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  1. lbrammer78

    Speedo lights up but no numbers

    So my dash went out. Lights up with ignition but no numbers are showing. Took it apart and had signs of water damage. Got a nice looking used one from ebay and still having the same problem. Seller claims it was tested fine before shipment and is willing to take it back. Getting good voltage at the wires. Don't see any other obvious signs of corrosion. Did I just get unlucky or am I missing something? Feeling now like I should have just gotten a trail tech. Thanks.
  2. lbrammer78

    Best upgrade ever!

    Thanks for the post, good info!
  3. lbrammer78

    my drz is a 'jerk'

    Had the same issue, thought I had a bad carb...again, like most said the rejet made all the difference! JD jet kit worked for me.
  4. lbrammer78

    Help replacing S with Cali SM carb

    Appreciate the quick reply, thanks!
  5. lbrammer78

    Help replacing S with Cali SM carb

    Also more specifically I read somewhere that the main air jet is different. How much will this affect performance and can I just swap it out with my old one?
  6. 06 DRZ-400s non CA ruined the stock carb so I found a replacement off a 07 DRZ-400sm CA model. Should I have any concerns or should this be a direct swap? Thanks.