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  1. cowboyona426

    TTR50 thermo switch function?

    Responses in italics above.
  2. cowboyona426

    Need some help with the son's TTR

    At this point, I think I'm going to tell the boy it makes the bike not start at anything under 40° and riding season is over until spring.
  3. I tried posting in the TTR forum but it seems to be a ghost town, anyone here able to shed some light on this for me?
  4. cowboyona426

    Found this on BFRO.net

    I always forget about that site, but it's always a good read. I had a conversation with someone years back, he was thoroughly convinced the reason nobody ever sees 'squatch is because he's a canopy dweller and goes tree to tree like George of the Jungle, and most people looking for him are looking for clues on the ground.
  5. cowboyona426

    TTR50 thermo switch function?

    I need to diagnose a no spark, no start issue on my son's TTR50. Does anyone know what the "thermo switch" mounted on the left of the steering tube does, and if it can be bypassed to see if that is the issue?
  6. cowboyona426

    show your 92-97 steel frame CR

    I need to get some newer photos! That one was taken right after I bought it, the grips and breather hose were replaced with OEM parts. The rear fender on the bike in that picture is a UFO, it took me forever but I finally found an OEM fender and replaced it, along with the warning decal on the fender. So I guess really I should say all OEM, not original but awful dang close for a 23 year old bike.
  7. cowboyona426

    show your 92-97 steel frame CR

    Here's my diamond in the rough. To my knowledge, the only part not original is the rear tire.
  8. cowboyona426

    Silencer/spark arrestor

    Search this forum for threads on spark arrestors for the FX, you can buy a spark arrestor insert from Dr. D and modify it to work.
  9. cowboyona426

    Tell me about your YZ450FX

    That was my plan, if it ever ends up with tires on it again.
  10. cowboyona426

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I have some non-leading axle forks off a DS80 that have almost zero underhang past the axle if you'd be interested 😄
  11. cowboyona426

    2004 YZ250F oem exhaust Sparky

    I'm sure you could rig something up with some screen, but keep in mind that by and large, if you run into someone checking for a spark arrestor, they will look for a stamp or tag that says "USFS approved spark arrestor" or something like it so unless you can create some sort of a tag that looks legit, a homemade screen probably won't buy you much. It might take some research on your end to figure out which size works, but for my YZ450FX I bought a spark arrestor screen for a Dr. D exhaust system that came with both a screen and a tag. There's a thread or two with part numbers in the YZ4XX forum, maybe there is something similar in the YZ250F forums.
  12. cowboyona426

    Convert a 2018 YZ450 -> 2019 YZ450

    Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, or maybe I'm just a dumb redneck, but I was unaware that wheel collars could affect traction. 🤔
  13. cowboyona426

    Need photos - 97-01 YZ250 pipe and silencer mounting

    I've been distracted with other stuff going on, hoping to get a few parts ordered (silencer mounts, pipe to silencer seal and a few other things) and get back at this thing soon. It's been way too long since it burned any premix.
  14. I've never had problems with mine either.
  15. cowboyona426

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    You're a pretty damn talented fabricator! What's the round hole for at the one end?