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  1. Or just use multi-quote and you can reply to many at once. You've already got 22,000 posts. You won't miss it if your number goes up a a couple less at a time by merging replies.
  2. About the only way is wait 60 seconds between replies. The multi-quote feature allows you to quote as many posts as you want to reply to all in one reply, so that you can easily reply to both at the same time. The merge is there to keep quick edits or extra thoughts from turning into the system sending out duplicate notifications back to back. So really, you have 2 options. Use the multi-quote and reply to both in one reply, or just wait 60 seconds in between replies and they won't merge.
  3. The app is published again now. It seems google has gotten over their hissy fit.
  4. I'm not a fan of the new tapatalk myself. But, there isn't much control we have over what they do. I prefer the previous version (what we've had for the last year) over the new version - if tapatalk and google can get whatever this issue is sorted out and google re-published the app to begin with.
  5. Tapatalk is working with Google to make changes to the app that Google demands. Google removed the app because you need an email address to create or log into an account on ThumperTalk. For some reason, some app review geek at Google has decided that having an email address on the registration in app must be explained to users in some special way. I honestly don't even understand it myself. Every app on planet earth needs an email address to create an account. So while ThumperTalk and Tapatalk fight with the all-mighty Google, they have removed our app. The worst part is Google doesn't respond to questions asking them to explain what's wrong. They just keep sending canned responses back two days later telling us to upload a new version and try again.
  6. That message is programmed to only ask a few times, and it gets longer and longer between each request. If you say "maybe later" it will wait a day before asking, and the next time it waits a week before asking again, etc if you're getting that message every time you visit the site then it's one of two things. A) you're running some kind of privacy blocker on your computer that blocks cookies so we have no way to know you already said no to the message and our system thinks you're a first time visitor Or you're not running a privacy blocker and there's a bug in our code. If it's A, there's nothing I can do. The site requires cookies to function properly. If it's B, I need to know what operating system and web browser you use and if you have any special browser plugins so I can replicate the issue and fix it.
  7. We're waiting for apple to approve a new app update. With apple, this is a week or 2 process. but hopefully the update solves the issue. The app update is a temp fix until we can finish our new app sometime in summer.
  8. We've been re-organizing the main forum index. The are still there, but below the dirt bike forums now.
  9. Can you tell me which web browser you're using? Also, let me know if you want to stop all notifications (like replies to topics you follow) or just the "daily picks" notification? I'll provide instructions based on which you want to disable.
  10. Can you grab a screenshot please. It will help me track it.
  11. We've been having issues with the "smart search" not doing so good finding the vehicles when you start typing. It's supposed to auto-complete while you type but it's been uncooperative with all the different ways different models have spaces, dashes and slashes. For example drz400 compared to dr-z 400 We’re in the process of making it a drop down menu to select and end the problem In the mean time if you find your model in reviews, theres a green button above the bike picture in reviews “add to my garage”. Tap that button and it will add it to your garage.
  12. I'll be out there all day Sunday. Let me know if you want to come out. You got a few free ride days for all the help you donated.
  13. I'm not sure honestly. We've been waiting on a core piece of the code needed to build it to be provided by the company that makes the forum software. Without this piece from them, we have to build everything from scratch and it's about $5000.00 to build where 2 ride from scratch. We just don't have enough in the budget to build it at that high cost.
  14. Thanks for that. What version of iOS are you running on your phone? I think this if an iOS version related bug we need to find.