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  1. Trick188

    Power valve screws.

    Lol not by the time you replace every screw on the carbs, throttle bodies, controls, ect. The $9 screwdriver is cheaper.. Every bike (including euro bikes) use JIS screws
  2. Trick188

    YZ Bogs at Full Throttle or Revving Over...

    Can you post a picture of this blank main jet?
  3. Trick188

    YZ Bogs at Full Throttle or Revving Over...

    That should be a red flag if you're main doesn't have markings on it... because I'm not aware of a jet with no stamping. As in maybe that's not your main jet, or is the main jet missing and that's the nozzle your looking at?
  4. Trick188

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    Hello Indy Rider, this is my old log-in name, I use to post here quite a bit. facebook sucked me back in with this post and I couldn't remember my old log in haha
  5. Trick188

    suspension dyno

    When would you ever run a smaller crossover shim than the clamp shim? That would distort the entire stack, unless your talking hypothetical in which case nevermind. I dont see the confusion however regarding the 11mm clamp being softer than a 14mm at high speed? I thought it was common knowledge the more velocity the further the shims away from the piston deflect meaning a smaller clamp would effect high speed significantly more than mid speed and low wouldnt likely be affected at all. I wouldnt use the term "blow off" but I definately agree with Dave on the fact it affects HS. Sure it may affect the entire stack somewhat but thats like saying you cant refer to a rebound adjuster to that because it affects compression as slightly as well. But maybe i'm way off, I dont consider myself a suspension specialist! Good reads here though
  6. I work for a race team located in Murrieta, CA and we are always looking for good testing grounds located hopefully around 400+/- miles of us that best resembles GNCC terrain. By that I mean hopefully hills, roots, treesm, ATV width is good, and rough. Private propterty that we can access or Public areas, doesnt matter. I realize thats not an easy thing to find around So. Cal! Even Nor cal would be ok if theres enough terrain for a decent size loop. Desert terrain here doesnt cut it for enduro/gncc testing! Let me know any ideas by replying or messaging me. Thanks in advance!
  7. yep, and yep adding face shims will be the simplest way to add damping. Keep in mind though that faster rebound usually leads to more control and faster laps, although it will feel "looser". Slow rebound will help it feel more predictable but if your on the edge of traction you'll go past that edge. Most bikes have way to much rebound damping
  8. Trick188

    Here we go again. .. rm250

    And about shifting for an easy starting point pull the side cover off and make sure the bolt holding the shift gear onto the shift drum hasnt come loose. Seen this alot and it will cause occasional binding, and make sure your shift lever isnt bent inwards and causing it to hit the stator cover before it gets a full throw
  9. Trick188

    Here we go again. .. rm250

    Check your pilot jet, main, needle, and slide and make sure they are stock (for a starting point), also make sure the carb still has the locating pin for the slide that keeps the slide from spinning sideways- if it messed up your idle would also by sky high, check for a leaking needle/seat valve in carb, check fuel level and/or float height, disassymble the carb and compare it to a parts fiche to be sure it isnt missing a component (like an air jet or hood above the emulsion tube), make sure needle in slide isnt floating freely (missing or broken clip-see this a lot surprisingly), check for a plugged silencer (repack it if possible), check for plugged carb vent hoses, make sure the fuel is fresh, make sure air filter is clean and not over oiled, could be leaking main seal, get a compression reading, powervalve moving smoothly? Could even be something as odd as a broken piece of piston skirt messing up port timing or bad porting. I'v even seen motors that had sleeves installed have the sleeves spin in the cylinder over time messing up the port openings. These are the most common things (and some not so common things) causing rich conditions I can think of.
  10. Its the same with rebound or compression, if your bottomed on the cliker you need to add shims on the respective stack. Your compensating your lack of valve damping by closing off the bypass (clicker). Rebounds just way easier to dial in because you are dealing with different forces (square edge, landings, g outs, ect) and variables pushing the valving, just the same spring pushing it down with the same force everytime.
  11. Trick188

    Re gassing bladder less shock

    Generally speaking you can put the piston practically bottomed out in the res, bleed bubbles, insert shock shaft w/ piston and pump it a few times, recheck piston depth to be all the way up (closest to adjuster, furthest from cap) then with the shaft almost all the way at out of the body(leave the piston and the hole in the shaft near the piston covered in oil), then slide the seal head into the body and insert the clip. The volume of the oil displaced into the res by pushing the seal head down below the snap ring groove will push the piston to a good spot. Put some air in the res and cycle the shock by hand to make sure it extends fully and/or doesnt hydrolock before bottoming.
  12. Trick188

    Suzuki GSX-R750 2006

    I bought as a road race bike and converted back to street use. Ride it more and more every year
  13. Trick188

    Suzuki GSX-R750 (2006)


    I bought as a road race bike and converted back to street use. Ride it more and more every year
  14. Trick188

    Suzuki RMZ250 2010

    Now sold 250F, 14 on the way
  15. Trick188

    Suzuki RMZ250 (2010)


    Now sold 250F, 14 on the way