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  1. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    That was my plan, if it ever ends up with tires on it again.
  2. cowboyona426

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I have some non-leading axle forks off a DS80 that have almost zero underhang past the axle if you'd be interested 😄
  3. cowboyona426

    2004 YZ250F oem exhaust Sparky

    I'm sure you could rig something up with some screen, but keep in mind that by and large, if you run into someone checking for a spark arrestor, they will look for a stamp or tag that says "USFS approved spark arrestor" or something like it so unless you can create some sort of a tag that looks legit, a homemade screen probably won't buy you much. It might take some research on your end to figure out which size works, but for my YZ450FX I bought a spark arrestor screen for a Dr. D exhaust system that came with both a screen and a tag. There's a thread or two with part numbers in the YZ4XX forum, maybe there is something similar in the YZ250F forums.
  4. cowboyona426

    Convert a 2018 YZ450 -> 2019 YZ450

    Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, or maybe I'm just a dumb redneck, but I was unaware that wheel collars could affect traction. 🤔
  5. cowboyona426

    Need photos - 97-01 YZ250 pipe and silencer mounting

    I've been distracted with other stuff going on, hoping to get a few parts ordered (silencer mounts, pipe to silencer seal and a few other things) and get back at this thing soon. It's been way too long since it burned any premix.
  6. I've never had problems with mine either.
  7. cowboyona426

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    You're a pretty damn talented fabricator! What's the round hole for at the one end?
  8. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    I don't notice vibes with tires installed, minor vibrations when running my Timbersled kit.
  9. cowboyona426

    Need photos - 97-01 YZ250 pipe and silencer mounting

    I've been emailing back and forth with a gentleman at FMF and have made some progress. I still don't think it's quite right but a step in the right direction. I don't have the correct rubber mounts for the silencer yet but borrowed some off another bike. The one thing I'm still worried about is the distance between the pipe and the silencer, I don't think any amount of me pushing back on the pipe is going to close up the gap. Also seems to be rubbing on the shock and super close to the airbox, but none of the mount points (pipe and silencer) are tightened down. Suggestions? Updated photos of fitment: Looking back at my old photos, I will need to take a closer look at the subframe to make sure it's not tweaked:
  10. cowboyona426

    Need photos - 97-01 YZ250 pipe and silencer mounting

    I've been busy sorting out my son's PW50 for a race he had Saturday, I haven't had any time to mess with this bike. I got in touch with someone at FMF but so far not much advice any different than what I've already tried.
  11. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    Suspension could be revalved, and I don't see the wide ratio trans causing much issues on the track but YMMV.
  12. cowboyona426

    PW50 running poorly, need help

    I'm trying to get my son's PW50 ready for a local race event this weekend and it's giving me a ton of grief. It quit running on him last week, and since the top end had been making a terrific amount of noise I went ahead and installed a new (aftermarket) top end kit but the bike still wouldn't run. After much frustration and digging around I pulled the reed cage out and found a small pebble in one side of the reeds that was holding it open (pebble got in due to a failed airboot). Got that resolved and now the bike will fire up and run, but it's loading up at higher RPM. With any sort of airbox installed (with or without the filter) it will barely rev up at all and won't idle. I have the OEM airbox which is basically useless due to the aged and stiff airboot, and an aftermarket one with a new filter in it but neither one makes any difference. I can run it with an open carb in my shop and it runs ok, I have read that these little motors like a load on them and I suspect if I actually turned him loose it may clean up and run just fine but I don't want to risk a new top end running with no air filter. Any tips/suggestions from the crowd? Carburetor is clean as a whistle, jetting is stock, stock size piston/cylinder, new plug, fresh fuel, new coil, good used OEM reed assembly installed due to the original being bent from the pebble, spark arrestor cleaned up. I need to make sure the needle is in the carb slide correctly (one of the few items I haven't checked yet). The exhaust is also slightly misaligned to the outlet on the cylinder and slightly beat up from years of abuse, but it's not enough I could imagine it causing the bike to run this poorly.
  13. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    I went 70 miles of mixed single track and fire roads without running out of fuel once, stock tank.
  14. cowboyona426

    1997 WR250Z issues

    Can't believe I forgot the boys down under!
  15. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    The stock tires are not that great. The rear seems fine, but the front is weird. It'll stick great in one corner, and in the next corner with identical conditions it'll wash out. Drives me insane. Other than that, my only complaint with my 16 is that I don't have enough time to ride it like I want.