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  1. Are you getting them through the web browser or through the TT iPhone or Android app?
  2. The picture is on your profile and also shows next to anything you post on the site. You can also set a profile cover photo if you want.
  3. We had a piece of code get stuck in an endless loop causing our database to fill with millions of blank records. We tracked this bug down to starting on October 30th. We discovered the bug and began repairs the same day you made this post. We have already started the process of undoing the damage (since Friday) , however it will take several days of heavy processes running in the background to clean up the mess this made. While this is ongoing, the site may have intermittent issues over the next few days. To help speed things along we've temporarily closed new member registration. Thankfully, No data was lost. We just ended up with around 8 million blank records inserted in the database and those blank records are artificially increasing the load placed on our servers. Thing will retun to normal in a few days once the repair process completes. Thanks for reporting it!
  4. Anyone here that can run a dozer, excavator or a front loader willing to help build a new track? A friend asked for help so I'm heading out this weekend and next weekend to help. Main track, vet track and a kids track too. Literally 80 acres of fun for the whole family and any skill level. We just need to help him get it built and open. PM me if you're willing and able to help.
  5. This should be resolved within the next 15 minutes - please report back if it the problem isn't fixed for you. Thanks again for reporting it!
  6. Perfect. That's exactly what I needed. I'm reporting the problem now to that ad network.
  7. There shouldn't be any pop ups in the app. There was in an old version, but that was a couple years ago. And even then, the only pop up was when you first launch the app. Once in the app there was never any pop up. It sounds like something funny is going. Can you check what version you have. On the menu, go to settings and at the very bottom it will list the app version. Also, can you take a screen shot of the pop up next time it happens. (Press the home and power buttons at the same time to take screen shot) what model iPhone do you have?
  8. This seems to be a bug related to the "5.5" part of the search. the minimum characters for a search term are 3..however periods don't "count" as a character for the purpose of searching databases. It's kind of annoying, but a period is a special character in web development. The period is essentially a wildcard that means "any alpha numeric character". The best I can tell, it seems the search is getting confused by the 5.5 and not finding any results because of that. When you type in 5.5 the system is really searching for 5<any letter or number>5 and then getting no results that match that. P.S. Try searching for Leatt pro hd
  9. You guys are all welcome to nominate who you would like to be the pro racing forum moderator. Assuming a large number of you back the same couple of guys, me, Bosch and the other moderators will look at the nominations and if said person isn't a total douche then you can elect your own leader for pro racing.
  10. Nevada

    I live near Ann/95 - always up for a ride (the wife too if you like slower rides)
  11. The issue has been may need to hit the "refresh" button in your browser one time just to get the change to take on your device.
  12. I've been able to replicate the bug. I should have a fix up tomorrow. Thanks for the detailed info to help me replicate it.
  13. Posts can only be edited for 24 hours, after that it is locked from further edit to keep the discussion history intact. Can you confirm if the posts you're trying to edit are less than 24 hours old?
  14. This is usually caused by a recent change at photo bucket where they blocked pictures from showing up across the web. We've been able to fix a lot of this on the website, but the company that makes the TT app has not been able to do the same in the app. We've been working on a new app to replace the current one that will fix the problem, however it is still several weeks before it will be done.
  15. You already figured out how to post a question correctly (this question you just posted in fact is a perfect example). For finding people to ride with, the regional forums are the best option for you. Here's a link to California: