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  1. I tried all weekend to replicate this on my iphone, and haven't been able to so far. So if anyone else does run into this issue on TT, please chime in. I don't want to make assumptions that Mike38 is the only one with the issue. So I will keep watching this topic just in-case it's somehow tied to something on TT that I'm not aware of.
  2. That is not an "approved" ad from ThumperTalk. It's possible it's coming through google's ad network. Is TT the only site it's happening to you on? (if it happens on other sites too, then that helps us narrow it down to google's ad network). How long has this been happening to you for - I can try to look through for anything "new" in google's ad network if I have an idea of how long it's been happening. Also, does this happen after you've been browsing the site for a while or does it happen immediately when you first visit the site? If anyone else reading this topic had this same thing happen to them, please chime in with any info you have. (what device you're on, how long it's been happening to you, etc).
  3. We know the app search is not very good. Our app is currently made by an outside company and they have not provided as good as we would like. We've been working for several months now to build our own app and at the rate were making progress I hope to have it out this summer.
  4. If we were to add a gear forum we'd need a moderator for that forum. Someone who can search the website to locate gear topics and move them to this new forum.
  5. Thank you for taking the time for such a thoughtful suggestion. We're working on some backed updates at the moment that actually matches up well with your notification idea. I'll have to give this another look with that in mind.
  6. Oh, I thought this was a problem you were having only on ThumperTalk. Now that I know it's happening on every site you go to, not just ThumperTalk...I have a feeling this is something outside my control. What web browsers have you been using on these different websites?
  7. Is it always the same web browser (chrome, edge, firefox, etc). or are you getting this on different browsers too? Windows or mac? As much info you can provide will help track it down so I can search through the logs. Does it happen randomly on any page, or does it seem to happen only when viewing topics? Whatever info you can give.
  8. Posts can only be edited for a short time, long enough to correct any errors or missing info. However, after that edit window the posts lock to preserve the discussion history. If there is technical information missing because of bad photos, you can hit the report post button and include links to the new images and we can manually fix them. I
  9. Got a link to the post you can't reply to? I don't see anything wrong on your account, so I'm guessing it's the specific post in question.
  10. Thank you for that suggestion. We've considered and even tried using the "best answer" system several times in the past. In fact, this suggestion forum is using a best answer voting system where anyone can vote on the answers (also in bug report forum). Prior to this open voting version, we had a best answer where only the topic starter could choose the answer that solved the problem. What we found was no one ever used it so no answers were ever marked as the best answer. Then we have a partial test of the open voting system you see in this suggestion forum and not one single vote has been cast in over a year of this forum being here. As a developer, I get it. I use the feature heavily on sites like stack exchange, but I've not figured out how to get dirt bike guys to use a best answer feature in the way that web devs use it. Our site is fully able to support the feature, we just can't figure out how to get people to actually use it whenever we've tried to enable it. And now in the world of small screen mobile devices there isn't much room on the page to explain why members should use it. If we could come up with a viable way to get people to use the system we'd love to enable it globally. But will I've a million topics, how to get people to start voting up the best answers escapes us. If you have any thoughts on how we might get people to understand and use the feature we would absolutely consider it. I personally believe part of the problem is when you have a like button and a vote button, users click the like and ignore the vote. Maybe if the like option was removed and the only option was votes it might get more use, but would the majority of users want to give up the like button in favor of a vote?
  11. The new app will be much better, and will fully support the entire site. But..since this time we're building it ourselves there's a ton of work involved to make it solid. I'm hopping to start releasing Alpha test versions sometime in the next 6-8 weeks, but so far out of the 100 people that have said they will help beta test the app, only about 20 have actually accepted the invite to our beta testing program. So....if any of you see this and want to help us test the app before it's public release, please send me a PM that include the email address you use for google play or apple itunes so I can send you an invite to be a beta tester.
  12. Now I'm really extra stumped as to why that worked for you but didn't work for @kx450f06
  13. Yes. Please do. I'm really stumped on this one. I can't replicate the problem, so I'm not sure what to actually do to get it fixed until I can figure out how to replicate and report the issue to the app developers (Tapatalk).
  14. Can you tell me what type of phone you have and what version of Android you're on?
  15. There was a bug in the code that loaded the main topic feed, however i put a fix for that bug up on Sunday. Please check to see if this is still happening for you now. You may need to go into android settings > applications and find the TT app and clear all data (or you can just uninstall/re-install to clear the data). However, the issue that was causing this should be fixed now. It's fixed on my Nexus 5X test device, which isn't a "new" device by any means and that issue is now solved. Please give it a try and let me know.