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    I took this off my bike because i am selling the bike . This really is a magic bullet, it made my 2016 kx 450 awesome for woods racing and technical riding! The Throttle body was sent to Wade Wilcox at Injectioneering, I told him I was having issues with the bike stalling in tight technical sections and wanted a little smoother bottom end power. He worked his magic, and all I can say is wow! This was by far the best mod I did to the Kawasaki kx450 . As wade described it to me, the stock butterfly does not sit straight up and down in the bore, so when you open the thrlttle the slightest bit you go from 0 to 10% power instantly. Injectioneering bored the venturi and set the butterfly straight up and down giving you usable 0 - 10% power along with many other mods. Also with a bigger bore when it comes on the pipe it actually pulls a little harder, best of both worlds! There is no turn around time with this, waiting and or wondering when you will get your parts back. Text-3303092862



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    set Front and back of used Tusk impact wheels with a few scatches they came off of a 2014 RMZ250 but will fit 450's as well . The rear is an 18" for off road use. Tried to show pix of the scratches 300 Obo. text- 3303092862