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  1. snave

    Where to Ride/Race in WA/OR

    Thanks to everyone...this is a great start. In the Southeast I have lots of great riding/racing options, and it sounds like there are lots of riding/racing option in the Pacific NW, too. I'm relieved to say the least. Again, thanks! Snave
  2. snave

    Where to Ride/Race in WA/OR

    Okay, so before anyone calls me out ( ), I just noticed at the top a posting for "Pacific Northwest Riding Area Key Links." I'll take a close look at this grouping of links, but would still be interested in getting more and/or opinions. Thanks, Snave
  3. snave

    Where to Ride/Race in WA/OR

    Hi TT Folks! I'm contemplating a job related move from Atlanta, GA, to Seattle, WA. Riding is not only my passion, but my core stress relief (which makes it very important...just ask my wife). If I'm not out practicing on the weekend, it's because I'm out racing hare scrambles or (GNCCs, when in season). Naturally, no matter how good the job/offer is, I won't be happy unless I have plenty of options for riding/racing on a regular basis. Would anyone be able to provide me w/ links to WA/OR trail listings, sanctioning bodies (please don't include AMA, I know where to get that) and info on West coast GNCC equivalent series (I guess WORCS)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, Snave
  4. I have gathered from a couple of misc. comments in various threads that there are a few who have mounted the T-4 silencer to their 625 SMC. I just finished mounting mine and noticed that if I don't either remove or relocate the rear signals, the left one will be melted away before I can run to the store and back. It looks like there is room to place in deeper on the rear fender (closer to the seat) w/ only a few holes needed. Just curious what others have done w/ this issue. Thanks!
  5. I'm not having much luck finding the PC T-4 exhaust other than at the PC site. Where were you able to find this exhaust for $220? Thanks!
  6. snave

    Dr.D Jetting

    After I installed my Dr. D system (and to some degree after removing the baffle), I went to a 190 main as my bike was experiencing too much popping on deceleration. It's running much better now. We'll see how much it changes as the cooler weather moves in.
  7. snave

    Oil change mess

    I find that using aluminum foil works well. Unlike the paper towel or business card methods, foil can be easily shaped/formed to create channels for the oil to travel through on its way to the recycle tub.