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  1. 92db

    Is an exaust worth the money?

    What he said! No spark arrestor with stock exhaust either.
  2. 92db

    XT125 Exhaust pipe

    Please elaborate on the guts are gone.
  3. Symptom you describe is typical of a muffler that needs to be repacked.
  4. OEM bike manufacturers just got done changing their exhausts to 94 db so almost all of the 2012s are quieter now.
  5. 92db

    Fmf 4.1 jeting

    Is this bog when gassing it or when the motor is running at a higher RPM. If it is a bog William1 is pretty much on the money but I wouldn't rule out a fuel screw adjustment either if it is on acceleration.
  6. 92db

    FMF powercore 4 muffler question

    I have a friend of a friend who works at FMF and here is what he said: The DB Level on a Powercore 4 right out of the box is roughly 96 to 99 DB’s. After the exhaust insert this should bring it down to about 94 to 96DB’s. Good luck.
  7. 92db

    2006 KX250F and KX450F exhaust differences

    I would go to an aftermarket exhaust companies website and see if a different slip on is used on these two models or if it is the same one. If it is my guess is the stock ones would be the same.
  8. 92db

    New YZ450F too much?

    Good advice. Personally in addition to having the softer map put in (stock Yamaha tuner) I would go with a slip on quiet exhaust with an insert to lower the sound and reduce the power. You would also be covered spark arrestor wise too.
  9. 92db

    Loudmouth intake?

    MXA's tested the Loudmouth and liked it to the point they got five star rating I believe. If it was a waster of $150 they'd be the first to say it.
  10. 92db

    Migraine Headache after riding

    I would go see a chiro ASAP.
  11. I read what you guys both said but am unclear on your point. Do nothing about noise since they'll complain about something anyway? People appreciate gestures like making sure no one is riding there with an empty muffler, watching the hours and amount of times per week they ride. Compromise requires all involved to work together. I love motorcycles but wouldn't want to be in my home listening to loud bikes daily either.
  12. 92db

    07 250r exhaust??

    They're even quieter if you plug both sides up.
  13. 92db

    Need the most quiet pipe possable

    Is the muffler on your bike mechanical or does it have packing? Do you need a spark arrestor? Typically stock exhausts are the quietest especially on the dual sport models but if they're not mechanical mufflers they do not to be repacked.
  14. 92db

    Sxf exhaust

    I remember the Suzuki RMZ twin muffler bike. FMF built that for Ryan Hughes and it ran pretty well.
  15. 92db

    crf and fmf

    I would first go on the FMF website and check part numbers to see if your header is the one they're using for single system or just call them. I never understood the whole Honda dual muffler thing to begin with.