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  1. Yep, I noticed it. Brilliant. So dumb that I wondered whether SPEED did it on purpose to screw CBS. But what do I know.
  2. I am going to make every attempt to join your group this weekend, for at least one day. PM sent.
  3. mele63

    New owner, small problem though.

    That bike is brand new; it's got to be something simple (i.e., not valves or rings). If you are sure it's got spark then start sorting the fuel system. Like others have said, may as well do the jetting while cleaning out the carb, and also coat the connector under the left shroud with dialectic grease for good measure.
  4. mele63

    Treverton Pa.

    Hey Guys, Anyone who is interested in riding in this area should see my post in this forum ("Northeast"). I started it a while back and just bumped it today. Specifically, there is a ride planned for 10-7 that also happens to benefit a worthwhile charity.
  5. Bump. Anyone want to meet up for this ride on October 7? Anybody? Anybody want to discuss the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA)?. This will be in Northumberland County, basically around the same areas known a Treverton and the RAC property. The difference is that it will be run by the county, and folks should be able to bring their families and just ride without constantly wondering if you are parking/riding where you're not welcome. I'm no expert on the project but I've been following it for awhile.The website linked above has a lot of information if you want to check it out.
  6. Here's an open invitation from the president of the newly formed Anthracite Trail Riders club: BENEFIT RIDE EVENT: Benefit Ride for Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger DATE: Sunday, October 7 WHERE: Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, 4100 State Route 125, Coal Township TIME: Registration is open from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. CONTACT: Northumberland County Planning at 570-988-4220 or Children’s Miracle Network Office at 1-800-322-5437 The Anthracite Trail Riders are sponsoring the first ever off road benefit ride to support the Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger. ATVs, UTVs, RTVs, dirt bikes and dual sport operators are invited. Come out and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area and get a preview of what the AOAA has to offer. The Anthracite Trail Riders would like to see everyone attend this worthwhile event, even if you don’t want to ride. At the trail head there will be food vendors, prize raffles, T-shirt sales, dealers displays and demo rides. Drew and the Crew from 94kx will be the MC doing live broadcasts from the trail head. So come out and enjoy a beautiful fall day and support the Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger. Please feel free to print out the attached flier and help spread the word either via email or post on your favorite forum. See you in October!!! Sincerely, Matt Schiccatano Founder and President Anthracite Trail Riders
  7. I am planning on going with my KLX450R. Hope to meet up with some fellow TT members!
  8. Looks like nobody has posted this yet. The location is the future Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) in Northumberland County, PA. AOAA Website: http://www.anthracit...ture.com/pages/ Benefit Ride Flier PDF: https://docs.google....YZlHYIHUgsm_E9A I am planning on going with my KLX450R. If anyone wants to meet up as a TT Group, please post your username, bike, and anything else you want to say.
  9. This is all well and good except that folks were complaining about this issue since 2007. Some batteries are good, some aren't. But there's nothing inherently wrong with the charging system on the bike, and there's no mystery drain in the electrical system. The fix has always been the same: replace the battery. BTW, my bike still has the same battery it came with in '08 and it works fine. http://www.thumperta...battery-issues/
  10. mele63


    I suppose I should consider myself one of the lucky ones because I get both FUEL and NBCsports on my cable system. That said, what a PITA trying to figure out what, when & where's every week. I don't understand their rationale for using the two networks. Both networks seem to be equally obscure, judging by the number of folks that don't get either one. Also, I don't see live broadcasting to be that big of a deal, the show would probably be better if they delayed it by an hour to do some editing. The announcers are at a disadvantage when it's live because they are sitting a truck watching the race on video monitors. My two cents.
  11. mele63

    Rekluse Clutch Adjustment?

    I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the aftermarket lever? Seems like everything worked OK before except for the excess slack. Obviously, you'll need to undo the changes you just made because they caused new malfunctions. It's a mechanical system that's proven to work on our bikes, so there's got to be an answer. Maybe a call to Rekluse could give you some more ideas.
  12. mele63

    1975 Suzuki RM 75

    I'm posting a little late here, but a really nice one sold recently on eBay for $1400. The listing ended on 5-9-12 and it should still show up on a "completed listings" search. I wouldn't call it "show quality" but the tank and fenders were supposedly professionally re-done. As with most old dirt bikes, I wouldn't expect to restore one and make a profit. I think the same is true for most old vehicles, unless you are in the restoration business and/or can do 95% of the work yourself. Even then, it depends on how you value the investment of your labor. I'd like to see a photo as well.
  13. mele63

    Rekluse Clutch Adjustment?

    I bought a 1/2 inch electric impact wrench from Harbor Freight to remove the clutch hub nut and then used it to put it back on...no problems. I learned my lesson after nearly wrecking my body and the bike to remove the counter sprocket nut with a five-foot extension bar (actually a piece of iron pipe). The impact wrench is a handy tool to have around. The clutch cover cover bolts...use some loctite and go very easy on them...they are very fine threads, just like the oil filter cover bolts. Also remember the Rekluse instructions say to re-check the friction plate gaps after break-in, and you'll be taking them out again if you want to change the wave sping or ball settings to suit your liking.
  14. mele63

    Rekluse Clutch Adjustment?

    Baxtah, have you started the bike yet? As others have said, the adjustment needs to be done with the bike running. When the engine if off, the clutch lever won't "feel" anything like a "normal" bike. When I installed mine, I remember being somewhat surprised to find that very little adjustment was needed. I also wanted to mention that I had to change the settings three times before I got it right. My problem was with stalling. The setting that finally worked for my bike was high engagement RPM with soft engagement rate (fewer balls). Now, I can wack the throttle wide open from a standstill (engine at idle rpm) and it's all good. Let us know how you end up liking the Z-Start Pro.
  15. mele63

    So I bought a 09 KLX450R

    Welcome to the exclusive KLX450R club! No need to fret over replacement parts. The bike was sold in the US for three model years, mainly due to the weak economy. The Japanese manufacturers (unlike the US automakers) do not continue to produce product when the dealers have sufficient inventory. I have never heard of any shortage OEM replacement parts. In addition, many aftermarket companies produced parts for the bike and, frankly, will probably end up losing money on these parts due to the limited sales of the bike in the US. The full oem exhaust system from the 06-08 KX450F will fit the KLX. So, when shopping for a full exhaust for your bike, you may consider any systems made for the 06-08 KX450F. If you are in the market for a full exhaust, check out my "new pipe" post and Yoshimura's website for "clearance" products. You can still pick up a full titanium/carbon fiber system for $403, while they last. It's a full race system, not for everybody, but comparable to the FMF Factory 4.1 you mentioned. I strongly recommend that you pick up a JD Jetting Kit for your first modification, as it is jetted lean from the factory, which can lead to overheating under certain conditions - not a good thing for any motor.