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  1. Airframer8

    2008 Crf230f top end rebuild

    Congrats on your successful rebuild.
  2. Airframer8

    2008 Crf230f top end rebuild

    use photobucket, easiest for me at least. You can also add pictures to your garage, i think there is a way to do it that way.
  3. Airframer8

    crf230 starter solenoid wiring

    Oh and congrats on your new bike. I strongly suggest getting a service manual like the one I took this picture from. You'll be able to do most anything yourself if you have the right tools and patience.
  4. How are your bikes standing up to the 250 mods? I've pondered it in the past but been worried about making my bullet proof bike not so bullet proof. I'm also trying to save up for a welder which isn't cheap for a decent TIG so going to be a while.
  5. Airframer8

    ever seen this?

    That setup is only good for small disposable motors in nice street conditions.
  6. Airframer8

    Quick tip for everybody

    Thanks. I ride my bike almost everyday so I'm not worried about it at the moment, but if I ever do let the bike sit than I'll be doing this.
  7. Airframer8

    Quick tip for everybody

    Is TDC possible with an electric start motor with out opening up the cap on the side of the case and using a socket?
  8. Airframer8

    Best of 2013 - CRF230 Trail Riding

    Thanks, just ordered some.
  9. Airframer8

    Knocking sound and no power help!

    If I remember correctly the CRF230F doesn't, at least not on the end with the piston.
  10. Airframer8

    Knocking sound and no power help!

    Good advice. I have a manual and use it often. No need to search the web for specifics since I have them all right there. Torque wrench also removes guessing is it tight enough on things like cam sprocket bolts. Never had those come off but man that would do some damage.
  11. Airframer8

    Best of 2013 - CRF230 Trail Riding

    Those mirrors look perfect!!! Where can I find some?
  12. Airframer8

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Thanks for the update on the dual exhaust. A very unique and custom exhaust job. I just put around on this bike so it's not worth the trouble. I some times wish i hadn't taken the trouble to change out the forks but now I have them so I enjoy them. Since I made everything myself for them I didn't spend much money to install them. Man that custom modified stock exhaust looks crazy. What was your goal there and how did it turn out for sound and performance?
  13. Airframer8

    random video

    Yeah won't hurt the bike only if you tear everything down like bearings and brakes that is in the water and remove all the grease, clean everything with dry cleaning solvent and re-grease. Not worth sitting in the ocean....... but probably didn't do that so everything will seize up.
  14. Airframer8


    Ah I see. You twisted your front forks. Yeah just loosen everything up with the bike up and eye ball it straight. Just look at the handlebars to make sure they are across the bike and then look at the front end from a distance and adjust till it's good. Sounds like that is about what you did.