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  1. Thanks! I love them too:ride: Those are marchesini and are sold from them for WR250X. I bought it in Japan so I don't know about local carriers but Motostrano carries them. They are on sale and cost you $1,830.00. The yellow plastic was a limited version only sold in Japan. They sold it with the bike. I was asked before if I could get it but the dealers wouldn't sell it seperately.
  2. Just installed Marchesini and Brembo M/C!
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys! I've installed the resistor and got rid of the motor. No trouble at all so far.
  4. Some photos I took of a Supermoto race held in Japan. REAL1 Kanto 2009 3rd Round
  5. Hi Tremor, Not a big reason. I thought it would be more neat if you had something you can't get easily. Also, I thought that PC3 would be more flexible in many ways:thumbsup:
  6. It is a Kart course in Fuji Speed Way(where Formula 1 Japan GP was held last year). It is Cub I think. There were 50cc to 1,000cc Super Sports and we all ride together at the same time. Quite thrilling!
  7. Some of the photos from my track day:ride: My friend in the background hanging off Mods I did lately for riding on the track. Sunstar 12T Drive Sprocket Sunstar Stenz 44T Driven Sprocket Antlion Axle Slider & Mount Slider APA Muffler Slider Glide Ride Up and Wide Peg Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa
  8. Thanks for your answers and tips guys! I guess both ways work and has pros and cons under the rider's conditions. I was a bit worried grinding my pin off but not anymore!
  9. sorry, the small holder is from Goldwin. http://www.goldwin.co.jp/gw/motorcycle/08fw/product/bag/7209/index.html Looks like they have an European branch but I don't know if you can get them overseas.
  10. I forgot to mention my setup! I grind the pins off. Thanks! I don't have a good pic of it right now but there are some here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=16237 The panel is a LCD Display for the PCIII. You can change your map in a instance and also able to trim the setup through it. It is very useful. You also get a Tach too! The small holder is from a Japanese makes Rough & Road and I don't know if you can get it overseas. I has a Velcro and wraps around your handle bar. Since you need to pay toll every time you go on a highway in Japan, I carry my credit card in there so I won't be in the way of the following cars behind me. The plastic pins on your switch box on the throttle side and the metal one on the throttle holder. There are holes in the stock bars so these parts line up properly. The custom bars doesn't have the holes like the stock ones so if you want to mount it, you either grind the pins off or drill a hole as in the stock bars. BTW, the protaper bars look so thick compared to the stock ones. For the guys who drilled it, was it hard to drill through it and what kinda tool are you using?
  11. I just changed my WRX's handle bar to Protaper SE. When I was searching for tips to change bars, I encounterd a thread in a Japanese forum arguing about what to do with the pins that are on the switch box and throttle holder. I think you could go both ways. Drill a hole to the custom bar, or cut & grind the stock pins. How do you guys do it? Pros and Cons? My setup, just for an image:ride:
  12. I'm sorry if I was wrong but if your mentioning about this bag, that is mine. It is a DOWCO's Fastrax tail bag.http://www.dowcopowersports.com/products/motorcycle_luggage/fastrax/detail.cfm?item=50144%2D00 I ride my WRX to work too and carry my laptops and others in it. My laptop is a small one with a 11inch display. There are space left in it and I think there is enough space to carry a 13inch Macbook but not a 17inch Macbook Pro. Hope this information helps:thumbsup:
  13. Since my pic was the cause of this thread, I should answer my situation too. I didn't use the stock clamp either and having no problem for over 200km. I am too using the high temp silicone to seal the header and the muffler joint. Very interesting that there are so many who are installing it the both ways. Is there any official answer from FMF?
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