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  1. crider400

    86 CR500 Nickle plated? Water pump issue

    Thanks for the helpful suggestion's guys! I looked at another forum for a conversion for wp cover and coolant hose is barley touching ec with swap, I am going to go through a couple more conversion waterpump casing threads and probably order one and all bearings/seals etc.
  2. Hi tt, Working on a Honda 500, took cylinder off and measured bore etc and has a weisco 1.00mm os (90mm) piston in there. Cylinder has a slight 4 corner seizure. I want to use a cast prox piston ( https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/974/17756/Pro-X-Piston-Kit ) There is no sleeve in cylinder but there is a 1.00 os piston in there, would the piston rings from the prox work with nickel plated and sleeve cylinders or just made for one over the other? Not sure if this 500 cylinder is even plated or not, little confused with the older bikes. The water pump is corroded and from what I hear and see, its normal on the magnesium case. I am a little nervous thinking about taking out the bearings and seals knowing that everything is weakend in there but I am going to order parts in a couple days and go from there, any help is appreciated
  3. crider400

    Post-maintenance OCD

    yea, I am a double checker on mostly oil drain bolt, and cylinder head oil pump check bolt, I know the pain
  4. crider400

    Spark plug and jetting question

    Make sure there are no air leaks with the exhaust. I would clean the carb and split it and clean with compressed air and put in new gaskets. Check ap timing and oring mod keeps ap timing perfect each time you whack the throttle. I would put the 45 back in and set fuel screw for it once it is warmed up.
  5. crider400

    Universal 2 cycle oil?

    The Valvoline oil is designed for lawn equipment with not that heavy of a load so the oil viscosity is thinner. If you have to run that oil, mix it thoroughly for 20:1/25:1
  6. crider400

    2018 300re premix

    Some people jet their 250/300s 60:1-80:1 but hearing that makes me cringe but I recommend jetting for 50:1 or more oil with the fuel, especially for more flat out, I could not find the stock jetting for your 18 since it is new but you should look in your carb and see what jets are in there. See what color of your plug is, brown is what you are aiming for but sometimes fuel additives makes it a tad difficult to see if your main is good. 168-175 mj is where I would start doing plug chops but I do not recommend going any less oil in fuel than 50:1 but that is me.
  7. crider400

    2018 300re premix

    Is the Beta oil injected and you decided to take injector off and rejet the carb for premix? If you are a woods rider I would jet for around 50:1 or wide open most of the time, 40:1 and jet for that, so depending on what the conditions are how you ride will make a difference obviously. If a oil injector is coming off, remember that the carb is jetted for straight fuel without oil so it looks like you will have to open the pilot and main some
  8. crider400

    2003 Honda Cr125 jetting for sand dunes?

    I would at least put a 390 mj and mix 32:1 for 125 and bring a couple other jets with you. I had a 400 mj in my 04 and it was a little rich but that was at track and had a 420 with me just in case. If you are wide open and trying to keep up with bigger bikes drag racing, bring a 420mj . Don't forget air filter maintenance I miss my 04' cr125 and will eventually get a 03' to add another bike to garage
  9. Nice 08! Check out oring mod and ap timing.
  10. crider400

    2003 Cr125 help

    is that a aftermarket head gasket?
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  12. crider400


    Jetting can play a factor, clutch side crankseal, chipped reeds.... If you are not losing any trans oil you are probably just jetted fat. If there is a lot of hrs on the bike probably wouldn't hurt to re ring the piston or get a complete kit with new piston. Just make sure you measure and check clearances
  13. crider400


    I believe the 03 is known to have a richer slide in the carb. Could of been real loaded up with oil and fuel in the case. Does it do it all the time?
  14. crider400

    2003 Cr125 help

    Is that a cylinder sleeve?
  15. crider400

    2003 Cr125 help

    Ge that cylinder replated, and have a pistion kit match to cylinder. Clean inside of cases etc. I would do crank seals to be safe and also do water pump seal.