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  1. Brian Wilson

    Pages freeze.

    android app or iphone app? what verision of android/ios do you have?
  2. Brian Wilson


    I still haven't seen a royally check for the old ones so what's the point
  3. Brian Wilson


    Let me know if they work tomorrow please. One of our databases got out of sync from all the changes we've been making. I'm going to reload it late tonight when most people are not online. It should be done reloading by morning and with any luck that will solve the PM issues for you.
  4. Brian Wilson


    Long load time for this response. Long load time for this subforum "General Dirt Bikes". Android SGS7, app. The speed will improve back to faster than old site by the end of this week. We're still making lots of code changes (like the one that fixed the double post issue in this topic)...and when we change the code all of our caches get flushed making everything slow down for hours while the caches get back up to speed again. PLUS...we've disabled some of the performance tools in our system so we could track down and fix the bugs (all those performance caches makes websites fast - but they also make it impossible to debug broken code). We're down to the last few little bugs to clean up, and we can turn all the speed boosters back on and the site will be back to rippin' fast all the time. As for double notifications - I'm 72.73% sure I know why, but I could use your help to confirm it. If you want, shoot me a PM and I can set up a time to screen share with you and confirm if it's what I think it is and fix it.
  5. Brian Wilson


    To all of you posting in this topic....the weird double-posting and the long wait time for your post to submit should be 100% fixed now. Please send me a PM if you have any more issues posting in this topic. Be sure to tell me if you were using the website, or if you are using the mobile app (if app - tell me iphone or android please). Sorry it took me a few days to track down and fix what was causing it.
  6. Brian Wilson


    We've been publishing server updates all day today as we continue adjusting for the new site. That's why you're seeing weird stuff. Just refresh your browser and they should clear up (or they will clear on their own within a couple hours at most)
  7. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    Thanks guys. Your info helped track this down. We know what the problem is now and can replicate the issue. Which also means we can fix it. I'm done for the weekend, but I'll get on it Monday and have a fix next week.
  8. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    Did you happen to notice if this only happens when you're replying to hug topics with dozens or even hundreds of posts in the topic?
  9. Brian Wilson

    App Notifications not working.

    Have they started working correctly for you in the last few days? (We've been upgrading a lot in the website and servers).
  10. Brian Wilson

    Amazon ad?

    &%$#@!ing bastards! It's like internet wack-a-mole. Block one and they pop right back with another domain.
  11. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    The next time you get a double post please go to this website and hit the "more info" button, take a screenshot and post it here or pm me with it please. https://fast.com/
  12. Brian Wilson

    App is bugging out

    We will be looking at this tomorrow. Got through the major initial tweaks to the website today, so now we can dig in and find this double post issue
  13. Brian Wilson

    Feedback on new layout and graphics

    Yes, those are real. I've been taking the site down a few times now to move servers around. It will probably happen again a couple more times during the next week until my OCD is satisfied that everything is working perfectly.
  14. glad it's starting to show up...we've got a lot lot lot more to do yet...so it will improve more for several days yet.
  15. That's actually part of it... sort of.... I'm changing code every 2-3 hours and having to rebuild the JS each time. So our CDN needs to propogate the changes. So your browser is being forced by me to get new JS every few hours when normally weeks and months go by without changes. (Plus a big part of our caching is off while I'm doing this making things worse). Give me another week and it should be back to faster than the previous design. We added a lot of new tech behind the scenes. But no matter how much you test in a sandbox, you never can account for the variables in real use until you have live traffic to benchmark against. The Dyno might say your engine rips, but there's no test (at least not one we can afford) to replicate how the thing runs on a track