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  1. Have you joined the beta program to help test our new mobile app?
  2. Question: I realize the arrow is not necessary on the “typical “ desktop, but do you find the arrow gets in the way, or are you just pointing out that it’s unnecessary?
  3. When you receive a notification about my reply, please reply back so I can test if I’m getting the same issue. Also let Nd know if you’re on Android or iOS
  4. ok, after much playing around with it. From what i can tell, if the notification count is higher than 2 digits, and the icon is on the right edge of the screen, apple can't fit the 3 digit number. I was able to replicate this with the built in iOS mail app by adding one of my junk email accounts that had literally thousands of unread messages. If you drag the app over to another column that isn't on the right edge, it should display correctly. But I couldn't test this with the TT app directly since I'm in the app so often, I never have a 3 digit number. But that worked with the ios mail app when I tried it
  5. That usually happens when a web browser is holding expired web files in the cache. It will usually resolve itself within a few hours, but you can force it to update by clearing your browser cache (temporary intent files).
  6. Thanks for allowing me to join got some I would like to share with the group and get feedback. On vacation right now .having to please the wife.Should be home Sunday.looking forward to chatting with you

  7. That's an old photo from when I was working out and dieting. I'm not in as good of shape these days.
  8. I'll be sure to put in a request that the server hardware checks with you first before failing to make sure it only breaks at a time you find convenient.
  9. My bad. I couldn't resist (mostly because it would be so &%$#@!ing awesome if it actually happened one year)
  10. Yeah, I'm skeptical too. But man would it be awesome if it turns out to be true
  11. They'd need a 20lb battery just to power a starter motor big enough to kick that beast over.
  12. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of people hounding their local dealer to be first in line for an aluminum frame updated CR500 http://dirtbikelover.com/2020-honda-announces-limited-editon-cr500/
  13. As you said, loosen the bottom triple clamp bolts, also if front axle has pinch bolts loosen those as well. Hold the front break and pump the forks several times and everything should line back up. You may need to stand in front of the bike with the front wheel held between your legs and manually twist the bars a little to get it lined up straight. Once you have it where it visually looks straight, just make sure to hold the front break and pump the forks serval times as the last step before you tighten everything back down again.
  14. This is usually because there is some type of notice on your account waiting for you to take action on it. It could be anything from your email address is bouncing back to us, or notice posted by a moderator, etc. All of these are also sent via email as well, so you should have seen it and been able to acknowledge it directly from your email. But if you miss the email, you can just visit your profile (or really any page of the website) and the notice will show up for you to acknowledge. https://thumpertalk.com/profile/536197-danmustang96/ P.S. Any notices only show if you're logged in with your own account. Guests or other users of the site can not see them.
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