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  1. humph14

    Will CR come back faster??

    If reed comes back before stewart then reed will win every race from there until JS comes back (if?). Seems to get very motivated to win if no JS.oh and i support reed!!
  2. humph14

    07 450 wont start, bent valve?

    ha ha yeah it is quite powerful that squirt! As honda 88 suggested i would try to bump start it. Down a hill is easier! If it fired when you dumped fuel through the head it should fire bumping it. Well a lot easier and more effective than kicking it! As soon as it starts you will know if you have a valve issue
  3. maybee worth getting a new one its definately still there though. Maybee not working properly?
  4. humph14

    07 450 wont start, bent valve?

    take carb off from engine and air box boots with the float bowl still full of fuel. Twist throttle to full and a small squirt of fuel should come from the front of the carb. This is easy to do and will determine if there is any fuel blockages. Other than that there may be a blockage in one of your jets so a thorough blast with the air compressor may unblock them.
  5. thanks for the reply ed but im not sure if you got what i was saying its the idle screw (throttle stop screw) i have to turn in not the pilot and by turning the idle screw in it advances the throttle slightly and would open the main circuit fractionally wouldn't it?
  6. im getting a better understanding of the slow circuit now. Could it be the a blockage in the air passage to the slow jet? My pilot screw seems to work fine, when i adjust it it does make a small difference. Has any one had to replace their slow jet because it wasn't working properly?
  7. what do you suggest? Im familiar with it but i cleaned all jets in carb so thought thats all i needed to do?
  8. Hi all i have a 2003 crf 450 and im having serious problems trying to solve the problem for about the last 6 months!!! It just won't idle unless i turn the idle screw way in. It starts ok when i do this but im sick of getting off the gas into a corner and it is still pulling because of the revs. Here is a list of what i have tried from various helpful people on tt. 1. Checked for vaccum and exhaust leaks - none apparent 2. Had new valves installed and seated - no change 3. Installed new needle and main jet as well as hot start- little change but still not that good 4. NO the slide isn't installed up side down 5. Cleaned all jets numerous times and thourouly. 6. Checked timing - its spot on As you see ive done a few things to cover most areas. It seems to rev up or down a little when it is idling (well as close as i can get it to idle anyway) It runs fine when under throttle with a few crackles (pops but very small) when i get off the throttle. At the moment im still riding it but i don't like it like this. I really hope some of you guys can help me here although i have been on here for around six months with not much luck so far. Very appreciative Brent:banghead:
  9. humph14


    It seems RD is a nice guy and all the best to the guy for the new season i just dont think he is gonna trouble too many people for the podium.
  10. humph14

    Please someone has to know!!

    ahh thanks for the info motoman! It may be that because it wasn't working properly anyway. When i tried to get it out it got stuck in the carb and i had great difficulty getting it out! time to order a new one see what that does
  11. humph14

    Please someone has to know!!

    How exactly does the emulsion tube get worn? The main jet screws into it right? but the needle doesnt touch it? ive heard a few people say replace it on other posts but i cant work out how it wears?
  12. humph14

    Please someone has to know!!

    Oh no!! spent lots on the head and made a slight difference then went right back to where it was bout an hour after! Im NOT taking it back to the shop again!! $30 bucks an hour and they are useless!! Just spent $800 and problem not fixed!!
  13. Hi guys i got my head re done and after 10 mins running the valves tightened up! Clearances were re set and it seems to have tightened up again! does anybody know why? Its a 2003crf 450. Do the heads eventually wear out like i was told (maybee re seated to many times?) or am i just being told bs by the local mechanic!!?
  14. humph14

    Please someone has to know!!

    2003 crf450
  15. humph14

    04 crf450r want start

    Yeah thats valves i would say!