested them by heating them up and re-testing to find they are bad, other things to check when hot issue is valve clearance, intermittent spark issue have also lead to run/stop switch bad connection, the XR650L ignition system is designed to go though the run/stop switch when running.
  2. My bike did the same thing when I was a bit lean on the idle circuit.
  3. jjast

    Dirt Bike Mag test... XR650L

    Now days all US XR650L have CA smog stuff on them last I read making locking gas caps more valuable...
  4. Is that a 320mm front rotor? I guess the smaller rim just makes it look huge,
  5. jjast

    650L eating oil

    That many miles without adding any oil would about put my oil level at pretty low if not out...I average 90 mile rides every time I go out, it drops about 3.5 diamonds on the dipstick per ride.IIRC. the general consensus is that these bikes use oil and should be checked and oil added at the end of every ride.
  6. jjast

    Make my 650l Rev better

    you could also try removing weight from the flywheel/starter gear, isn't that good for 3 to 5 pounds rotating mass removal?and removes that much weight from the bike itself but keep in mind there is a trade off.
  7. jjast

    XR650L: Shorai Battery Relocation

    I came across this a while ago. "I believe the following fuse box covers will fit the Honda, XR650L fuse box. Part #38210-KR0-005 Fits Motorcycles: Honda CB-1 (CB400F) 1990 Honda CB-1 (CB400F) 1989 Honda NX650 1989 Honda NX650 1988 Part #38210-KW3-000 Fits Motorcycles: Honda NX250 1990 Honda NX250 1989 Honda NX250 1988 Part #38210-KR0-005 ."
  8. What jets are you running now? the slow AIR jet actually affects the whole throttle range right up to almost full throttle, that chart is not accurate,I am running a wide band O2 and can see and feel what is going on, the slow AIR jet actually makes a very big difference, what slot is the needle on? there are 7 slots on that carb needle. If this is the Slant FCR from Sudco, mine came jetted WAY too rich on top,out of the box it had a 170 in it, I'm now running a 145 but this is with stock air box/snorkel removed, Uni foam filter, stock exhaust.
  9. jjast

    Just bought a 2013 XR 650L (advice needed)

    check your oil as soon as you shut the bike off after a ride,Premium is not needed on these low compression engines.don't use any oil that say "energy conserving" usually on almost all car oils,I use Rotella,clean and use grease on your counter shaft ,preferably a moly,
  10. jjast

    Engine dying at idle and low rpm's

    More then likely it would be the kickstand safety, I don't think I have heard of the clutch safety switch going out but It can. Kickstand safety: tear it apart clean it put it back together or replace it or bypass just the kickstand safety, I personally would like to keep the kickstand safety functioning. there are threads on the internet showing people servicing the kickstand safety switch and how to bypass it and how to service the starter button.
  11. I wanted to trade my yamaha TT600 for a street legal bike, a guy says he has a Suzuki GS750 he will trade, claiming nothing wrong with it , runs great he says, he shows up after trying to rush to meet up, it was new years day and I was tired and hungover but agreed to meet with him trying to keep my wits about me,I look at it runs well enough, I figured it was a safe deal,make the trade went back to bed, later I get up to look again at the new addition I notice the choke lever wasn't fully seated so I pushed it down...guess what, the bike now runs like crap, it turns out the guy spent some time finding the sweet spot on the choke to make the bike run well enough to fool me,I loaded the bike up and drove 25miles to his house to get my bike back and guess what, he gave it to another guy he owed money to,he said he was going to get the bike back but of course he didn't, I tried several times to get my bike back with several heated phone calls,never got it back, I just hope Karma got even with him. When I was younger yet, I went and looked at a Suzuki 360,there was two guys there, looking back at the situation it was pretty obvious but I was being pressured by my "friend" who came with me to buy a bike so I could ride with him, I asked the guy "has it ever been seized up?" he looks at his friend his friend looks back at him the guys turns back and me and says "no..." long story short...yes it had been, it ran but needed to be rebuild right away,I think I only rode it one time ,didn't have the money to rebuild it and sold it to a friend of mine with the information that it needed a rebuild.
  12. jjast

    Engine dying at idle and low rpm's

    Well, the only thing I can think of at the moment Is maybe a valve seat is coming loose,maybe a vacuum leak? maybe the spark plug wire is coming loose from the coil or the plug cap, maybe inside the spark plug cap the brass screw that holds the resister has come loose (If so check to make sure it doesn't have a bunch of arc corrosion inside), in desperation give the valves a bit more clearance just to test it to make absolutely sure they are not too tight? maybe something weird is going on with the pulse generator?(one guy had a bad wire or maybe it was the plug connection?) double check the engine ground? close the gap a little on the spark plug to see if that makes a difference?(weak spark),maybe clean the start button contacts(If I remember right the ignition circuit passes through it when running). do a leak down test? did you try bypassing the safeties yet?
  13. jjast

    Engine dying at idle and low rpm's

    the video is set to "private" ATM
  14. jjast

    Before/After CDI test video

    That is still pretty cool Brianhare.