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  1. Brian Wilson

    Pot & Riding

    I predict the legendary politeness of Canadians is going to drop quickly once the timbits run out from all the people walking around with the munchies!
  2. Brian Wilson

    What do you think about Fantasy SX/MX?

    I think you're on the wrong website for participation trophies. 🤨
  3. Brian Wilson

    What do you think about Fantasy SX/MX?

    I'm aware. I was thinking about making a fairly basic scoring/team picking interface to keep track over the course of a season. If it catches on we could keep improving it over time.
  4. With the SX season right around the corner and the popularity of bench racing on TT, I've been thinking it might be fun to hold a fantasy SX league on TT. What do you guys think? There are already a couple of big leagues out there, some of the pay-to-play, others are free. Some have big price pools, and others just for bragging rights. Would it be fun to host a league on TT? Should it be free and just for fun/bragging rights, or would it be better with a prize pool for the weekly and season winners? Obviously, it we wanted a prize pool we'd have to get sponsors to donate to donate the prizes, which is always a possibility. And of course we'd need a couple volunteers from the community to help out with posting the race results. I'm curious to hear what you guys think/suggest? (also, if you believe it would be a great addition to TT and you're interesting in helping design the rules or help "administer" the season by helping with scoring, weekly rider line-ups, helping other users with their questions, etc.), I'd love to hear from you too).
  5. Brian Wilson

    Photobucket Images

    While it's not 100% foolproof, for the most part the photos that were retrievable have been copied over. If a topic is not viewed for an extended period of time those photos could be lost since we don't have the original upload. However for all but the least viewed topics, the images should remain.
  6. Brian Wilson

    App notifications are 1hr late

    The way push notifications work are a little weird. Our system "sends" the push notification out immediately, but google/apple hold those notifications in a "que" until such time they think you are on your phone. Their logic for this is it saves battery on your phone by not waking up to receive notifcations of non-critical things all the time. But, it also comes with the trade-off that while a notification has already been "sent" by our system, the google/apple system that deliver that notification will hold it in a que until they decide to send it through to you. The only way we can "force" instant delivery to override that, would be to set the notifications to "high priority". And trust me when I tell you, you don't want a forum notification coming through on your device as "high priority". That would become extremely annoying very quickly.
  7. Brian Wilson

    Having Trouble Getting On Forums With An iPad

    What version of iOS do you have? Also, are you using the stock Safari browser or do you have any add-ons or other browsers on you iPad where this is happening?
  8. Brian Wilson

    Can't connect securely to page?

    Yes, thank you. I just loaded up the same browser and I can't replicate it. however, i'm using a 64 bit system and you're using a 32 bit system. But I don't expect that to be related. Are you able to take a screenshot of one of the pages where you're getting this error?
  9. Brian Wilson

    Can't connect securely to page?

    PROVIDE BROWSER/DEVICE INFO. Go to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ and provide us with the link shown in this screenshot.
  10. You guys are getting a crazy amount of 502's 

    Error 502 Ray ID: 4583e383c9183994 • 2018-09-10 18:16:58 UTC

  11. Brian Wilson


    Hover over the avatar, not click. When you hover over it a little window will open up with what you're looking for.
  12. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    If you are still experiencing any issues with the ThumperTalk mobile app do the following: iOS devices open the TT app Menu > Sign Out Menu > Settings > Clear Cache Android devices Go to android settings (leave TT app closed) Go to "Apps & Notifications" (depending on your version of android, it might be slightly different wording) Find the ThumperTalk app in the list, tap it and then hit "Force Stop" Tap "Storage" > then "Clear Data" After you've completed the above steps you can sign back into your account in the ThumperTalk app, and all should be working again.
  13. Brian Wilson

    Uploading Images

    9 out of 10 times this type of error is because your browser cache is not properly updating. In most cases this will resolve on its own in a few hours. However, if you clear your browser cache/temporary files that will resolve the issue immediately.
  14. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    Check your pms on the website, I sent you one a little while ago to get some more info from ya I need to get this fixed
  15. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    Hmm..I just sent you (and also myself) test PMs through apple and android apps - both working without issue for me. In the app, go to the main menu and then go to settings. At the very bottom of the settings page in the app, screen shot that or tell me the version number please and if you're android or apple