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  1. GreenDRZ

    Inspection for Vintage 2 Stroke Enduro

    IDK which registry you went to but I had a bike up Maine and Mass REFUSED to insure/register it as it was primarily garaged "out of state". A could years went by and I wasn't getting up there much any more and I went to transfer it down here. I had the Maine registration and every thing. I waited for an hour or so an finally got to the teller who demanded sales tax. No, Ma'am. It's MY bike already. I paid sales tax in Maine. Here's the registration. Nope. she starts scolding me. getting angry at me. I walked out. She's yelling after me "If that bike doesn't go to Maine once every six months you're going to be in trouble"!. I turned around and started laughing at her. "Lady, every vehicle that we own is in Maine WAY more than that, thank you for saving me thousands of dollars a year". Then I smiled sweetly and left.
  2. I can't find a 2001 manual on line and the one that I ordered isn't in yet. Does any one know what the "baseline" suspension settings are on this bike. I just got it and I'm dying to try it out.
  3. GreenDRZ

    High End Pitbike Questions

    A $3000 chinese pit bike? Thats...... ambitious. Check out Masters of Mini (MoM) a local series to me, not near you but it lists all the types of classes that are available to race based on wheel size, level of modification*, displacement, age (of course) and my personal favorite, rider weight! * IMHO if you enter that thing in a "stock" class you're lame, as it has every thing that a person with a "normal" pit bike would add to it and be stuck in in one of the "modes" classes.
  4. GreenDRZ

    Coolster 125

    Also, it doesn't sound....right. Very muffled and quiet. Quieter than the SSR 90/110 whatever it is the I got along with it.
  5. GreenDRZ

    Coolster 125

    Except, it might have always been a 125, but based on wheel size it's correct. In any event, it is a semi-auto and I got it used with a "new engine" in it. It has the usual issue of being hard to start and keep running but I imagine that's just crud n the carb. My concern is the shifting: It goes from up to down and not down to up like all the other semi-auto mini bikes I have encountered. Clearly, I have no way of knowing if this is "normal" or not. Is it possible that when the PO put the "new engine" in he put the transmission in backwards some how?
  6. So, in the end I am goig to go with "false". I removed the bolt keeping my YZs kick starter completely and I can't MAKE the lever come off!
  7. When I tried to kick over the bike the lever went very low in it's arc, engaging the mechanism only when level with the foot peg and then "cranking" until it it the foot peg mount. No enough space to start the engine. Figuring that there is something work inside the bike I was going to these the side cover off. On of the steps in that is to get the kick-starter off. Well, I removed the bolt that olds it on and wiggle it as I might, it won't come off the shaft. I can't see any other thing holding it on. An interesting finding fro that was that it engages the starting mechanism almost identically when it's "installed" or "being removed". I imagine that this means the the teeth of the lever itself are worn but no matter how tight I make the pinch-bolt the lever spins on the shaft and only engages in that last little bit, beyond what I would think i s "normal". The question is: how do I get the kick starter lever off of a 1979 Yamaha YZ125?
  8. GreenDRZ

    Race bike ported and polished: bad ting?

    Supposedly, the cams and pistons are stock. It was her practice bike and runs on regular gas. The main reason that I want this bike is to ride with m wee one and righ now he likes the track way more than the trails, I'm never going to be a racer, at least not MX. I am also considering a 2007 CRF250x.
  9. I want a reliable bike that's not going to need much work to ride old-man style on a track with my little kid. Maybe some trails. Most of what I have been looking at is junk. I found a really nice 2006 250r that was rebuilt over the winter by a pro mechanic but it was built for an actual, good to god, sponsored pro-license level racer. I am more than slightly concerned that the "build" on this bike is going to make it crap for reliability. Any thoughts?
  10. That is literally the exact story. It's a cheep anough little toy but it's not about money, it's about time.
  11. I know very little about kick-starters and nothing about Gas Gas but that sounds a little dicey to me. A cute little 125 has popped up for sale locally and the guys says that is the reason that there is no kick-starter. Having been recently burned by a (very) old YZ125 that is now a collection of parts in my shed, I'm not anxious to take on another "project". Bolting on a new kick-starter? Sure. Tearing the engine appart to replace an worn or stripped starter-shaft...thingie...whatever they're called...not so much.
  12. GreenDRZ

    clapped out 13 yz125 worth 1500?

    Arround here that bike in that condition would come in a couple of boxes and be "mostly there". If the title is important to you all you really want is the frame any way. The money is "sure". The six hour drive? Only you can answer that one.
  13. U was reading a review of the 2016 WR250f that mentioned the the GTYR Competition Kit made the headlights and e-start not work on the bike. Is this still the case, of can you plug this in and still have a fully functional bike?
  14. GreenDRZ

    Only one pipe?

    What are the benefits or drawbacks to replacing the twin-pipe set up with a single exhaust on a 2007 CRF250?
  15. Which is easier to dump after a year? A TTR230 or YZ250f? (or any similar comparison). How about MX vs. Off-road (205x or 250r)?