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  1. Are you searching on the website, or are you using the mobile app? If you're using the mobile app, can you tell me if it's android or IOS? Can you please give me a couple example search terms that give "no results". P.S. I'm asking for this detail because we are working on a new clould-based search that will greatly improve the accuracy and speed of search on the site. It's in the very early stages of development on our end, so right now is a great time for us to get some examples of the current shortcomings so we can improve that in the new search.
  2. That's a forum I'd be willing to add if there was someone willing to moderate it and find the good GPS topics around the site to move to that forum
  3. Purple tint posts just means there was something in the post the system thought may contain spam so it gets tossed in a que temporarily. It's nothing to worry about. They are usually approved quickly.
  4. You may have been searching it without the dash in DR-Z400E (we're still improving the search process for finding bikes in garage). As a trick, you can always go to the "reviews" section and find the bike there, then look for the green "add to my garage" button to add a bike.
  5. Thanks for the update. Glad to see it stopped. It turns out it was coming through the Google advertising exchange. Much to my supprise they admitted to it and sent out an email early yesterday stating they discovered this in their ad network and had taken action on their end to block it along with providing us instructions on extra protection to take to keep it blocked (which we followed of course). I'm just glad it's stopped. These things can be so hard to track down sometimes. Please report back if you should encounter it again, but I suspect now that Google has stepped in and directly blocked it on their end that should be the end of it. Thanks again for all the info you guys posted to help track and block it!
  6. OK, the new blocking code was deployed a couple hours ago. Fingers crossed this new code will catch them even if they change the domain for the ad. Please keep me updated on what you guys see on your end. Thanks everyone!
  7. OK. I had a feeling it was an iPhone. I've got our devs writing some custom code to try and block these bastards. They keep moving domains on me. I block one and they change to another domain and get back through on the new domain. I hope to have the code done and ready for me when I wake up tomorrow. I'll update this topic when I put the new code on the site tomorrow and pray it works to block these bastards.
  8. Ahhh ha. That's actually very very helpful. Thank you for reporting that. These bad actors can be like playing wack a mole sometimes. I'm narrowing it down thanks to you guys reporting it. I'm going to add some more blocks into our code. What kind of phone are you using? Sometimes they target specific model phones with these types of ads.
  9. Please report back when you can and let me know if I got those blocked or if they are still happening. Thanks
  10. Thanks for that update. I just made another change right now (will take about 20 minutes to go live). Please let me know if that stopped it (trying to block the bad ad network)
  11. It's not a virus. It is a malicious ad coming through one of the ad networks. I think I just found the culprit and blocked it. Please let me know if you see that happen again. Thanks for reporting it!
  12. I didn't realize you were using the app. That is outside of our control at the moment, as our app is made by TapaTalk currently. We've gotten fed up with problems like this they refuse to fix. So we've been working on building our own app, but that will be at least a couple more months before it's ready.
  13. I believe this was a fluke. I just took at your "content I follow" and all appears to be working correctly now. There were some stuck updates last week on the site that may have temporarily screwed up the feed. I'm not sure since right now it seems to be working correctly. But the most likely thing is a totally un-related issue we were working on just caused some things to get backed up.
  14. I'd love to get my hands on one of these. If anyone in marketing over at Honda is watching, just know that as the owner of ThumperTalk I promise to let every member turn laps on the factory demo bike should you choose to send me one!
  15. The "My Content" tab in the app is EVERYTHING you have ever posted in. There is no way to ever remove something from "my content" once you've posted in an item. That's the purpose of the "my content" tab - a central locatino to find everything you ever posted in the past. The 'content I follow" tab is a list of anything you've "subscribed" to. That tab only shows items where you have subscribed. I hope that clears it up for you.