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  1. mdkcrf250r

    2012 yz250f

    I respect your knowledge and wisdom but your run on sentences and lack of punctuation is like reading a 5 year old kids unfinished homework.
  2. mdkcrf250r

    08 yz250f what happened

    I've pinpointed your problem.
  3. mdkcrf250r

    HAHA Hansen

    Love this thread and it was awesome to see Fanny try and fail miserably in taking out Tomac. I really hope he doesnt have a ride next year. Did anyone see the sparks coming off Tomacs bike on a couple of the landings? Only thing I could think of is a rock caught in between the knobs on his rear tire and rubbing against the muffler when he lands hard enough.
  4. mdkcrf250r

    08+ 300 XCW starter fit 07 250SX?

    I'm looking for an e start 2 stroke but the prices are ridiculous. I found an 07 250 SX (first year of new plastics) I'm considering picking up and converting into an XC. Will the starter, battery, harness, stator and flywheel cover from an 08 300 XC-W fit on an 07 250SX? Thanks.
  5. mdkcrf250r

    For you "Dollar Stroke" guys!

    Did you go with the Mold Star 90 valve seats? How much did they run you?
  6. mdkcrf250r

    KTM SX + SX-F 2012 - What to expect?

    Seriously. I'm looking for a 450 xc-f for 2012 with backup kickstarter. EFI I dont really care about.
  7. mdkcrf250r

    Clutch slave cylinder weep hole 450 xcf

    I bought a used slave cylinder from a guy on KTMTalk. I got it about $20 cheaper than the rebuild kit so it was worth it. No more leaks, clutch feels great.
  8. mdkcrf250r

    I'm Stumped, can YOU help?

    My guess is your big end bearing went and the pieces got dumped onto the piston and consequently pounded into your cylinder head.
  9. mdkcrf250r

    2008 450 xcf oil leaks

    Yamabond 4.
  10. mdkcrf250r

    2008 450 xcf oil leaks

    Mine leaked in all the same places except the retainer plates. Yamabond on the valve cover gasket will stop that leak. Your gonna need the KTM clutch slave cylinder rebuild kit from KTM or the used slave cylinder I mentioned in the other thread. Like Mike said for the retaining plates just use some yamabond on them as well and that should take care of all your leaks.
  11. mdkcrf250r

    Clutch slave cylinder weep hole 450 xcf

    Yup you and I need to buy the clutch rebuild kit from KTM for $55 plus shipping because you cant buy just the clutch pushrod seal by itself. I just bought a used low hour slave cylinder off ktmtalk for $45 shipped. He said he has 4 more. PM him on ktmtalk his name is torque monster.
  12. mdkcrf250r

    Clutch slave cylinder weep hole 450 xcf

    Its a Magura. I stopped the clutch fluid leak but I guess the clutch pushrod seal was bad and now its leaking engine oil instead of clutch fluid. I cant find the seal for the clutch pushrod. What category is it under? Ive searched all of them but cant find it.
  13. mdkcrf250r

    Clutch slave cylinder weep hole 450 xcf

    2008 450 xc-f. There is a machined hole that goes from the bottom all the way through to the inner bore for the piston just above the pistons travel. Im assuming its to let you know that the piston o ring is worn.