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    I have used the swingarm and linkage kit before. Both have lasted well. In the future I will be more careful in removing the seals- (especially the larger plastic ones in the swingarm and the thrust bearings) reuse them and buy the individual bearings from a bearing shop. OEM are just a bit too expensive for my liking. eg $80 AUS for 1 rose bearing for the bottom of the shock!!! JB
  2. Jim_Bob

    Inlet cam wont turn!

    I ended up relieving a minute amount of the housing around the plain and roller bearings. This allowed the cam to rotate cleanly without the cam caps off. With the cam caps on there was slight resistance but it seemed to free itself once the cam chain etc. was installed. Amazing machines these Wr's- 20000 kms and rings, piston, cylinder and cam chain all still well within spec. JB.
  3. Check the wiring for your rear brake light on the handle bars for shorting as well. (assuming you have lights!) JB
  4. Jim_Bob

    Inlet cam wont turn!

    I have just had my 99 Wr400 head tidied up but after putting the inlet cam back in and tightening up the cam cap I have found that it is almost impossible to turn. All the valves are in spec and the bearing is fine. You can feel a slight resistance with the cam sitting in its housing without the caps on- these seem to increase the problem. Has anyone had this problem before? Any advice? Thanks, JB.
  5. Jim_Bob

    Has anybody reversed their rear tire?

    Angle grinder with a cutting blade also works. JB
  6. Jim_Bob

    Cheap radiator leak fix??????

    Your local car radiator repairer will do the job but they will most likely just bung it up. That works well except you may lose some of the radiator's cooling ability. I reckon this is ok for 1 or 2 repairs. If you want to spend bigger $'s go to a specialist bike radiator repairer. Or the old favorite is to mix concrete powder with araldite epoxy and plug up the hole- trust me, it works. Not sure about the stop-leak. Probably would work as long as the hole is not too big. JB
  7. Jim_Bob

    Fork and Shock Spring

    Your valving is probably ok but you definately need heavier springs. Try the Race Tech web site for spring rates for your weight or your local dealer. If heavier springs are not enough valving might be the go. JB
  8. Jim_Bob

    Orange or Blue

    Ktms are great bikes- most of my mates have 520s, but there is not much between them except... Japanese reliability. This factor is worth far more than adjustable bars, Brembo brakes etc. Tell him to buy a Wr250f- in my opinion the best dirt bike ever made. (I have a 400). JB
  9. I am at sea level with an aftermarket exhaust which breaths only marginally more than the stock euro/aussie item. I will try putting the needle back to #3 and turning the PAS out a bit more. Thanks. JB
  10. I was just wondering whether running on clip 1 is a good idea. I currently have this 38 pilot, 55 paj, 155 main, ekn #1, 160maj, fuel screw 1.5, no APJ. It runs well but I think I can still get more out of the mid range (feels a little fat). I assume that a 150 main and putting the clip on about #3 or #4 would probably tidy this up. Your opinion? JB.
  11. Taffy- tell me if I am correct or not but instead of running the needle at #1 is it better to go down on the main and reset the needle at #3 or #4? JB.
  12. Jim_Bob

    Stainless Steel Wool

    Staintune exhausts use stainless steel wool as packing to good effect. I imagine it is more course than the average as you never need to repack them. JB.
  13. Jim_Bob

    Alternative tanks?

    If you have got the stock "fat" tank then it will make a big difference. It is nice and narrow and gets you foward but in my opinion not foward enough. Plus the seat is a bit of a ski jump. Not that you should be sitting down of course. But from the Clarke tank I am getting a fuel range of 150km's. I just want something smaller and flater. If you want more info do a search. There is plenty of discusion on the Clark. JB
  14. Jim_Bob

    Alternative tanks?

    Yes 7.5 litres as opposed to 12.5 in the Clarke tank I currently use. Thanks for the help. JB
  15. Jim_Bob

    Alternative tanks?

    G'day. Has anyone tried using a fuel tank from a 98-00 yz125 or 250 (two stroke) on their Wrs? Do they fit? Might be an alternative to an expensive new item. JB