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  1. Blue_Boner

    engine ice in drz??

    I'd put in Evanscool before anything other than typical antifreeze. I used to run Engine Ice in a 98 WR400 and it still boiled over all the time.
  2. Blue_Boner

    New truck decision

    I happen to be a Dodge Diesel owner/fan and I also own a 2001 HO 6sp. They did not come out in 03 they came out in 00. They were much more rare then the standard output trucks but they do exist. They were rated for an additional 10hp and 65ftlbs torq. with a six speed manual trans and Dana 80 rearend, vs the 5spd and Dana 70 rearend in the standard output. Back to the original post. Prior to my Dodge I had an 01 GMC 1500 extracab 4x4 Z71. Great truck that I had to almost give away because the used car market sucks. I would look at that type of truck because they get better mileage than Ford/Dodge and Toyota and can be bought with low miles for around $13,000.
  3. Blue_Boner

    Honda new or used 05??

    I'm torn between buying a used 450 or getting a new 05. I've found dealers that are selling new 05's for 5,500otd but I can buy a used 05 with sand tires, jetting, K&N, bars, stem, and rack for 5,000. I'm concerned about going used because of all the issues I've heard about with broken piston's on 450 two wheelers and head problems on 250 two wheelers. Any info on how long the TRX450 is actually good for?
  4. Just wondering if the 03 EXC tripmeter has the backlight feature? I couldn't find anything in the manuel or using the search on this website. Thanks, Eric
  5. I've done the ride twice. The first time I got heatstroke and had to bail. Last year I took home the plaque. For all that attempt the hard options put on your gameface. The terrain isn't that tough but the heat and the altitude can take you down. Eric
  6. If your bike has a "3" or a "C" in the eighth digit of the vin number don't waste your time trying to forge any papers because the DMV computer will kick it out of the system because it is considered unregisterable for street license. All the statement of fact sheets I have seen have had the stamp of the dealer that signs them. Goodluck, Eric
  7. Just wondering what you guys think is more dangerous, mountain bikes or dirt bikes? I have logged thousands of miles on my dirt bike with virtually no injuries. I have also ridden mountain bikes for years and always seem to get more wounded on my mountain bike. Last night I had a good get off on my mountain bike and now have 23 stitches on my face, a black eye and one hell of a rasberry on my knee. Anybody else have similar luck? Eric
  8. Blue_Boner


    Scott, is 100% correct on this one. My brother did the same thing with a KTM520 and he ended up at the DMV in Arizona. After a little time at Kinko's he was able to doctor the papers to make it look like he bought his bike back East. Goodluck, Eric
  9. Blue_Boner

    Failed sound test w/ Q Pipe

    What db rating are you getting when tested? I had my bike tested with the same setup and it came in at 95db. Eric
  10. Blue_Boner

    WR426 and DRZ-E Sound testing completed.

    I'm not sure if it's the way you held the meter in relation to the exhaust or if it's the meter itself but your decibel readings seem way high for the Yamaha and about right for the Suzuki. If I remember correctly Dirt Rider did a test many months ago on open exhaust systems for a CRF450 and the loudest they came up with was something in the 108-110db range. I don't think stock uncorked Yamaha exhaust is anywhere near 116db, at least the way the Rangers do the test. I run the FMF powerbomb and Q-pipe and was sound tested at 95db. Eric
  11. Blue_Boner

    How young is old enough?

    I can't say that I have any kids, so I can't give any advice on what age to start them out riding. I will say that you should go buy an XR50 because you will have as much fun riding the thing as your kids will when they are able. Maybe you should buy each of your kids one and one for yourself so you are on an even playing field when showing them how to ride. My .02, Eric
  12. Blue_Boner

    Best dual sport tire??

    I would go with the Dunlop 606. Fairly priced as well as a capable dirt tire. Eric
  13. Blue_Boner

    SoCal mid-week riders, Lets go for a ride

    SoCal, I do miss those days of mid week rides. Unfortunately, I'm even further from Gorman now that I moved to San Diego and I can't do mid week rides because I have one of those Monday through Friday jobs. Have fun, Eric
  14. Blue_Boner


    For those considering using race gas but not wanting to use a leaded fuel you are going to have a harder time finding an unleaded race gas. Almost all race gas in leaded. I have used leaded fuel in my bike for years with no problems so I wouldn't worry about damaging your engine. If you were to walk around the pits at racing events and see red or blue fuels in gas jugs or tanks on bikes it is safe to assume it is a leaded race fuel. I think Yamaha says not to use leaded fuels purely for an emissions/environmental standpoint. As far as race gas damaging parts in the carb, that is completely false. Methanol on the other hand will eat rubber seals if left for a period of time. Truthfully, I think if you use the highest grade pump gas that you can get for your car you will be fine, but don't be scared to use a leaded race fuel either. Eric
  15. Blue_Boner


    I like to use race gas in my bike not for the horsepower gain but because it burns MUCH cleaner than pump gas. An easy way to verify this is to look at the inside of your header after running a tank or so of pump gas and you will find it to be all black and carbon coated. Then do the same after running a tank or so of race gas. You will find it to be clean with a white coating. In my opinion this has to reduce carbon deposits on valves and the top of the piston over time. My .02, Eric