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  1. ZL253

    2004 yz250f problems??

    These bike are amazing. I have a 2004 and i absolutely love it. I have not had to adjust my valves in 60 hours of racing (i check them every 15h or so). Just change the oil every other ride and keep your air filter clean and you will love it.
  2. ZL253

    spy photo 2010 yzf 450

    That looks bad A. I wonder why there going to 4 valves? Are they still gonna have 2 cams?
  3. ZL253

    Yamaha 2009 Grizzly 350 IRS?

    hey guys i searched this question but it wasn't answered. Im getting ready to buy a new grizzly and i was wondering how good the 350 is. The one im looking at is a 2009 with IRS and lockers. Does the 350 have pretty good power for work and maybe some nice hill climbs or is it a dog? i won't be jumping it or anything like that but i will be riding on the roads and through very very tight trails often. Is the IRS any good? what kind of problems if any do they have? Thanks!
  4. thats pretty innovative, i wonder if its just a conservative motor or if you can get some pretty good horespower out of it?
  5. I live to watch vids like this! awesome, just awesome!
  6. ZL253

    Arenacross Racers Turned Supercross Racers?

    Doesn't kevin johnson race some sx races? i know he races 1 this past season but he didn't qualify.
  7. I picked up a 1998 kx125 for $900 a month ago. It needed a lot of small things so i ordered everything it needed. I got it all put on and took it out for a ride. The top end is new and the motor is quite. I rode it fairly easy but after about 10 minuets it just died like i ran out of gas. I had plenty of gas in it. I first thought it was a fouled plug so i put a new one in..nothing. I then took off the carb and completely cleaned it out like new, put it back on, checked the reeds and still nothing. The bike is getting spark but it seems kinds weak to my untrained eye. Its not even trying to hit. When you kick it and give it gas it will sometimes backfire through the pipe but it won't hit. This has got me stumped, i know the inside of the motor is good. Im thinking its maybe the coil or CDI box. it has to be electrical. anybody had this problem or maybe know what else i could try? thanks
  8. yea i think thats what it was. i drove it and is went to 6 and then shifted. thanks for the help guys!
  9. hey guys my battery went dead in my 1998 camaro V6 3.8 and after i charged it back up it will only rev to 4 grand then it bounces off the rev limiter. any ideas why it does this. it was my understanding that the factory rev limiters are set to 6300 rpm. thanks for the help!
  10. nice. i wish i could do a 12 double
  11. I had a question about the 2008 Yamaha V Star 650 Classic. I really like the looks of this bike and am really considering getting one next month. For those of you with V star experience, what do you like about them? What are the pros and cons of the 650? Im not a big fan of the shaft drive and the drum rear break but other then that are there any other things to watch out for? you really can't beat a $5800 price tag brand new IMO.
  12. ZL253

    speed tv interviews on reed and stewart

    ^^ good gas for you
  13. ZL253

    Jeff Emig

    off topic, did anybody else here ralph call ryan dungey "good lookin"? lol i knew ralph liked dungey a littler too much....
  14. why put the cheapest oil you could find in it?
  15. ZL253

    who's picky about what?

    Race sag and clutch properly adjusted.